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Client Reviews & Testimonials. Trusted Wall Art Decor Provider. Customise Your Wall Now. Wallpaper Decor, Stickers and Art Blog. Customise Your Christmas Decor on a Tight Budget. If you’re shopping this early to avoid dashing through the snow during the holidays, congratulations!

Customise Your Christmas Decor on a Tight Budget

You’re a wise shopper who’s ahead of the Christmas rush, and you’re safe from gimmicky and overpriced Christmas offers. However, buying ready-to-display christmas decor and greeting cards can still be expensive. On top of that, you could risk looking like someone who’s not making an effort when giving gifts to their loved ones by sending store-bought christmas cards with very little option to personalise. Top 5 Design Ideas for Personal and Commercial Kitchens. The kitchen is one of the most essential and beloved parts of our home, and with good reason: it’s the place where we prepare our meals and clean our dishes.

Top 5 Design Ideas for Personal and Commercial Kitchens

Updating its layout and features to accommodate your growing needs can be quite tough, as there are lots of things to consider. Don’t worry, though! The ABCs of Design for the Perfect Study Room. Isn’t it great to have a study room where you can focus on your work in peace?

The ABCs of Design for the Perfect Study Room

By combining the best visual elements and decor, you can have the perfect place for relaxing and finishing your tasks in the comfort of your own home. Make a serene study room possible by following these simple tips: 1. Colour. Slumber Space: 6 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas. We head to our bedrooms whenever we want to be alone, or simply to relax after an enervating day.

Slumber Space: 6 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, design principles still apply, but don’t forget to add a splash of personality to your walls with these affordable bedroom wall makeover ideas: 1. DIY Artwork Show your artsy side by decorating your blank walls with your own creations! Graffiti and wall murals are by far some of the most popular options for larger walls, but you can also go for stencils if you prefer a combination of smaller patterns. Make Your Interiors Bold and Honest with Industrial Design. In recent years, renovating abandoned or old spaces by giving it raw looks has taken interior design by storm.

Make Your Interiors Bold and Honest with Industrial Design

These looks consist of exposed brickwork, steel structure and a combination of wood and metal surfaces. Industrial design, which embodies these design concepts and practices, rose to become one of the most favourable design styles in Australia. Most people like industrial design because it doesn’t pretend or cover the little details that make up your space. You can easily create this “warehouse look” by revamping your walls, floor and decor. Colour Scheme: Charred, Dark, Neat. 5 Modern Graphic Design Styles for a Sophisticated Look. Nowadays, building an effective brand design is not only up to the people whom you have tasked with design work.

5 Modern Graphic Design Styles for a Sophisticated Look

Even marketers and business owners must stay updated on how their brand can remain relevant in the market by adapting to modern product and publicity designs. Don’t worry, though. You can catch up on the latest trends for brands, logos and corporate materials by simply incorporating these five characteristics of modern graphic design: Budget-Friendly Design Ideas for an Awesome Room Makeover. People often commit mistakes when going for budget-friendly home decoration, simply because they think it’s all about spending the lowest amount of cash possible for buying or replacing items.

Budget-Friendly Design Ideas for an Awesome Room Makeover

Decoration, however, is more than just buying something only because it’s cheap! Here’s what we’ve learned from practical decorators on how to tweak home design by combining creativity and frugality: Begin with Your Walls A feature wall is the most visible part of your space, and one of the easiest ones to decorate. How to Create your Dad’s Dream Garage. Father’s Day – a special time for celebrating the hero in our home!

How to Create your Dad’s Dream Garage

We usually treat our father and father figures by giving them rewarding gifts, food and exciting trips. Top 5 Design Ideas for Personal and Commercial Kitchens. The ABCs of Design for the Perfect Study Room. Slumber Space: 6 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas. Use Wallpaper for your special event. Why settle for the same event decorations when you can customise and personalise that special event you’ve been planning for months.

Use Wallpaper for your special event

Make any event stand out with My Wonder Wall’s Wedding and Events Collection. Choose from a variety of wall decals, stickers and wallpapers. Garden-Themed Event Hosting a garden-themed event is a great way to use wallpapers to your advantage. Tea parties, brunches and luncheons, high school and college graduations, and weddings takes place during the spring and summer months, this theme is also a popular choice. Monochrome The Monochrome is a classic palette of Black and White, textures and patterns are used to create drama among the shades. Winter-Themed Event Celebrate the cool season with winter party wall decorations.

Recreate your ideal working environment. We’re sure you’ve seen a lot of blank, white walls in offices.

Recreate your ideal working environment

Sometimes you just like the classic look, but for the most part maybe you’re not just sure about committing to a decor change. Why confine wallpaper to your home? Using it in an office adds a homely feel, injects colour and can be used to define areas. 4 Simple Steps for Choosing Wallpaper with a Group. The usual course of action when selecting wallpapers is to follow your own taste and instinct, but how do you choose a wallpaper if you’re making a decision with a group of people, all with different tastes and preferences?

Deciding on wall coverings and decoration for a room, especially together with a group, can be a difficult task. There are unlimited styling options, as well as opinions from others, that you have to consider. Fuse your Fashion Taste with your Wall Decor. Still at a loss as to where you can get ideas for customising your walls? Maybe you don’t have to search too far—everything you’ll need to inspire you lies inside your closet. Yes, fashion and interior designs are never really too different from each other, as both require an eye for colour, design and pattern coordination. 3 Fun-Filled Wall Projects for your Kids. It’s a challenge for parents to figure out how you can turn the process of planning and decorating into something that your kids will enjoy and learn from at the same time.

Isn’t it great to come up with a design scheme that will not only brighten up your kids’ moods, but also get them involved? Here are four activities guaranteed to entertain your kids and teach them a thing or two about wall decorating: 1. From classic to modern, choose the right wallpaper for you. Today’s wallpaper samples are much more modern and come in as many styles as paint colors, if not more. From trendy geometrics to handmade varieties that resemble fine art and everything in between. It turns out wallpaper is a much more dramatic way to express yourself that than say, paint. Once you’ve decided to play with wallpaper, choosing the right one is easier than you think. Being creative with your own space. Personalised Wall with My Wonder Wall. My Wonder Wall provides a unique way to design your wall project with innovative technology from HP.

It offers end-to-end comprehensiveness, easy implementation, and “out of the box” approach for high-value and customised wall decoration that is easy and simple to layout and print, from wall coverings to posters and canvas. Boast a high-value customised wall decoration for residential, events, retail or commercial spaces. My Wonder Wall offers a wide selection of commercial wallpapers for your business. What to consider when designing Interior Colour Schemes. Interior Colour Schemes. Home Styling Basics. Which My Wonder Wall product is for you? My Wonder Wall stems from our belief that everyone should have the ability to create unique living spaces, designed to create an atmosphere in which family and friends laugh, cry and make life-long memories.

After all, that’s what life is about, creating moments, moments that you remember and reminisce about even when we’re old and grey. How to Find Room Colour Choices to Show Your Personality. People are getting more experimental with their wall covering choices, as seen on Pinterest and other lifestyle-sharing channels. Our homes are an extension of ourselves, so it’s nice to be able to express ourselves through anything from our furniture to our wall coverings.

Colours are among the best ways to express ourselves as they set moods, create the illusion of light and space, and generally offer more choices for customisation. For example, you could have the same elements in two rooms and have different colours give it them separate characteristics. Office & Store Decor: Why Should You Be Creative With It? Poring Over Plains & Prints: Which One Should You Pick? Does Room Design Affect Your Child's Moods? From building fortresses out of blankets to playing with a bunch of toys, much of your children’s fun activities take place in their own rooms. Wall Murals: Should You Go Traditional or Contemporary? How Printed Decor Makes a Picture-Perfect Home. Style 101: The Basics of Interior Design for Wall Decoration. Dedicating yourself to a personal style is not bad for a start, but have you figured out how this translates to your wall decoration?

Revamping your space like a professional designer entails coordinating the decorative elements of the interiors of any given space or structural set-up. 5 Tips to Spice Up Your Office Space.