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Issues of the Homeless/Orphans

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CRASH Japan - Love On Japan 2011 - Christian Relief Assistance Support & Hope. Do Animals Grieve? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images I'm on research leave from my college this year in order to write a book that explores one central question: Do non-human animals grieve?

Do Animals Grieve? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture

My answer is yes, they do. It's refreshing to answer a scholarly question without equivocation. Most often, I can't do that. When anthropologists reconstruct how prehistoric peoples lived based on their material artifacts, or theorize about how monkeys and apes think about the world based on their behavior, disclaimers of what we can't know often crowd out solid answers. But from a combination of observation, evolutionary logic, reading the peer-reviewed science literature, and talking to insightful animal people, I'm convinced that animals may feel deep grief when another animal dies.

Right now, for example, I'm under way with a critical assessment of grief in domestic cats. And here my professional and personal lives collide, because my husband and I rescue, care for and spay/neuter homeless cats. BAN Travelling Dolphin Circuses. Name not displayed, Romania Sep 15, 11:33 Name not displayed, ON Sep 14, 21:26 Name not displayed, SD Sep 14, 14:09 Between fishermen slaughtering mass amounts of dolphins & circuses (who only care about performing)..the dolphins are endangered.

BAN Travelling Dolphin Circuses

Ms. Sep 13, 13:30 HELP pleaseeeee! Send a green star Mrs. Sep 13, 11:10 send a green star Mr. Sep 13, 08:01 This is outdated and wants stopping. send a green star Name not displayed, United Kingdom Sep 12, 14:33 Mrs. Sep 12, 12:38 This is appallingly cruel and inhumane. Send a green star Mrs. Sep 12, 12:30 Come on now. Send a green star Mrs. Sep 12, 09:28 We don't need dolphins to entertain us. Send a green star Ms. Sep 12, 05:51 I am pleading with you to please end this abuse and cruelty now. send a green star Mrs. Sep 11, 18:26 More ugly, selfish human behavior. send a green star Ms. Sep 11, 11:07 Unbelievably cruel!... Send a green star Mr. Sep 11, 02:52 send a green star Ms. Sep 10, 19:53 Unimaginable horror for these marine animals. - Razoo. $9,431 133 $8131 Raised 104 Donors Mark Horvath Dear Friends, I need your help to continue telling these stories and reaching out into the streets, under the bridges, park benches, shelters and tent cities -- in two months on the road we have been able to see huge results!

- Razoo

The lives that have been impacted through the Road Trip have ranged far beyond expectation. Many of you have gained a new perspective on the struggle of others, and at the same time our efforts have brought a new hope to people who are in the midst of the struggle with homelessness across America. This important journey cannot continue without YOUR help.

Your $100, or $50 or $25 or anything you can give right now helps us get another story, stay on the road another day, or reach another person... Please give now -- join us on the road trip, be the one helping tell how the story turns out for so many! JustCoz.