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Mass Relevance « Engage Audiences Anywhere with Social Curation. StoryCrawler. STORYCRAWLER. Curation Station. Curation Station. Twitter Curation and Moderation Platform. Social Media for Business - FeedMagnet. Welcome to - A smarter way to share. About. Aggregage is building the next-generation of business media, deploying web sites/newsletters that are each focused on a specific business segment topic, and each aggregating the most engaging online content.


The aggregated content on our topic-specific sites comes from a number of interesting and relevant sources: blogs, white papers, peer recommendations, social networks, and discussion groups to name a few. That content is auto-curated by our readers based on their social media activity, so that the best rises to the top. Personalized newsletter versions of each content community deliver a customized version for each and every reader. Management Team CEO & Co-Founder – Robert Flynn Robert has spent the last 25 years building and managing growth companies in the Internet and traditional media worlds. Founder & CTO – Tony Karrer Dr. Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer – Michael J. Contact Info Aggregage 898 N. DataSift for Journalists: How to Guide. Content Curation Essentials by Janet Aronica (@JanetAronica) - oneforty. McDonalds, obesity and curation of the social web. McDonalds – is it a great restaurant chain serving tasty food, or the purveyor of a socially destructive obesity pandemic?

McDonalds, obesity and curation of the social web

Well that really depends on your point of view. However what we do know is that human opinions are reflective of the current moods of society. We see that all the time in areas such as fashion and retail. The success of the Apple iPhone took on a life of its own with people believing the iPhone was the must have device, despite the HTC getting near universal better reviews and ratings. People’s opinions about the iPhone had become self reinforcing through word of mouth. Why do people seemingly follow each other in this way and what is the impact for social media marketing? The Edelman 2011 Annual Trust Barometer released today had some interesting insights. So back to McDonalds. Content Curation: Turn Content Marketing Into Leadership. Datasift. How to Use Amplify for Content Curation and Thought Leadership.

Oh no, you’re thinking, not another social media tool I have to know about! Well, yeah, but Amplify is a really good one to actually use. You know how you’re always being told you need to engage with your followers, fans/likes, connections, etc. via social media? Amplify actually focuses on the conversation aspect, making it easier to do as you’re told. To put it another way: You can get a conversation going on Twitter, but it’s really hard to maintain a meaningful discussion when you’re limited to 140 characters.

On Amplify, you can have that conversation. Amplify is not a social media dashboard, like Hootsuite, however. So, how can you use Amplify for content curation and thought leadership? Content Curation Amplify gives you a lot of control over the content you post: You do not need to share an entire article or blog post, for instance. Thought Leadership When you add your thoughts on the information you are sharing, you have the opportunity to be a thought leader. Create stories using social media - Curation Station.