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Hey ! welcome on kweeper. The most diversified collection in the world of topics, medias & interests, organized and curated. Trailmeme. Submishmash: Submission Manager. Tattler (app) gRSShopper. What matters to you? About. Company Profile Pinyadda is an early-stage internet company based in Boston, Massachusetts.


Our product is a web application designed to make it easy to gather, customize, and share news and information from across the web. Darwin Ecosystem Announces a Series of Free Darwin Editions™ Operating in real time, the Darwin Awareness Engine™ allows for the efficient scanning of content to find both breaking news and underlying casual patterns in the topics of your interest.

Darwin Ecosystem Announces a Series of Free Darwin Editions™

Rather than using semantic technology to attempt to enable understanding by a computer, their approach to awareness is based on Chaos Theory and allows the content to self organize. This approach eliminates the need for a predetermined taxonomy or the ability to use SEO techniques. It provides a visualization of results that enables a person to make more informed decisions about where to look next. Darwin Ecosystem has recently announced a series of themed Darwin Editions™ powered by the Awareness Engine™ that focus on specific topics to better demonstrate its capabilities and as a service to our readers.

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