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Reden ist Silber � Druckerey Blog: Seite 2. Workshop: Plakate 27.

Reden ist Silber � Druckerey Blog: Seite 2

Oktober 2014 Am Sonnabend fand in der neuen, von Prof. Raymond Meier eingerichteten Buchdruckwerkstatt der Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin der erste Workshop statt. Wir haben in sechs Stunden zwei Plakate mit Textideen von Anne Seubert entworfen, gesetzt und in einer Auflage von jeweils 10 Stück zweifarbig gedruckt. Tags: holzlettern, plakat, workshop Workshop Bleisatz und Buchdruck, auch Letterpress genannt 2. Gelegentlich werde ich gefragt, manchmal bekomme ich Briefe: »Wann bieten Sie mal wieder einen Workshop an? So poste ich also nun hier und (automatisch) auch dort. Was findet da überhaupt statt? Nach Absprache kann man auch andere Dinge tun, Holzbuchstaben drucken, eigene Linolschnitte mitbringen zum Drucken oder auf dem Trödelmarkt erworbene Klischees.

Wer sich dafür interessiert, daß ich ihn mit anderen Interessenten zusammenbringe für einen solchen Workshop, möge mir bitte eine Nachricht per E-Mail senden. tags: bleisatz, buchdruck, letterpress, workshop. Interactive Guide to Blog Typography. The majority of websites are composed of a bright, usually white background and dark text. Then there's the small minority of the web: dark websites, colorful websites. Why is the bright background used by the majority of websites? Utilitarian Motivation The common use for small caps is for abbreviations longer than 2 letters, such as CSS, HTML and WYSIWYG excluding AM, PM, BC and similar.

Research shows that consumers with a utilitarian motivation find a low-arousal environment more pleasurable than a high arousal one. Hedonistic Motivation Hedonism is defined as the pursue of pleasure, especially the pleasure of our senses. Example outside the web: nightclubs. Modular Scale. Fonts. Terms of use The fonts I made are free for a personal use only.


So, if you want to do anything commercial (things that will be sold, enterprise logos, etc.) you only have to make a donation to my paypal account. You can do it by clicking the button, and you don't need a paypal account to donate, you can do it with your credit card or your bank account. If you have a paypal account and you want to do the tranfert all by yourself, you just have to send your donation to my account, which is Please note that you must do one donation per font you want to use. My Fonts Q. (comic book) Fonts.

If graphic design was a religion, fonts are its priests - some are brilliant and enhance your understanding of the text and others are, well ... best avoided.


&&(navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Trident') ! Just The Facts A true graphic designer will be able to tell you the names of all the fonts used in the above image. A true graphic designer will have over 10 types of Helvetica available on their computer. Fonts, typefaces and all things typographical — I love Typography (ILT) Typekit. Best Handwriting Fonts. 65+ Free Handwritten Fonts for Elegant Designs. Story of handwritten fonts (or we can say only fonts) starts from very old ages, when people was just realizing the need of communication between one and other. People learned to convey their message by using signs and symbols , this process continued and entered different stages of development until the languages and letters were formed.

People used to communicate through letters and telegrams, then with the advancement in technology we started using Emails with formal fonts, leaving handwritten letters behind. But now people are going back to use Handwritten fonts to give the communication more personal and informal touch . Have a look at some Elegant Handwritten fonts collected specially for you people.