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Justice? [Archive] - dj forums - The Worldwide DJ Community. Electro Music - House Electro DJ Embee. Pitchfork. Erol Alkan Forum. Official Erol Alkan Forum Top 20 Tracks of 2010. Below is the official result of the Erol Alkan Forum Top 20 Tracks of 2010 poll.

Official Erol Alkan Forum Top 20 Tracks of 2010

This poll had two stages, and received votes from over 250 people. The first stage was for nominations, which I then whittled down to the 57 tracks with the most votes, which I then put into a multiple-choice poll, which resulted in the below list. You’ll notice that there are some EPs listed, not solely single tracks. This is because some releases, like the Siriusmo EP, had votes spread across the different tracks, so I grouped them as one, as otherwise the single tracks would not have enough votes to make this list, which I didn’t feel was representative.

Tracks that didn’t make the top 20, but deserve an honorable mention: