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APpowerCELL. Wireless Calculators. These calculators are written in Javascript (saves our bandwidth).

Wireless Calculators

Find the calculation you want, and enter the various parameters required then click the 'Calculate' button. If you don't like 'em or think you can improve 'em, the code for the calculators is here. For the equations used in each calculator follow the Calculations and equations used link. Groveling apology 1: The Fresnel calculator said it would default to the mid-point if no obstacle distance was specified and it didn't. More importantly the 60% rule-of-thumb distance was incorrect on the pessimistic side. Groveling apology 2: The Fresnel calculator provides the earth's height at the mid-point. Partial Groveling apology 3: The Fresnel calculator incorrectly computed the 60% obstacle free zone for MSIE browsers. A Wireless System (more or less!) Key: Green is good, Red is bad. Serious Health Warning: It is nothing short of a minor miracle of physics that ANY wireless signal gets to its destination.

Global.energizerpowerpacks. The ultra powerful X18000A Power Bank charges laptops and notebooks.


Use it as a power adapter or charge three devices at the same time. . It can support netbooks, tablets, smartphones and many other devices. Powerful Ultimate capacity battery with 3 output ports for powering smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Safe Charge Temperature and short circuit protection. LED Light Indicator Smart LEDs show battery and charging status. Rechargeable. Battery Packs and Accessories - 802.11n MIMO Site Survey Battery Pack. Description TerraWave's MIMO/802.3af site survey battery pack (Model: TW-SSBP-007) provides 6-8 hours of extension cord free surveying and is designed to power most leading manufacturers' 802.11 a/b/g or 802.11n radio products, including the Cisco 1252 Access Point.

Battery Packs and Accessories - 802.11n MIMO Site Survey Battery Pack

Please note that the battery pack supports 802.3af compliant access points and does not support the legacy Cisco power protocol solutions. This battery pack does not ship to international locations. Every TerraWave battery pack is RoHS compliant. Capacity-Planner — Revolution Wi-Fi. 'How Many APs Do I Need?

Capacity-Planner — Revolution Wi-Fi

'No more guessing based on device countsor rule-of-thumb cell sizing Multiple Approaches, One ToolForecast WLAN capacity based onclient airtime demand, association count, and maximum devices per-radio Quickly Analyze 'What-If' ScenariosDetermine the best design for your network by adjusting AP and client device types, channel width, client mix, and applications on-the-fly Many UsesUse the Capacity Planner for predictive WLAN design, Wi-Fi training and education, RFP proposals, project scoping, and creating a bill of materials (BOM) Iterative Design ApproachUse Capacity Planner in conjunction with RF planning tools in an iterative approach to derive a design that meets both coverage and capacity requirements. Calculatrice des points d'accès. Site Survey Guidelines for WLAN Deployment. Introduction The first step in a wireless LAN (WLAN) deployment is to ensure that desired operation begins with a site survey to assess the Radio Frequency (RF) behavior in a specific environment.

Site Survey Guidelines for WLAN Deployment

Many issues can arise in a wireless network due to poor planning and coverage. It has been discovered that many site surveys are not performed properly or the site survey is omitted altogether. The intended purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for proper planning, preparation, and identification of the key items to check through the analysis of a survey report. Prerequisites Requirements Cisco recommends that you have knowledge of these topics: IEEE 802.11 WirelessWireless LAN Design Components Used This document is not restricted to specific software and hardware versions.

The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. Kit. La règle d'or du survey. Seven-Rules-for-Accurate-Site-Surveys1. Seven Rules for Site Surveys. Seven Rules for Accurate Site Surveys Right-Click Here To Download This Episode This week is on the ‘Seven Rules for Accurate Site Surveys’ – we’ve has some folks request an episode on Wireless Site Surveys… and so here you go.

Seven Rules for Site Surveys

This episode is only this one topic. Please give us feedback if you like this single topic format, of if you’d rather return to the multiple segments, with all the ‘little’ entertaining parts. Looking forward to your feedback – e-mail to The process of gathering appropriate and accurate data during a Site Survey is as simple as following a few easy rules. These rules have been gleaned through hundreds of site surveys and through teaching over hundreds networking professionals how to use Site Survey products. Rule 1 – Calibrate Your Drawing Properly Setting the underlying ‘grid’ is critical. Do not use a doorway as your ‘baseline’ to calibrate from. Rule 2 – Set the Channel Scan to the Correct Frequencies. Tutorial Wireless-Nets. ABCs of Spread Spectrum - A Technology Introduction and Tutorial. Introduction to Spread Spectrum by Randy Roberts, Director of RF/Spread Spectrum Consulting (Retired) Over the last eight or nine years a new commercial marketplace has been emerging.

ABCs of Spread Spectrum - A Technology Introduction and Tutorial

Called spread spectrum, this field covers the art of secure digital communications that is now being exploited for commercial and industrial purposes. In the next several years hardly anyone will escape being involved, in some way, with spread spectrum communications. Applications for commercial spread spectrum range from "wireless" LAN's (computer to computer local area networks), to integrated bar code scanner/palmtop computer/radio modem devices for warehousing, to digital dispatch, to digital cellular telephone communications, to "information society" city/area/state or country wide networks for passing faxes, computer data, email, or multimedia data. The IEEE Spectrum of August, 1990 contained an article entitled Spread Spectrum Goes Commercial, by Donald L.

Caster Tray. INDOOR and OUTDOOR WiFi Surveyor Indoor Kit WiFi Surveyor IndoorShown with POE Battery Pack.

Caster Tray