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PRISYM 360 Achieves SAP® Certification as Integrated with Cloud Solutions from SAP. The latest version of the PRISYM 360 intelligent data import connector now has SAP-certified integration using SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite.

PRISYM 360 Achieves SAP® Certification as Integrated with Cloud Solutions from SAP

Wokingham, United Kingdom — 3 December 2020 — PRISYM ID, a leading provider of regulated content and label management solutions for the life sciences sector, announced today that PRISYM 360 version 1.10 has achieved SAP® certification using SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. The integration helps organizations to transfer labeling data from SAP technologies into the PRISYM 360 label management platform, easing the process of producing compliant labels and booklets for clinical trials, medical devices and other life sciences organisations. The new interface supports cloud-based SAP applications as well as on-premise components. Global Clinical Trial Supplies Specialist RxSource Invests in Clinical Labelling Software. PRISYM 360 SaaS clinical trials solution will help RxSource streamline its operations.

Global Clinical Trial Supplies Specialist RxSource Invests in Clinical Labelling Software

Wokingham, United Kingdom — 27 November 2020 — PRISYM ID, a leading provider of regulated content and label management solutions, announced today that Global Clinical Trial Supplies Specialist RxSource has invested in the innovative PRISYM 360 clinical labelling platform. Green Hydrogen - The Renewable Energy Source to Watch in 2021. The new era model for clean energy source, Green Hydrogen has become a new hype and it’s worth it as the alternative fuel which generates clean energy.

Green Hydrogen - The Renewable Energy Source to Watch in 2021

It was also named the “Freedom Fuel” during the term of United States President George W. Bush. To Everyone Who Got into Trading Stocks in 2020. Chris Sacca, the billionaire investor said in a recent tweet that, “The Newbie traders who scored massive windfalls in 2020 simply just got lucky”.

To Everyone Who Got into Trading Stocks in 2020

He also said that “To everyone out there who got into trading this year (2020), I have a hard truth for you all that you are not that good at it”. The former “Sharh Tank” star and founder of a venture capital firm Lowercase Capital exclaimed that people who entered the trade market this year and invested just caught a wild bull market as a bit of luck and took some money off the table. This public comment of Sacca on Twitter met with a swift backlash. Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports founder and the face of the new generation of day traders told Fox Business that he really doesn’t know who Sacca is and also added that Sacca is a bit of a sore loser and an idiot. The Lowercase chief – Sacca is an early investor in Twitter, Uber, and Instagram. Storage Power Solutions Revolutionizes the Energy Storage Industry.

When it comes to battery storage, there are a lot of things that typically get overlooked by integrators who package systems around third-party battery modules.

Storage Power Solutions Revolutionizes the Energy Storage Industry

Integrators are unable to control the design of their storage system, including safety features, thermal management and battery cell quality. Not surprisingly, customers do not want to deal with this, demanding 100% operational availability and safety. Securing Construction Sites Seamlessly - Twenty20 Solutions. Security solutions from twenty20 solutions allow customers to monitor and react to security and access issues in real-time before a loss occurs, regardless of where their operations are located, with or without electricity or cellular connectivity.

Securing Construction Sites Seamlessly - Twenty20 Solutions

The twenty20 suite of solutions is designed to extend the customers’ teams’ reach and give them the real-time data they need to make informed business decisions without the need to be on-site. Those solutions include video surveillance, access control, equipment and systems automation, and manned or unmanned remote monitoring. The goals of all of the solutions are to minimize risk, prevent theft, enable customers to enforce safety compliance, and ensure their employees’ overall safety and uninterrupted facility operations. This, in turn, helps construction firms focus on what they do best—delivering projects on time, on budget and on spec—instead of wasting money and resources managing and maintaining a portfolio of disparate technologies.

Retail Brands Using Technology to Enrich Customer Experience. As the pandemic outbreak disrupted the normalcy in the retail sector, many retailers were faced with the task of not just sustaining their businesses but also providing the best experience to the customers.

Retail Brands Using Technology to Enrich Customer Experience

In such times, technology served as a beacon of light in resurrecting the lost hope of both retailers and customers. Today, with the help of technology, many retail brands have been successful in engaging customers, retaining their brand loyalty, and creating a seamless and delightful shopping experience. Sephora Taking the customer experience to the next level, Sephora has deployed a chatbot, using which the customers can easily make in-store appointments with Sephora’s beauty experts. An Innovative & Reliable International Shipping Partner - MyUS.

MyUS offers these services to consumers directly through a membership-based model, but also partners with companies around the globe to deliver white label services to postal companies and retailers.

An Innovative & Reliable International Shipping Partner - MyUS

One example of these partnerships is that of a white label partner who employed MyUS services to develop an eCommerce solution, which enabled their local consumers to shop online using a unique U.S. shipping address. The client wanted to incorporate the specialized services provided by MyUS, so that their customers could shop U.S. stores online, get delivery through this white label partner, and have their items delivered directly to their doorstep. In this example, as with other similar partnerships, the MyUS tech team supports partners each step of the way by making integration easy. MyUS offers a solution that hosts, develops and maintains an integrated website for the partner. Unparalleled Access to Operational and Production Data - Smart Attend.

Audible – Smart Attends tower light also has a built-in speaker that can reach 100db of volume.

Unparalleled Access to Operational and Production Data - Smart Attend

This speaker can also accept. WAV and .mp3 files for custom sounds or alerts.Mobile / Web Access – Combining the visual and audible aspects of the system to their portal creates a truly unique and powerful communication process for customers. With their native iOS/Android App, customers can instantly log in and review the performance of their facility, the utilization rate of labour, scrap counts, overall shift performance and productivity, among many other data points. In addition to that, when the machine goes into an alarming scenario, the Smart Attend app will notify the correct resources about the specific issue. Siemens Energy to Study Hydrogen Use. The research on the use of hydrogen as a low or no carbon fuel source and energy storage as well, the Siemens Energy, Duke Energy and Clemson University, South Carolina have come along as one unit for the research.

Siemens Energy to Study Hydrogen Use

Where Duke Energy is the owner and operator of the assets of the project in the team and Clemson University as a beneficiary have assembled with a new partner in the team, i.e., Siemens Energy providing help in the project with their experience, expertise and perspective as a technology developer. An amount of $200,000 was granted by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) for the research initiative to Siemens Energy.

Fine-Tune How Customers Utilize Data - AMOP. “As operators, we have designed the platform not to be cool but to be effective in extending the tools needed to effectively manage a carrier or provider’s operations from customer self-activation of SIM cards to billing usage to clients.” Rickie Richey, Founder and Visionary of AMOP, has always looked for ways to have a positive impact on business productivity. Richey started multiple businesses that offered solutions to improve business productivity and streamline operations. AMOP began out of the need to improve telecom and mobility resellers’ ability to manage IoT SIMs on the AT&T Cisco Control Center.

Starting with this IoT platform, AMOP focused on carrier rate optimization. The AMOP team quickly realized that AT&T Telegence and Verizon ThingSpace offered additional opportunities for SIM card management. Common Challenges to Effective Risk Assessment. Today, the common challenges to effectively perform risk assessments are nearly identical in almost every organization, but the approaches applied to detect and avert these challenges remain unique to each.

Sincere, attentive, and genuine evaluation of risks faced by an enterprise/business segment enables apt identification of imminent threats. Such risk assessment processes perform as an offensive discipline to help create a potent risk mitigation framework and efficient implementation of such risk-adjusted strategy will build a competitive advantage. However, risk assessment administered through poor principles will land enterprises in potentially disastrous outcomes. Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Enterprise Security. Business owners normally have a list of things to do, but security is often off the list. The physical security of the company is frequently taken for granted. This could be due to various reasons, like, risk of criminal activity being distant or unusual, the high installation and maintaining cost, excessively immersed in maintaining a business to take an interest in security issues, etc. Regardless of the reason for ignoring security, never leave your business unsecured.

Chemical & Biological Processes to Make Plastic More Recyclable. Plastic is continuously piling up in landfills, oceans and our environment. Plastic has become a fixed part of our everyday life in the form of soft drink bottles, parts of any vehicle, toys, packaging materials, and many other things. The Environmental Protection Agency exclaimed in their reports of 2017 that only a small part of the whole plastic waste is getting recycled, about 8.4%. View Point Health Transformed Its Telemedicine Offering. The View Point Health is a behavioral health agency based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, which serves Medicaid to uninsured and underinsured individuals. The Problem The View Point Health community was facing an issue of limited resources and access to upgrading the technology. Digital Technology in The Chemical Industry. Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage for its Customers - Qualityze. Qualityze uses highly efficient, structured, and disciplined processes to enable an organization to achieve and maintain sustainable growth.

For example, Qualityze Change Management enables all organizational changes related to the Product, Process, IT, Supplier, and Facility to be easily managed by your employees and suppliers to work seamlessly in achieving operational excellence and compliance. Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage for its Customers - Qualityze. Lincoln Laboratory's New Division Introduced - The Biotechnology & Human Systems Division. MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a research and development (R&D) center, which is federally funded. The laboratory initiated its work on biotechnology in 1995, beginning with several projects on sensors and signal processing for chemical and biological defense systems.

After that Lincoln Laboratory, expanded with the work, applied AI (Artificial Intelligence) and synthetic biology technologies to advance the development of new drugs, then also worked for the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Cyber Security in Financial Services - Forecast to 2025. The Global Cyber Security (GCS) in Financial Services Market Report accessible at Prudent Markets offer a recap of the GCS in the Financial Services industry, making up for product scope, opportunities, sales volume, figures, and market revenue. The study is a detailed assessment of the Cyber Security industry and covers aspects related to it over the projected timeframe and estimated duration and elementary development trends regarding the market.

From Quality to Solutions Analytics - Minitab. Minitab’s flagship product, Minitab Statistical Software, has been setting the standard for data analysis for manufacturing organizations since its launch in the late 1970s. Recent improvements including a new, more intuitive user interface, significantly faster processing speeds and the addition of more advanced predictive analytics have expanded the utility of the product across an organization.

Blockchain to Improve the Grid Efficiency of Utility Industry. Today, blockchain deployment in the utility sector has become a trending subject among the industry expert community and the start-up investors, with applications stretching from grid transactions, financing, and transparency in the supply chain. Unique Payments Suite for Media Arena - WideOrbit. 10 MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab Funded Projects to Fight Against COVID-19. From risk assessment to finding a cure for chronic diseases, Artificial intelligence is helping the healthcare industry to gain deeper insights into treatment variability, care processes, diagnostics, and patient outcomes. Malwarebytes Announced Integration with CrowdStrike to Simplify Enterprise Remediation Efforts. Malwarebytes, a major provider of advanced endpoint security and remedial solutions, announced that that it will help enhance and simplify corporate remediation efforts by providing recovery outputs to CrowdStrike customers.

It follows the merging of the custom, CrowdStrike Malwarebytes remediation with CrowdStrike’s Falcon endpoint protection program. AI for Advanced Planning and Scheduling - BoldIQ. For aviation and logistics service providers, Solver reduces operational costs, uncovers previously hidden revenue, and improves the customer experience. Critically, Solver delivers actionable schedules in real-time, permitting quicker, easier and less expensive recovery from delays and disruptions. Financial Stability Board Report on the Utilization of SupTech & RegTech. Managing Media Effortlessly - OWNZONES. The Nation's #1 Provider of Vehicle Service Contracts (Extended Auto Warranties)

Enhanced Customer Engagement Via Texting - Zipwhip. Helping Small Businesses Compete & Win - Thryv. A Pioneering Woman Leader - Total Financial & Insurance Services. Comprehensive Billing Software Transforming EMR/EHR Arena - Forte Holdings. Global Regulatory Technology Industry Fights Back COVID-19 Impact with Potential Growth Forecast for 2020-2025: A Detailed Report. Sonitor® Set to Participate in the Virtual Cerner Healthcare Conference (CHC2020) Prioritizing Patients and Advancing Medicine to Improve the World - ARTEMIS. Improving People's Lives - TTR - The Tax Research Company. Fighting Against the Odds - Girls Night in Online.

Cutting Edge Solutions - Propex. IoTeX & Tenvis Partners to Develop New Ucam Security Camera Powered by Blockchain Technology. Out-of-the-Box Mobile Dictation Solution - CopyTalk. How Robotic Process Automation Adds Value to HR. Higgins Announces Expansion of Legislation. Robotics to Transform Construction Industry in 2020 & Beyond. Global IoT Powered Smart Office Market Report.

Top FinTech Software Providers - Financial Organizations. Top Legal Tech Solution Providers - Legal Industry. Digital Opportunities in The Competitive Capital Market. Top Challenges of Founding A Healthcare Startup in 2020. Top Pharma & Life Sciences Software Providers. Top Healthcare Software Providers - Hospital, Clinics and Labs.

PRISYM ID Makes New Senior Appointment to Drive Further Growth in Clinical Trials Arena. Next-Gen Trends to Drive The Enterprise Asset Management Market. Cyber Threat Intelligence in Action - Celerium. Algonquin Power and Utilities Group Sells Green Energy to Customers. Compliant Clinical Label & Booklet Design - PRISYM ID. Financial Industry Veterans to Launch Blank Check Company. HR Technology Conference to Be Held Online Due to COVID-19. How AgriTech is Helping The Industries Deal with The Climate Change. Impact of Pandemic COVID-19 on Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System Market. Enterprise Architecture for Managing Information Technology Standards.

Options Measures Extreme Optimism on Technology Stocks to Come Off. Root AI Raised $7.2M in Seed Funding amidst COVID-19. Challenges and Opportunities in Today's Medical Device Manufacturing Industry. Pharmaceutical Retail Market Outlook and Growth Trends Amidst COVID-19. How High-Performance Computing Delivers Profit for Business. Top Oil & Gas Tech Solution Providers. Why High-Performance Computing is Essential For Enterprises? Canon Confirms Maze Ransomware Attack: Stolen Data Published Online.

Survey Finds Quality Control is A Major Challenge in Clinical Labeling. RBC Build Its Own AI Computing Platform Powered By an Nvidia GPU Farm. Helping Companies Innovate, Faster - AODocs. 5 Most Notable Medical Device Manufacturing Trends of Today. Top 15 Benefits of Retail Inventory Management Software. Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers. Why Healthcare Startups Fail - Top 5 Reasons to Consider. Enterprise Architecture for Managing Information Technology Standards. Choose the Right Disaster Recovery Solution for Your Business. PRISYM 360 SaaS Labeling Solution Offers an Instant Validated Platform for COVID-19 Clinical Trials.

Surpassing the Limits - Beyond Limits. Common Pitfalls Medical Device Distributors Must Avoid. Database of Medical Device Distributors Industry. Digitized Device History Records Streamlines Manufacturing Operations amidst COVID-19. 7 Bay Area Startups Score over $200 Million in Venture & Private Equity Funding. Use Multi-cloud Technology to Build a Successful Disaster Recovery Plan.

Developing A True Consultative Relationship - Velocity Solutions. COVID-19: Proprietary Medical Device Repair to Threaten Patients. Simple & Efficient Disaster Recovery Solutions - Atempo. Top Agricultural Robots: Development and Industry Insights. Wearable Technology to Reduce Workplace Injuries in Agriculture.

Magna5 DRaaS – Fast Data Recovery Avoids Downtime When Catastrophe Occurs. High-Performance Computing is Helping Universities and Government to Understand COVID-19. Top AgriTech Solution Providers - Agriculture. Construction Industry Digital Technology Trends in 2020. COVID19 Highlights The Importance of Opportunities for Fintech Firms. USA Technologies Announces Remote Price Change (RPC) for Seed Software Suite. An Intelligent Construction Platform to Unify Operations - CMiC. Automotive IoT Market: Trends and Analysis Driving the Future.

IHT Recognized by Omnisense Systems as an Authorized Value Added Reseller. Removing Friction for Consumers Switching Financial Institutions - ClickSWITCH.