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Step by step tutorials. Amazing Retouching Tutorials In Photoshop. As graphic designer retouching photographies is essential skill You need to master.

Amazing Retouching Tutorials In Photoshop

You could talk about principles, but at least I started with simple photo editing on Photoshop, trying to take off red eyes, lumps and change backgrounds of pictures I was using. In this You’ll find everything You need – facial and portrait, teeth, lips, eye retouching, background remove as well as simple color adjustments in video and image-based tutorials. In fact for color adjustments I would suggest You look for some premade actions available on deviantart, very handy if You’re just starting out. This list is not so big because it is carefully picked, I am starting to think it’s better to get quality than quantity. Enjoy! 1. Multi-Media PhotoShop Assignments. Assignment 1: Blend Photos Like a Hollywood Movie Poster in Photoshop - Web save the new photo in your PhotoShop folder as PS_Movie_Poster_Yourname You will start out by selecting two pictures you want to combine Then create a new document named as above Make it a width of 8 x height 10.5 inches Resolution 300 Color Mode CMYK Background Transparent You will move both picture files onto this new document Follow the link instructions from here on - Web Assignment 2: Selecting two pictures you want to combine.

Multi-Media PhotoShop Assignments

You should be in both pictures. Then follow the steps above and the steps on the link. PhotoShop Lesson 5 - Magazine Cover Assignment. Abstract Effect. Portrait Photography Tips. Better Photographs - Where photographers help one another.


Tutorials. Reflections. 50 Stunning Examples Of Reflective Photography. Using reflections in photography can lead to some amazing effects and beautiful images.

50 Stunning Examples Of Reflective Photography

Using water, windows, mirrors or any sort of reflective surface can change an image into a work of art. The wonderful thing about using reflections when taking photos is that they can completely alter the image from something fairly straightforward to something richer or abstract or otherwise more artistic. Sometimes reflections can be annoying and certainly not artistic. But creativity and good-quality photos depend on the photographer being able to see things differently, rather than seeing only one part of a larger whole. Also, using reflected light can vastly improve the quality of lighting available. 20 Effective Reflection Photos. Weekly Photography Assignments. Join in practicing your photography skills by participating in our weekly blog photography assignments!

Weekly Photography Assignments

This is a list of all of our weekly assignments to take and a link to the original blog entries. It's also never too late to participate in sharing your assignments on the forum. Just post your images under the appropriate assignment thread. Weekly Assignment 1 - Up Close One of the absolute best ways to improve your photography is to practice!!! Doing is the best way to see results. COLOR IN MOTION. KMDIGITAL Media K206. Photography Links That Will Rock Your World. This week has been filled with great photography, tutorials and interesting blogs as shared by some truly gifted artists.

Photography Links That Will Rock Your World

The photography community has been busy, and Toad Hollow Photography has compiled this list of some of the very best pieces encountered during their weekly adventures. We sincerely hope you enjoy viewing these posts as much at the Toad did in bringing this list to you. The Toad is offering several Limited Edition Prints for sale on his gallery, please feel to pop over and check them out. These prints are only being offered in runs of 25, all printed on KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Metallic VC Digital Paper which brings an extra dimension to the images, almost giving them a 3D look.

High Dynamic Range (HDR): Part II – The Inner Sanctum of Photomatix Pro – a fairly detailed look into one of the premier software tools used widely by photographers for producing HDR images by Dakota Visions Photography. It’s About Time! Brought to you by R. McPhee Photography and Education. Lessons & Assignments Digital Photography 11 - Mr. deHaan's Classroom.

Note: All recommended readings for this course are available in electronic format on this site.

Lessons & Assignments Digital Photography 11 - Mr. deHaan's Classroom

Click the sidebar item called: "Electronic Handouts and Readings" Look for this symbol to find out where we are in the course WE ARE HERE Introduction - History of Photography - lesson - reading - How the Camera Works – Camera Mechanics (film and digital) - lesson - reading - demonstration - The Digital Darkroom (introduction to Photoshop) - intro lesson - demo tools, cropping, mode change, levels, brightness/contrast, curves the power of layers, filters and special effects. The Digital Story: Photo Assignment Archives. For the July 2013 Photo Assignment, TDS shooters often saw double.

The Digital Story: Photo Assignment Archives

See for yourself in our gallery, Duality. And which one will be the SizzlPix Photo Assignment Pick of the Month? Photo by Carl Shortt. "My son and I went on a once in a lifetime photography trip to Bosque del Apache, New Mexico in December 2012," Carl wrote. "The weather was very cold but the birds were quite active. You may have heard the expression “Less is more” before.

It’s a term often used in various situations and can also apply to the world of photography composition. A problem many photographers have is that they like to cram as much into the frame as they possibly can because it just seems to be the natural thing to do. Why show a couple of people or objects in your composition when you can show half a dozen? In some instances this is the right thing to do when composing photos.