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How To Do Keyword research in 2020 ?(Know Secrets) - mysmartblogging. Keyword research is one of the essential part of SEO.In this extremely simple guide I will teach how to do keyword research for SEO in 2020 to rank first on Google. As I mentioned above that this keyword research guide is for beginners, so from their point of view,before you start writing your very first post,you must find keywords for SEO that you can rank easily. So,if you have started a new blog and have done on-page SEO, image optimization,these steps are irrelevant unless you do keyword research in professional manner. Without exploring keywords for search engine optimization,your articles will not be accessible to SERPs(search engine result pages) So,you should read this full article because I have revealed some secrets of keyword research,which have led me to rank my posts. If you implement them,I am sure you will get the the success,I guarantee.

Lets dive into the topic.. Basics of Keyword Research What Are Keywords: Types Of Keywords Short Tail keywords Medium-Tail Keywords Search Intent. Best Free Ping Submission Sites List 2020 - mysmartblogging. This free ping submission sites list will boost your blog posts and backlinks indexing by search engines.Don’t miss it ! There is no doubt that backlinks help in ranking your post on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. But here is a tricky part ! Many bloggers especially newbies, start making backlinks, but forget to index them by search engines.

As you might know, if your backlinks have not been indexed by Google,you can’t rank your posts. So that’s why I have provided you the best free ping submission sites list 2020, So that you can index your posts and backlinks blazing fast. And ultimately, you will not only skyrocket your off-site seo ranking,but also increase your site DA and PA.

What Is Pinging In this way, search engines bots, come into action and index your desired links. Because the more your posts and backlinks are indexing, the more people visit your site. These tools help in getting your blog posts indexed by search engines. Ping Submission Sites How To Ping Your Website Q1. Home - mysmartblogging.