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Facebook the new Internet?

Facebook Pages Offically Killing FBML In Favor of iFrames. Last week Facebook, made some big changes to its Pages platform.

Facebook Pages Offically Killing FBML In Favor of iFrames

We covered the news and talked about its implications for businesses working to leverage Facebook as a marketing channel. In the wake of these Pages updates, another major change has taken place: this one will impact any business that creates custom tabs for their Facebook Page. Through its developer site, Facebook offically announced that businesses can now use iframes to build custom tabs for Facebook pages instead of Facebook Markup Language (FBML). In addition to the roll out of iframe support, Facebook also announced that it is phasing out FBML and that starting March 11, 2011, businesses will no longer be able to create new FBML apps and Pages will no longer be able to add the Static FBML app. While you may not be the person that actually does the code for your cusotmer Facebook tabs and applications, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be informed about the new advantages that iframes bring to Facebook Pages. 1.

Facebook for Websites: Social Plugins for Your Blog and Business « gabriel catalano. Facebook offers webmasters and bloggers a lot of options for integrating their platform onto websites.

Facebook for Websites: Social Plugins for Your Blog and Business « gabriel catalano

Consider the number of users that are logging into Facebook on a daily basis and staying logged in throughout the day while perusing the Internet. It makes sense that website owners would want to take advantage of the power of Facebook on their own sites, especially since Facebook is the most used identity when it comes to people signing into sites, as shown in the infographic above. The best part is that Facebook offers several social plugins that you can implement onto virtually any website, some with very little coding knowledge required. Let’s look at these plugins, and the reason why you would want to have a few of them on your site. Like Button The Like Button is probably the most well known and recognized of the Facebook social plugins. <iframe src=" echo rawurlencode(get_permalink()); ? The benefit of using the Like Button? The visitor benefit – it’s easy to use. Activity Feed.

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Undefined. Business. Mari Smith - Facebook Marketing Expert, Social Media Training, Relationship Marketing Specialist. EdgeRank. Blog & Notes. Redesign. Facebook: How fans really interact with your brand - and how to interact with them. In this series of Smart Insights Best Practice Advice, Danyl Bosomworth of shares tips on best practice to get better results from digital marketing.

Facebook: How fans really interact with your brand - and how to interact with them

This week, with Social Media Week, taking place in nine cities around the world including London, Danyl looks at how to get results from Facebook. You already know that, along with everything else on your plate, you need to develop Facebook as a valuable marketing tool in some shape or form, so how will you do it? There are a number of ways to leverage Facebook as marketing technique and you need to have ‘a reason’… A place to interact with your consumers and potential consumers – brand building in its crudest sense.A means to manage customer interactions and feedback.A source of relevant traffic to your commercial website.A means to build a list of potential consumers interested in permission-based communications. In terms of applying those goals you need a fan page, and a Facebook marketing plan.

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Facebook design & tools. Why I like Capgemini India’s presence on Facebook. This week’s Ascent (career…nay, jobs supplement of The Times of India) had a large’ish ad. by Capgemini India.

Why I like Capgemini India’s presence on Facebook

The ad. is standard stuff – we grow, you grow, multicultural blah, broader exposure and more blah. As is the new trend (See previous efforts from IBM Daksh and Aricent), this one too had a social network link beyond standard URL and email ID. No, not one on LinkedIn as I may have wanted/guessed, but one on Facebook. I went to it with some skepticism, but was pleasantly surprised by the way it was being managed. A few observations on why I liked the page. 1. 2. 3. 4. Top Ten Most Engaging Magazines on Facebook.

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