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Information in this collection relates to events that you can attend to find out more about applying to college and specific courses, and important contact details.

Some of this infromation may refer to a previous year, be patient....I am waiting for updates to be released by the relevant organisations! The Irish Times. Find & Compare CAO Courses - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. IntoHE2016. Higher Options. Dates for 2014 September 17th, 18th and 19th 2014 RDS Simmonscourt, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Higher Options

BOOKINGS OPEN MAY 12th for Tickets and Exhibitors Career Talks and Main Lectures take place throughout the three days of Higher Options. Speakers at the Career Talks sessions share their experience and expertise in various fields of industry, to give students insight into how qualifications, experience and aptitude can progress into possible employment choices. At the Main Lectures, speakers from a number of organisations and institutions offer advice and information about the applications processes to third-level education in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

You can find a full list of the exhibitors taking part in this year’s Higher Options here plus schedules of the Career Talks and Main Lectures here. All the best, The Higher Options Team. European Universities Information. DARE & HEAR Promotional Video 2015.

DARE forms

DARE. Changes to DARE for Entry 2017 Changes to DARE Requirements for Applicants with a Specific Learning Difficulty for Entry 2017 Evidence of Disability:Evidence of a full Psychological Assessment Report of any age that clearly states that the applicant presents with a Specific Learning Difficulty (other acceptable terminology also include: Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Specific Learning Disability/Disorder).


Evidence of Educational Impact:Educational Impact Statement signed off by the applicant’s school. The Educational Impact Statement can contain scores from schools based attainment testing as they apply to DARE once these tests are carried out within the previous two years of application.ORBe accompanied by attainment tests carried out by a Psychologist within the previous two years of application. Please note that an IQ Score or General Ability Score is no longer a requirement for DARE. What is the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE)? HEAR scheme. What is the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR)?

HEAR scheme

The Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) is a college and university admissions scheme which offers places on reduced points and extra college support to school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. HEAR has been set up by a number of colleges and universities as evidence shows that socio-economic disadvantage can have a negative effect on how well a student does at school and whether they go on to college. HEAR Applicants must meet a range of financial, social and cultural indicators to be considered for a reduced points place and extra college support. Who is it for? HEAR is for school leavers under the age of 23 as of January 1st 2015, who have completed an Irish Leaving Certificate. CAO alert lists new courses.

CAOparentsguide.pdf. Choosing a course: what you need to know. List of college / IoT Open Days.

I will update this for 2015-16 as soon as CAO releases them. – myuniplan

Ahead - Interactive Infomap: Accessing College. So welcome to our ‘Route to College’ Info Map.

Ahead - Interactive Infomap: Accessing College

You are now at the start point which is roughly akin to coming in to 6th year in secondary school. Follow the path and when you come across questions, follow the path of your answer. Don’t forget that each point on the map has extra content for you – links, videos, audio, and key information which you can access by clicking the relevant icons (see key). Good luck on your journey! Check out this great info page from Careers Portal on assessing your college options which is accompanied by an excellent video from NUIM admissions officer Dr. If you’re wondering ‘What type of report do I need?’ Qualifax is Ireland's only online database of courses in Ireland so you can see what's out there. Higher Options is Ireland's largest college fair and it takes place every year in Sept in the RDS, Dublin.

Read 'Access Success', AHEAD's all in 1 guide to accessing college and preparing for college life. College / IoT contact details. College Video Resources. Careers and Education News.

This is a general link page on summer courses from Career News – myuniplan

CAO video guides for parents. My Future Choices magazine. My Future Choices is our free magazine for disabled young people, their families and people who support them.

My Future Choices magazine

It contains articles about projects that support disabled young people and stories by disabled young people about their lives. My Future Choices aims to give a voice to disabled young people and give them the chance to show they have the same goals, dreams and aspirations as non-disabled young people. You can read My Future Choices online or get it sent to your door for free by signing up. Current issue - Issue 1, 2015 Download Download Download This issue is all about hobbies and making a positive change in the wider community. . - The Children and Families Bill - The Respect Us project - Oska Bright Film Festival - Wheelchair Basketball - The Young Inspectors programme. AimingHigher FAQs from University of Limerick. UK university league tables 2016.