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FUN - Fantasy, de l'Angleterre victorienne au Trône de fer. A propos de ce cours Ce MOOC sera consacré au genre littéraire et médiatique de la fantasy.

FUN - Fantasy, de l'Angleterre victorienne au Trône de fer

Il permettra d'approfondir un goût aujourd'hui largement partagé grâce de nombreuses œuvres à succès (Harry Potter, Le Seigneur des Anneaux, Game of Thrones...). On y présentera l'ampleur et la diversité thématique et historique de la fantasy : influence des mythes, héritage du Moyen Âge, grands auteurs du XIXe au XXIe siècle, romans, films ou jeux visant les enfants, les adolescents ou les adultes.

Les cours seront assurés par une équipe de spécialistes du domaine. Format du cours Ce Mooc est composé de modules correspondant chacun à un cours disponible sous forme de vidéo mais aussi de texte et de bande son, au choix. Public visé Ce cours est destiné au grand public qui désire découvrir le genre (parcours « Hobbit ») comme aux amateurs (parcours « Elfe ») et aux connaisseurs du genre (parcours « Mage »). Excellent #learning path on @SymbalooEDU on #suffragettes. PLURALITY.

Director Dennis Liu Talks About His Impressive Sci-Fi Short, Plurality. In the last few months, if not the last few days, there has been a trend about sci-fi short films with dystopian set-ups involving social media and new technologies.

Director Dennis Liu Talks About His Impressive Sci-Fi Short, Plurality

(see at the end of the article for couple of links) But there is always a but. Passionate and radical media director Dennis Liu emailed me yesterday about his sci-fi short Plurality that had been online for a day, and here is how he pitched it to me : [Plurality] takes place in 2023 NYC, where the WTC1/Freedom Tower houses THE GRID, a city-wide system that tracks all of your movements to reduce crime. The film confronts the issues of privacy and surveillance for the sake of safety. From Penguins to Steampunk… – Speakeasy News. Oamaru, a town in New Zealand, is famous for its historical white stone architecture and Blue Penguin Colony.

From Penguins to Steampunk… – Speakeasy News

But penguins are not the only reason to stay a while in Oamaru. This town is also famous for its Steampunk Festival, its associated Guinness World Record and because it is now considered as the “Steampunk capital of the world”! Oamaru, population 14,000, is situated in the Otago region, in the southern half of the South Island. Oamaru Harbour is famous as the home of a blue penguin colony. But it is also well known for having the best-preserved collection of Victorian architecture in New Zealand. In the late 19th century, the town prospered through goldmining, quarrying and timber milling. Driving along the town’s main street today you’ll pass the usual international outlets: McDonald’s, KFC, etc. What makes a hero? - Matthew Winkler.

The Hero Archetype in Literature, Religion, and Popular Culture: (along with a useful PowerPoint presentation teachers can download at this URL: )Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (users embark on their own hero's journey): American Masters Lesson from PBS for Teachers on George Lucas, the Power of Myth, and the Hero's Journey: an interactive approach to the Hero's Journey: of course, information about Joseph Campbell's works on the subject, on the Joseph Campbell Foundation site:The Hero With A Thousand Faces Hero's Journey (semi-biographical film): the stories of (a) Odin hanging from the world tree, Yggdrasil, (b) the Buddha seated under the Bodhi Tree, and (c) the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

What makes a hero? - Matthew Winkler

Do all of these religious episodes follow the pattern of the hero’s journey? Find a comparable story from another continent. Does it follow the hero’s journey pattern? Challenge the paradigm. Teach English Writing: Videos. Write Story Summaries Writing Skills: idea, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions, organisation Short videos with interesting plots make great prompts for an ESL writing class.

Teach English Writing: Videos

Here are 5 videos which can help students learn English writing skills. Creative writing prompts that you can do in 10 minutes. What can you write in 10 minutes or less?

Creative writing prompts that you can do in 10 minutes

Let’s find out! For a quick creative writing exercise, try one of the 21 writing prompts below, excerpted from Chronicle Books’ 642 Tiny Things to Write About. Each prompt was created by a writing teacher at the San Francisco Writers Grotto to be done in 10 minutes or less. Literary Devices - Literary Terms, Techniques, and Elements. 20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories. By Rob Fee Feb 21, 2014 If you're looking for a horrifying story that will keep you up tonight, don't waste all that time watching a horror movie.

20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories

Reddit has provided us with pages of terrifying horror stories wrapped up in two sentences or less. Here are twenty of our favorite stories guaranteed to make you keep your lights on tonight. 1. Therealhatman I woke up to hear knocking on glass. 2. Conventions of Gothic Literature. How can film help you teach or learn English? What can film and video add to the learning experience?

How can film help you teach or learn English?

Kieran Donaghy, who won the British Council’s Teaching English blog award for his post I want to learn English because…, explains why film is such a good resource, and recommends some useful websites. Language teachers have been using films in their classes for decades, and there are a number of reasons why film is an excellent teaching and learning tool. Learning from films is motivating and enjoyable Motivation is one of the most important factors in determining successful second-language acquisition.

Films and TV shows are an integral part of students’ lives so it makes perfect sense to bring them into the language classroom. Film provides authentic and varied language Another benefit of using film is that it provides a source of authentic and varied language. Film gives a visual context Variety and flexibility Lesson plans Allat C Lessonstream Viral ELT Film English. The Crown.