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My Perfect Fit

My Perfect Fit started when we got tired of wearing ill fitted outfits, generalised offerings and unmet aspirations. We were unhappy with the unfulfilled expectations of existing custom made brands and non-existence of consultancy and personalised recommendations. We took a challenge to re-design the fashion, clothing and personal styling landscape to set new benchmarks of service and get you what’s best for you. Our focus is not only your fit, style and look, but also the image you project to the world. We help you to elevate your image to make your life more happening and full of success

Formal Casual Look Styling for Men. Formal Casual Look Designer Styles for Men in Hyderabad. Perfect Fit Western Clothing Styles Online for Men in Hyderabad. Accessories That Complement Your Corporate Look. What is the difference between a well-dressed man and a man dressed with sophistication and class?

Accessories That Complement Your Corporate Look

It may be minuscule, but it is all about the accessories! This is where the stylists at My Perfect Fit step in! The stylists at My Perfect Fit will guide you towards having a perfectly modern and formal look. Take your corporate look to the next level and add accessories to your assortment of formal wear. Accessories like ties, pocket squares, shoes, belts, tie clips, tie pins, watches and cuff links bring an enduring appeal to any formal outfit. Shoes: Does your profession oblige you to be on the move unremittingly? Belts: In the corporate world, a flawless white shirt and a seamless black trouser signify perfection, but belts bring these articles of clothing together! Neckties: One can easily pair a charmingly stitched necktie to make them stand out of the crowd!

Watches: When it comes to watches, everyone has their unique choices. Look Beyond the Cliche. Dressing etiquette at the workplace is a quintessential element in imparting the feeling of conviction, poise and power.

Look Beyond the Cliche

My Perfect Fit accords to its clients the feeling of class and confidence by delivering impeccably fitted corporate attires. We address the needs of a roving corporate man by offering an extensive range of corporate wear from Suits, Shirts, Trousers to Blazers. Our core intention is to understand the current needs of the working man while ensuring that the office wear is of supreme comfort and style. Whether you’re a Lawyer, an Investment Banker or in the Corporate Sect, our stylists ensure your needs align with the latest trends. To have a better insight into our offerings, here are a few options! Look beyond the blacks, blues and greys; add Khaki, and dark chocolate Brown to your ensemble of suits! If you want to keep it down a notch at your place of work, our smartly designed shirts and well-fitted chinos will instantly elevate your overall appeal. Looking for an ideal destination for TheGroomGang during weddings?

Marriages hold a special place in our lives and indeed is a memorable moment not just for the bride and groom but for their entire family and friends.

Looking for an ideal destination for TheGroomGang during weddings?

Friends and brothers of the groom play an important role in this entire chapter of the groom's big day! From coordinating with the relatives to making sure the priest reaches the venue on time, from picking up that annoying relative from the station or airport to making sure everyone's accommodation is taken care of, they run the entire show leaving no stone unturned for their brother's or friend's marriage. We know how demanding and challenging your tasks can be and how this leaves very little time to take care of your own needs at this time. Fabrics To Keep Yourself Cool This Summer.

The mercury is rising!

Fabrics To Keep Yourself Cool This Summer

If this March is something to go by, then the forthcoming months promise a scorcher. What should you wear so that even if your days are hot, you remain cool? Thankfully, our team at My Perfect Fit has been working hard to get you the right alternatives for your summer wardrobe. Light Up Your Style With Blazers! The blazer is the perfect addition to any man's wardrobe.

Light Up Your Style With Blazers!

With the right mix of formal and casual appeal, the blazer is a versatile garment that can play a multifaceted role in your looks. Originally never worn outside of a full suit ensemble, the blazer is now the outfit of choice for men looking to create different types of looks by mixing and matching shirts, trousers & shoes with the blazer. Your Guide To The Perfect Wedding Suit. Getting married is one of the biggest events in anyone’s life.

Your Guide To The Perfect Wedding Suit

Not only are you bringing a whole new person into your life, it is a memory that will stay with you forever. The clothes you wear are captured for posterity and form an essential part of this happy day. So the question arises, what should you wear to your wedding? Most weddings in India are split into multiple ceremonies where the groom wears different ethnic attire as well as suits. The Three Essential Types of Men’s Suits - Formal, Casual, Tuxedos.

Men’s suits are a foundational part of our wardrobes.

The Three Essential Types of Men’s Suits - Formal, Casual, Tuxedos

Whether it’s for a business meeting or for a social gathering, suits are essential in taking our appearance up several notches. Here’s a look at the most widely worn types of suits for men. The most widely worn suit is also one of the most stylish. A well fitted blazer, tapered trousers and a complimentary shirt are the expected attire for most formal gatherings. Typically, the blazer will have peaked notches, two pockets with flaps, and a smaller breast pocket on the top left. Because this suit style is the most widely worn, it’s easy to get right and easier to get wrong. Beyond Blue & Black: How To Make 2019 Your Most Fashionable Year Yet. The time to step away from mundane styles is here.

Beyond Blue & Black: How To Make 2019 Your Most Fashionable Year Yet

It's 2019 and your work attire deserves a refresh. If you've been banking on a style that has served you for decades, let this blog be an audit and advice to move you towards a trendier future. Over the years, we've all spent thousands if not at least a couple lakhs on our wardrobes. Branded jeans aren't cheap and if you throw in premium shirts and shoes, then the cost only climbs up. This is the year you analyse how well that money was spent. Once you have organised your wardrobe, you can see where you are overstocked and where you need to stock up. Sadly, not all of us are exactly 6 feet tall with 32 inch waists and the chiseled face of a model. It's easy to purchase the same kind of clothes in slightly updated styles. It goes without fail that while you look to become more stylish, you must not forget the basics.

Style and fashion change with every season. Indian Marriage Suits, Blazers and Coat Pants for Men. A wedding calls for dressing up for the occasion.

Indian Marriage Suits, Blazers and Coat Pants for Men

Whether you are getting hitched or your best friend or even someone in your family is, you would certainly have pictured the ideal way to dress up to make heads turn. Trendy Ethnic Wear for Men and Guys in Hyderabad. Indo Western Styling for Men in Hyderabad. My Perfect Fit has taken an initiative of “Perfect Entrepreneur” to connect entrepreneurs and to be entrepreneurs.

Indo Western Styling for Men in Hyderabad

Perfect Entrepreneur’s first event was held on 17 Dec 2016 at 17:00 hrs at the office of My Perfect Fit, Punjagutta, Hyderabad. It was attended by 21 people with a mix of entrepreneurs, to be entrepreneurs and a few students. The event’s main goals were to help entrepreneurs become perfect entrepreneurs, connect entrepreneurs with future entrepreneurs and a few talks to help the entrepreneurs with some overlooked topics. The event included three talks from professionals on the following topics: 1. 2. 3. The audience was enthusiastic of the topics presented and could relate to the topics. Venue: My Perfect Fit, 603, Riviera Apartments, Punjagutta, Hyderabad – 500082. Formal Suits and Blazers for Men in Hyderabad.

Men's Formal Styling Designs in Hyderabad. Custom made Tuxedos and Suits for Men in Hyderabad. Men's Suits and Blazers Online in Hyderabad.