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Social PR: 10 Ways to Do PR Better with Social Media - Search Engine Watch (SEW) Will the new public relations please stand up?

Social PR: 10 Ways to Do PR Better with Social Media - Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Hello, social PR! In a time of social media evolution and revolution, public relations professionals have a unique opportunity to reinvent themselves to ultimately deliver better results. The strategy: using social media-flavored PR to influence the search marketing ecosystem. First, let's look at today's journalist, one of the PR professional's primary targets. According to a recent survey by TEKGROUP International: Management Degree » Leaders of the People’s Media: The Top 50 Social Media Blogs. The internet is filled with endless possibilities when it comes to getting your name, company, brand, logo, or Facebook status out there.

Management Degree » Leaders of the People’s Media: The Top 50 Social Media Blogs

For this, we have condensed this realm of thought in the idea of social media. With these many outlets (from blogging to Twitter), some people have hit a wall when it comes to properly marketing themselves (or company) to the ideal audience. Dataviz, democratized: Google opens Public Data Explorer. Two years ago, Google acquired Gapminder, the Swedish graphics-display company whose Trendalyzer software specializes in representing data over time.

Dataviz, democratized: Google opens Public Data Explorer

(You may recall the company from this awesome and much-circulated TED talk from 2006.) Since the acquisition, Google has built out the Trendalyzer software to create its Public Data Explorer, a tool that makes large datasets easy to visualize — and, for consumers, to play with. Citi Adding Technology to Tweak Twitter. A Guide to The Contextual Web. New Social Business Network Launches: The Future or Facemash 2.0 for the Chamber Crowd? News, Marketing, SEO, Social Media & More. IM faceplate - brand yourself! Create your own faceplate in less than 5 minutes!

IM faceplate - brand yourself!

Instantly add your videos, tweetsTM, articles, product spotlights & more! IM faceplate is about community. The second you login, you will be connected with thousands of like-minded business oriented people! Google chief Eric Schmidt on social media threat. Community curation of the blekko.com programming slashtags. Merchants of Culture: A Meditation on the Future of Publishing. By Maria Popova What Gogol, Seth Godin and TED have to do with the fate of the written word.

Merchants of Culture: A Meditation on the Future of Publishing

The year has barely begun and already it’s been a tremendously disruptive month for the publishing industry, with a number of noteworthy developments that bespeak a collective blend of optimism, fear and utter confusion about what the future holds for the written word as its purveyors try to make sense — and use — of digital platforms. Social Media Management Software for Businesses: Sendible. Contextual Web. The Explosion of Micro-Crowdsourcing Services - A Computer Scientist in a Business School.

In my last post, I expressed my surprise for the sudden explosion of the research-oriented workshops in computer science conferences that are explicitly focused on the concept of crowdsourcing. I should also note though, that there is a parallel explosion of similar micro-crowdsourcing services. Here is a list of services that I have ran into: Some of the companies above are serious, some are new and upcoming, some are copycats, and some are there just to facilitate spamming. This growing list makes it clear that we enter the bubble period. Bubbles are not necessarily negative.

Picard på BI: Om nye forretningsmodeller og hvorfor mediene sliter med endring. Designing Websites with Personality. We all have personalities, and no one is exactly like another.

Designing Websites with Personality

Our relationships and memories are built on our interaction with other people. Like every person, web designers have unique and intriguing personalities. But even with the clearly obvious level of impact our personality has in our lives and our work, there is still a noticeable lack of individuality in the web designs we see on the web. For example, why do the Chicago Tribune and New York Times have websites with such similar personalities even when these newspapers are unique in their own right? So often, we find ourselves getting caught up in typography, keeping up with the latest design trends, information architecture, content readability and the like that we forget or neglect to consider those who are going to be living through the experiences we’re building.

Welcome to Namesake. 2011 Global CEO Survey Report: Insights from PwC and the World Economic Forum. “ As faster economic growth shifts to places in Africa, across Asia, and Latin America, consumer goods companies have to adapt with the right products in the right stores at the right prices at the right time to meet the needs of new consumers.”

2011 Global CEO Survey Report: Insights from PwC and the World Economic Forum

Muhtar Kent Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Coca-Cola Company. “The companies that will win are those that deliver true innovation.” Joseph Jimenez CEO, Novartis.