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10 opciones para crear mapas personalizados - MappingGIS. Mapas.

10 opciones para crear mapas personalizados - MappingGIS

Nos apasionan los mapas, nos gusta ver mapas y nos gusta crear mapas. Hay muchas opciones para crear mapas: desde utilizar un software de de GIS de escritorio tradicional o utilizar una aplicación web para ello. Las aplicaciones GIS en la nube son herramientas de GIS profesionales ideales para analizar, editar y visualizar datos online sin necesidad de instalar ningún software. Sin embargo el uso de estas herramientas requiere de un aprendizaje y las opciones que poseen pueden llegar a ser abrumadoras. Pero hay buenas noticias. Click2Map destaca por tener una interfaz amigable para ayudarnos a crear mapas fácilmente. Ojo, esta herramienta es de pago. EZ Map se anuncia como una herramienta para crear mapas de Google Maps e incrustarlas en nuestra página web. EZ Map nos permite seleccionar una región del mapa que queramos incrustar en nuestra página web y añadir distintos marcadores o controles en el mapa web.

Para guardar nuestros mapas debemos registrarnos. ¡Recomendado! Ojo! List of Map Tools. Visualization Tools & Books. Martin Grandjean » Digital humanities, Data visualization, Network analysis » Introduction to Network Visualization with GEPHI. New tutorial available!

Martin Grandjean » Digital humanities, Data visualization, Network analysis » Introduction to Network Visualization with GEPHI

A completely new version of this tutorial has been published, with 2 complete and complementary datasets to learn and explore many basic and advanced features of Gephi: To the new tutorial Gephi workshop at University of Bern (photo Radu Suciu) Social Network Analysis is a lens, a way of looking at reality. (Claire Lemercier at Swiss Digital Humanities Summer School 2013) Network Analysis appears to be an interesting tool to give the researcher the ability to see its data from a new angle. I propose below, after a short introduction about the basis of SNA and some examples which shows the potential of this tool, a transcript of tutorial given during a workshop of the first Digital Humanities summer school in Switzerland (June 28. 2013), and kept up to date. 1.

A network consists of two components : a list of the actors composing the network, and a list of the relations (the interactions between actors). Top 5 Free Data Visualization Tools Online. Large data sets are meaningless in their raw form as they do not provide much analytical value.

Top 5 Free Data Visualization Tools Online

An array of numbers is not very helpful unless turned in to a summary (aggregated) table or a visualization. The latter may be often referred to as a diagram, chart or a graph. There are various visualization tools and web based software solutions that provide capabilities to visualize data and glean the story behind the numbers. Most advanced software tends to be pricey and unless you work for an organization which can justify such a cost, there is not whole much sense in giving up an arm and a leg to visually present numbers. Fortunately there are free data visualization tools online which can meet low to high complexity data visualization needs. Google Drive / Google Sheets This platform is not just for backing up your android data and storing photos.

Tableau Public. Neo4j, the world's leading graph database - Neo4j Graph Database. Online GeoEditor - collaborative creating and editing of geographical data. Data transformation and analysis tool. Tad - A Desktop Viewer App for Tabular Data. Science of Science (Sci2) Tool Manual - Sci2 Manual - Confluence. Sci2 Tool : A Tool for Science of Science Research and Practice.

Sci2 Manual SCOTT WEINGART, TED POLLEY ET AL The Science of Science (Sci2) Tool is a modular toolset specifically designed for the study of science. It supports the temporal, geospatial, topical, and network analysis and visualization of datasets at the micro (individual), meso (local), and macro (global) levels. Users of the tool can: access science datasets online or load their own; perform different types of analysis with the most effective algorithms available; use different visualizations to interactively explore and understand specific datasets; share datasets and algorithms across scientific boundaries. Click here to access the manual. Manual: – nadiafank

Resources. Gephi - The Open Graph Viz Platform. Resources. Nubes de palabras. Working with data.

Tutoriales herramientas InfoVis

Colorgorical. To generate a palette with n colors, just enter the number of colors you want and click Generate.


Bigger palettes will take longer than smaller palettes to make. Results will automatically appear when ready. For greater detail, please consult our paper or the source code. Score Importance Perceptual Distance Increasing Perceptual Distance favors palette colors that are more easily discriminable to the human eye. Name Difference Increasing Name Difference favors palette colors that share few common names. Pair Preference Increasing Pair Preference favors palette colors that are, on average, predicted to be more aesthetically preferable together. Name Uniqueness Increasing Name Uniqueness favors palette colors that are uniquely named.

Select hue filter You can limit which colors are selected by either dragging over the wheel to select a hue range, or by entering the angles manually (e.g., select only reds). Select lightness range Add starting colors. Resources: InfoVis @ UBC CS. R / Shiny Shiny is an R package used to generate web applications containing interactive data analysis and visualization elements.

Resources: InfoVis @ UBC CS

No knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript is required. Code is written in R. → Learn Shiny RStudio's 7 lesson tutorial. → Include static visualizations made with the ggplot2 package. Selected Tools. Graphviz. RAWGraphs.