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Keval is the new, exciting ingredient to enhance the flavor of the e-commerce business in the US. As the fastest growing online store in the country, it facilitates online buying and selling of international grocery items and other products. With over 15,000 brands and products in its catalogue, this portal gives you an opportunity to explore ethnic grocery, brought to you exclusively from the markets of India, China, and Spain. Cook a delicious Indian Dal or prepare the exotic Spanish Paella without bothering about the availability of the ingredients. Just browse through our website from the comfort of your home, and find the best quality of all that you need to concoct the recipe of your choice at the lowest prices – because we have it all!

Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic – Tips for Safety. To contain the spread of the novel coronavirus and to reduce the impact of COVID-19 disease, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended people wear face coverings made of cloth or any non-medical ones, one might wonder if it's safe to shop for groceries and food?

Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic – Tips for Safety

Well, there are no specific guidelines or grocery shopping tips from the CDC, one must follow certain precautions. The new CDC announcement which is voluntary, particularly mentioned groceries and pharmacies as public settings where it gets difficult to practice social distancing. The advisory recommends maintaining 6-feet distance from others to contain the spread of coronavirus. In these establishments, the CDC has advised wearing normal cloth face covering "to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others. " Online Grocery Shopping - A Blessing for the Quarantined. Ever since the novel coronavirus outbreak has changed lives in the USA and everywhere else, online grocery stores like us have seen immense growth in sales.

Online Grocery Shopping - A Blessing for the Quarantined

In the initial periods when the Trump government ordered everyone to stay at home and maintain social distance, people used to visit the grocery stores and shop for the goods they needed as permission was granted for the essential things. But with the quarantined people who may have contracted with the virus, online grocery shopping has proven a blessing as they are not allowed to visit the brick and mortar stores. According to Digital Commerce 360, more than 31% of US grocery shoppers have used online platforms which is higher than the usual and 26% rise in the new buyers is observed.

Out of 100 grocery buyers, 39 were above the age of 60. As we know this age group falls under the high-risk category, it becomes easy for them to pick a grocery store online and shop for the essentials. 1. 2. 3. 3 Easy to cook Indian recipes to try while social distancing. The experience of self-isolation and social distancing has been tough for all of us.

3 Easy to cook Indian recipes to try while social distancing

Having so many friends and family reunions every now and then, and enjoying delicious recipes with our loved ones now seems like a luxury in these times. Still, many of us can cook at homes while maintaining proper social distancing yet enjoying the favourite dishes or even trying new Indian recipes. Many of us have Indian neighbours and we used to love their authentic Indian dishes when the pandemic was not in our world. Are you still willing to taste those dishes and want to explore some popular Indian recipes online? Look no further, MyValue365 brings you a quick guide on 3 easy-to-cook Indian recipes online you can try at home while social distancing.

Before we jump to the detailed recipes, here's a list of online Indian recipes available out there to try at breakfast... Dal Tikkis / Cutlets Salad Khichdi Poha Upma 1. Instructions: Wash and soak the dal & rice for 20-30 in regular water. 2. Increase your immunity against COVID-19 with these immunity boosting foods. As the pandemic caused by the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 still prevails emotions like fear and panic, it's always better to stay in good health and a positive mindset.

Increase your immunity against COVID-19 with these immunity boosting foods

We hope you all are following the advice given by WHO in the crisis. Along with proper hygiene and sanitization every now and then, preparing your body to fight the possible infections by increasing your immunity is always a great precaution one can take during situations like a pandemic. Precautions are always better than cure they say, and swallowing pills might weaken your body. So, what can you do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Diet plays an important role in our everyday hustle and in conditions like these, having a great immunity will do magic for you. Immunity boosting food is no magic at all. Groceries From Local Stores in Chicago, IL. Order Groceries online from local speciality store in Chicago. Wholesale food & Household Products online. Indian Grocery Store Chicago. Online Grocery in Chicago. Online grocery store in chicago. What we do?

Online grocery store in chicago

MyValue365 is one of the best specialty e-grocers in the U.S., focused on bringing International groceries and food to your doorstep. We take pride in the variety of items we deliver, on time and at no cost to the customer. Some of our bestseller products are Indian spices, Halal meat, Mexican fast food and Organic food products.

Best of all, our customers can now shop from their preferred local shops right from the comforts of their home. A range of Personal Care products in Chicago. Order Groceries online from local speciality store in Chicago. Ease up Yourself & Pocket with Online Grocery Shopping. There are two kinds of people, people who love grocery shopping and people who hate it.

Ease up Yourself & Pocket with Online Grocery Shopping

And then come the people who shop for the basics and come back with chunks of random things and nothing to make for dinner. If you fall under one of the last two categories, you might just love online grocery shopping, though we won’t guarantee that you will end up buying random stuff based on your impulse but we know you will receive a good quality of grocery and that too in time at your doorstep, it’s that easier. For housewives and bachelors, online grocery shopping can reserve them a better amount of time on the things they love and do other stuff they admire. If you are living in or near Chicago, try our one-stop online shop for high-quality hand-picked groceries. Per se, online grocery shopping is the thing we are trusting since the day it was introduced before the world and here are a few things that will make things easy for you and why you should give it a try: 1.

Need we say more? 2. 3. 4. Groceries from local store in Chicago.