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A Multi-Protocol Infrared Remote Library for the Arduino. Do you want to control your Arduino with an IR remote?

A Multi-Protocol Infrared Remote Library for the Arduino

Do you want to use your Arduino to control your stereo or other devices? This IR remote library lets you both send and receive IR remote codes in multiple protocols. It supports NEC, Sony SIRC, Philips RC5, Philips RC6, and raw protocols. If you want additional protocols, they are straightforward to add. The library can even be used to record codes from your remote and re-transmit them, as a minimal universal remote. To use the library, download from github and follow the installation instructions in the readme. How to send This infrared remote library consists of two parts: IRsend transmits IR remote packets, while IRrecv receives and decodes an IR message.

#include <IRremote.h> IRsend irsend; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { if ( ! This sketch sends a Sony TV power on/off code whenever a character is sent to the serial port, allowing the Arduino to turn the TV on or off. How to receive Hardware setup. Kipkay Kits. Introduction What is listened to everyday by millions every single day?

Kipkay Kits

Let me give you a hint. It travels at 186,000 miles per second just to get to you!


Compare DHT22, AM2302, AM2320, AM2321, SHT71, HTU21D, Si7021, BME280. I am experimenting the WebGL 3D surface renders on this page and have had problems with very slow page loads in some browsers.

Compare DHT22, AM2302, AM2320, AM2321, SHT71, HTU21D, Si7021, BME280

Introduction. Outils dev. Embedded SSL Library for Applications, Devices, IoT, and the Cloud. Analyseur logique. The Mind of Bill Porter. There are many ways to change an output pin.

The Mind of Bill Porter

The way we know and love is the famous digitalWrite() function. (Spoiler: Want a faster digitalWrite? Download Here!) But even the Arduino Reference claims that it is not the most efficient. The Arduino functions do a lot of error checking to make sure the pin is configured right and has to map Arduino numbering to actual IO ports. I ran some tests to find out. The estimated CPU cycles is calculated from ½ the waveform period measured divided by the period of 16Mhz, since it takes two write operations to complete a full period in a waveform.


Web Server. Pilotage Arduino. Pila's blog. Depuis la fin du mois d'octobre, de nombreux périphériques USB, ont soudainement cessés d'être reconnus par Windows, laissant présager l'imminence de l'annexion de la terre par une race d'Aliens très certainement dotés une technologie très avancé....

Pila's blog

Après une enquête approfondie, la piste des aliens est écartée Même si les aliens sont définitivement hors de cause, l'explication derrière ce phénomène n'est guère plus glorieuse : la société FTDI, qui possède un monopole sur les circuits intégrés d'interface USB / série, a décidé de mettre à jour leurs pilotes, aussi bien sur leur site, que sur Windows Update. Jusque là, quoi de plus normal ? L'horreur, c'est que le nouveau pilote intègre une fonctionnalité cachée (il y a bien une toute petite ligne dans le contrat d'utilisation qui mentionne cette fonction, mais le journal des modifications n'en porte pas trace) qui "brique" systématiquement toute puce FTDI contrefaite, sans autre jugement ni avertissement.

Freelance IT Consultant & Developer. Melbourne Australia. Rinky-Dink Electronics.


Arduino. TutoArduino. Afficheurs (OLED / LCD) Arduino TFT display and font library. This new library is a standalone library that contains the TFT driver as well as the graphics functions and fonts that were in the GFX library.

Arduino TFT display and font library

This library has significant performance improvements when used with an UNO (or ATmega328 based Arduino) and MEGA. Examples are included with the library, including graphics test programs. The example sketch TFT_Rainbow_one shows different ways of using the font support functions. Spiro rainbow pattern generator. Seeed-Studio/Grove_I2C_Color_Sensor. Mise en oeuvre I2C vers LCD carte chinoise sur Arduino. Cela pourrait être simple mais avec une librairie et un schéma faux c’est pas toujours facile avec les chinois.

Mise en oeuvre I2C vers LCD carte chinoise sur Arduino

Je partage mon expérience comme ça vous gagnerez du temps. Making a SD card GPS logger with Arduino and MTK3329 GPS module. QP/C++: About QP/C++ QP™ (Quantum Platform) is a family of lightweight, open source software frameworks for building responsive and modular real-time embedded applications as systems of cooperating, event-driven active objects (actors).

QP/C++: About QP/C++

The QP™ family consists of QP/C, QP/C++, and QP-nano frameworks, which are all strictly quality controlled, superbly documented, and commercially licensable. Lightweight Low Power Arduino Library. We have just release the 1st revision of our low power library for Arduino.

Lightweight Low Power Arduino Library

This is a simple and easy to use library that has the following features: Supports all sleeping mode of ATmega328P: Idle.ADC reduction mode.Power save.Power down.Standby.Extended standby.Selectable sleep duration: 15 ms, 30 ms, 60 ms, 120 ms, 250 ms, 500 ms, 1 s, 2 s, 4 s, 8 s, and forever (wake up using other resources) through on chip 125 kHz Watchdog timer. PowerBoost-500-Basic. De MCHobby Wiki.


MCHobby investi du temps et de l'argent dans la réalisation de traduction et/ou documentation. IntWithHW-PwrSup. Design considerations and solutions for powering your projects This page is new November 1st 2010. As it grows, the way the relevant material is split into categories will have consequences for years to come, and will ensure... or prevent... the page's success. Care, please? Electronics 101. LiPo-Powered Arduino. Let's face it, 9V batteries suck. They don't last long, they're expensive, and did I mention they don't last long?

I work on and run several electric RC cars, and because of this I own a lot of Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries. Nowadays you can get them for pretty decent prices, and if you know how to take care of them (don't ever use them if you don't) they'll last you a long, long time. While your average pile alkaline 9V has a capacity of about 565mAh and costs somewhere around $2, a budget 2S (7.4V) LiPo pack that costs $9 can have a capacity of 1800mAh, with the bonus of 1,000+ charge cycle capability.

CapacitiveSensor. (redirected from Main.CapSense) by Paul Badger Download Download This updated CapacitiveSensor version 05 adds support for Arduino Due and other non-AVR boards. Overview. MySensors - Welcome. DS3231 Function Library. Hardware Hacks: DS3231 Real-Time Clock. I've used the DS1307 Real-Time Clock (RTC) for a few projects in the past, but I'm currently working on several datalogger projects that use both RTC and SD-card. The problem is that the SD card won't survive 5V, and the DS1307 won't work at 3.3V.

Bh1750fvi (GY-302) Light Sensor Module. Tcs3200 arduino. 2602pdf. Électronique en amateur: Arduino.


ESP8266. RTOS - Scheduler. Projets. Processing. TouchOSC and OSCuino. This little tutorial describes how to control an Arduino with TouchOSC. Prerequisites: Hardware: Arduino Board. This was tested with an Arduino Uno, and a Teensy 3Arduino Ethernet Shield. There are several clones of the original shield available in different price ranges. As long as these host a W5100 or W5200 Ethernet chip it should work. The complete Arduino sketch and TouchOSC layout can be downloaded from the GitHub repository.

Lets start with the TouchOSC layout. The first thing that needs to be done is to move the layout from your file explorer to your mobile device. We’ll use the Layout transfer over WiFi, which requires the TouchOSC editor to be installed on your computer. The layout has two pages, one with a simple button and one with a fader. The Button When the button is pressed it will send an OSC message to the Arduino Sketch to turn on the LED on the Arduino board and to print a message in the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor. Arduino-tvout - A composite video output library for AVR/Arduino.

The goal of this project is to create a simple interupt driven library for generating composite video on a single AVR chip. Currently the output is NTSC or PAL at a resolution of 128x96 by default. The library currently works on ATmega168,328,1280,2560,644p,1284p,AT90USB1286 and more can be added by editing one file. Beta1 for version 1.0 is out!!! It has some it changes the hardware connections as well as some of the function calls see the wiki for full details. FabrizioCaldarelli/Commanduino.

Freematics - Vehicle telematics made easy with open-source hardware. Arduino makes electronics easier and we make Arduino projects elegant. Misc. Projects&Random Useless Stuff » Blog Archive » Playing with STC15L204 : memory layout / IAP&EEPROM. Well, the STC15L204 data-sheet is not very clear on some aspects (the device is simple enough to compensate…). I almost totally forgot that this device had a 512 bytes E2PROM… And I also wanted to explore its memory to try to figure where ISP code could be located, thus I made a small program to dump the memory content , first using a code pointer (something like « ptr=(__code unsigned char *)addr; » ) and then using the IAP registers (and to get some output in the IAP section, I have put a write 0×55 at address 0×123).

What could possibly go wrong? Arduino for Beginners. Projects « insideGadgets. Arduino Aquaponics: Real-Time-Clock Part I. AA fundamental necessity of any controls system is the ability to track time. As far as we are aware, the Arduino has three methods it can employ: 1. Serial. Repeatedly get the time over the Serial connection. 2. External Hardware. This tutorial set focuses on option 2. MA STATION METEO ET MA DOMOTIQUE DIY. My Tech Weblog. Lab Guide: Arduino Hardware.

In this document I distinguish between Arduino code and AVR code. Tcs3200 arduino. Electronics. STC: 8051单片机全球第一品牌, 全球最大的8051单片机设计公司. Misc. Projects&Random Useless Stuff » Blog Archive » Playing with STC15L204 : memory layout / IAP&EEPROM. Bitmap converter for mono and color LCD displays. LCD Assistant LCD Assistant is a free tool for converting monochromatic bitmaps to data arrays for easy use with programs for embedded systems with microcontrollers and graphics monochromatic LCD displays like a T6963C, KS0108, SED1335 etc.

Test. Arduino-info - home. When Do I Water My Plants? (Soil Hygrometer Sensor) Tutoriels. Vous trouverez ci dessous la liste des tutoriels que j’ai réalisé dans le cadre de mes projets robotiques ou domotiques. N’hésitez pas à y faire un tour et à poser vos questions. Millions of Prototyping Components Online! Userreference - u8glib - User Reference Manual - Universal Graphics Library for 8 Bit Embedded Systems. Begin. Bitknitting. PCB.