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Performa · EVENTS. Jennifer Rubell, Creation, A Performa Commission for Performa 09.

Performa · EVENTS

Opening Night of Performa 11, Retrospective by Elmgreen & Dragset. The Red Party, A Performa Gala, 2010 Ryan McNamara, Relache, A Performa Gala, 2012 White on White, A Performa Gala, 2006 The Futurist Banquet, presented by Performa, 2009. Intuitive Antipasto by Matthew Weingarten, an appetizer served at the Futurist Banquet, presented by Performa, 2009. Who Can Write About Performance Art? Thursday, April 24, 6:30 PM Judson Memorial Church 55 Washington Square South, New York 10012 How many histories do you need to know in order to write exciting criticism of art at the axis of dance and visual art, theater and performance, and every iteration in between?

Featuring: Claire Bishop, RoseLee Goldberg, Adrian Heathfield, John Rockwell, Hrag Vartanian, David Velasco Free with RSVP. Montreal 2011 Hacks. From Music Hack Day Add your hack to this list of hacks by 2:45 on Sunday afternoon Ajouter votre hack à cette liste de hacks par 14h45 le dimanche N'hesitez pas de presenter soit en francais ou en anglais (ou les deux!)

Feel free to present in either French or English. Montreal Sample Hack - Here's a sample hack that you can use as an example for your hack The Wub Machine (v2) - Automatic Dubstep and Electro House (and more) remixer (powered by the Echo Nest) MP3 Steganography - Hiding an MP3 inside another one Music Tags Live prediction - Predicting and displaying descriptive tags as the song plays CloudSound - Generating music based on the weather forecast Projet Chorale - Subverting public space via augmented (AR) sound and image intervention Tomahawk Catalog Radio - Sync your music collection with the echo nest's catalogs, and listen to customized radio mixed with radios from your friends. 1395 Days without Red. Still from 1395 Days without Red, a film by Anri Sala in collaboration with Liria Begeja.From a project by Šejla Kamerić & Anri Sala in collaboration with Ari Benjamin Meyers Still from 1395 Days without Red, a film by Šejla Kamerić.From a project by Šejla Kamerić & Anri Sala in collaboration with Ari Benjamin Meyers 1395 Days without Red was conceived, developed and filmed as a collaborative film project by Šejla Kamerić and Anri Sala.

1395 Days without Red

The project has given life to two separate films. Šejla Kamerić's film is 65 minutes long, and Anri Sala's film, made in collaboration with Liria Begeja, is 43 minutes long. An elegant young woman makes her way through an empty city. The city is Sarajevo, and the route the woman takes became known as Sniper Alley during the siege of the city endured by its citizens for 1395 days between 1992 and 1996. Throughout the siege, the Sarajevo Symphony Orchestra continued to play. The Siege of Sarajevo lasted for 1395 days. Credits. ORA* ALPHA. Remake / Photo Project. Adobe recently put forth a challenge to students in the UK with a cash prize of £10,000.

Remake / Photo Project

The deadline is soon so if you want in on it you better work quick! Since so many of our readers live outside the UK I thought it might be fun to work with Adobe on our own project. They thought so too, so here it is! The Booooooom + Adobe Remake photo project. The idea of the project is to remake a famous work of art using photography. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. The best submissions will be posted in a gallery on Booooooom and one of you will walk away with the prize! Deadline for submissions is October 21st 2011. By submitting your work to the Booooooom Facebook group you are giving us permission to post them on our website and pass them along to other blogs and news outlets who want to post about the project!

I will be updating this post with all the submissions to our “Remake” project. “Composition With Red, Blue and Yellow” remake by Katie Jackson “Composition With Red, Blue and Yellow” by Mondrian.