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Great Plains Observer. Did Facebook Just Kill All Other Commenting Systems? I’m gonna be completely honest with you here – Facebook is about 1 small step away from me ditching my current commenting system that I use here at SMSEO which is Disqus.

Did Facebook Just Kill All Other Commenting Systems?

You can see already at the bottom of this article that I’ve placed Facebook’s comment box above my Disqus comment box. And for anyone that see the relevance of the new Facebook commenting system, I’d have to believe they would feel the same way as I do. The only missing piece keeping me from ejecting 100% from Disqus is that I can’t figure out how to receive notifications of comments from the Facebook comments box. There is a way to do it – I know… it’s just I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Will Facebook kill all other commenting systems This makes me think on a larger scale, how can other commenting systems compete against Facebook? I mean, Facebook comments are now ranked by EdgeRank, which means only the most active and relevant comments are seen at the top. This brings order and relevance to comments. (13/1) Robert Scoble's answer to Is TechCrunch's decision to use Facebook comments, in part, a reaction to Quora's use of real identities.

With Facebook Comments, Twitter And Google Login Flew The Coop. Given that it’s an identity that 600 million people around the world already use, the push by Facebook into the publisher comment space is undoubtedly going to be a very, very strong one.

With Facebook Comments, Twitter And Google Login Flew The Coop

And the fact that Yahoo is on board with the launch magnifies that strength. But it could have been even stronger. Facebook originally planned to use Twitter and Google logins for the commenting system as well. But both were scrapped in the final hours leading up to launch for unspecified reasons, according to people familiar with the matter. Actually, to those who have watched the space over the past several months, it’s pretty clear why the options vanished: all the players involved just plain don’t like each other. Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme. Discover your community - DISQUS. Facebook Rolls Out Overhauled Comments System (Try Them Now On TechCrunch) Over the last few months there have been numerous reports about a new, fully revamped Facebook commenting plugin that would make the social network a viable competitor to the likes of Disqus, Echo, and the stock comment engines found in WordPress and other CMS platforms.

Facebook Rolls Out Overhauled Comments System (Try Them Now On TechCrunch)

Well, the reports were true, and today Facebook is lifting the curtain on its big new comments platform. If you want to get a taste of them, look down — we’re currently testing them on TechCrunch. Now let’s take a look at what makes this interesting. First, you’ll notice that if you’re already logged into Facebook, you won’t have to click though any authentication options. More important, you’ll notice that any comments you write are being left under your real name, which spells bad news for you trolls and spammers.

Whenever you leave a comment on a site that’s using Facebook comments, you’ll see a checkbox asking if you’d like to also post that comment to Facebook. One Big Flaw.