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Founded by a group of expert and certified astrologers, Shri Astrology Services (Mypandit) was started in 2003 to provide live telephony astrology services as a part of Value added services to telecom operators. To Talk to our Expert Astrologer Download our App today on iOS or Android platforms. iOS PlayStore

Why Most People Are Unsuccessful? Can Astro Remedies Help MyPandit. Finding it hard to become a successful person?

Why Most People Are Unsuccessful? Can Astro Remedies Help MyPandit

Worry not, our best astrologers team is always on their toes to pull you out of a bad situation. Sometimes, we run out of luck despite working hard and find ourselves on the receiving end. But, what’s the reason for falling sort of success? Maybe it’s we who often fail to recognize our own mistakes in a hurry. Remember, Success doesn’t like a shortcut, so we should change our habits of taking shortcut routes. What Are The Habits That Lead To An Unsuccessful Life? Read carefully about your or your partner’s sign to achieve a successful life. Aries Individuals of Aries are stubborn and easily get angry with their pals, so you should avoid being angry. Taurus Just like Aries individuals, Taurus are stubborn and possess strict nature, which you should let go of. Gemini. Mars and Rahu Double Transit - Will it be a double Dhamaka! Good News!

Mars and Rahu Double Transit - Will it be a double Dhamaka!

Mars is moving to Taurus after 7 months now! Ugh, Finally! Mars usually takes almost 2 months more precisely 45 days to travel each zodiac sign, but thanks to the Mars retrograde, it was in Aries for the past 7 months. 2020 I tell you, even Mars was quarantined! Impact of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn Conjunction. After a rare sky show on the 21st of December, where two heavenly spectacles, Jupiter and Saturn huddle closer forming historic Great Conjunction, the celestial events happening in Capricorn sign are unstoppable.

Impact of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn Conjunction

Yaas, Mercury is joining the team on January 5, 2021, which would lead to the triple planetary conjunction of Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn. What a great way to start New Year 2021! The rare alignment of Jupiter-Mercury-Saturn is getting warmed up in the house of Saturn to shake things up. January 2021 Monthly Horoscope Overview: What’s in store for all Zodiac signs. Introduction Are you ready to take upon your ice bucket challenge for January 2021?

January 2021 Monthly Horoscope Overview: What’s in store for all Zodiac signs

The article carries a lot of chills provided the January 2021 horoscope overview predictions of all the 12 zodiac signs. Horoscope 2021: Accurate Yearly Forecasts. Change is the only thing that is constant in life, and that is what helps in maintaining the cycle of the universe.

Horoscope 2021: Accurate Yearly Forecasts

Hence, we see seasons, days, weeks, and months change. Now is the time to witness another significant change: 2020 being the year gone by and the promising 2021 coming with high hopes, promises, and looking as bright as ever. Astrological Transits In January 2021: Know The Timeline of Planetary Events. January 2021 is loading…, and we guess you are ready to enter the new year with fresh vibes, new hope, and energy to add more colours into your life.

Astrological Transits In January 2021: Know The Timeline of Planetary Events

Hey, we see you smiling and buzzing under your mask, but worry not, you ain’t alone. Phew! Importance of Makar Sankranti festival, its history and Rituals. About Sankranti Makar Sankranti is a festival that marks the end of the winter-dark days leading on to spring’s bright long days.

Importance of Makar Sankranti festival, its history and Rituals

Sankranti festival is one of the oldest Hindu festivals and one of a few festivals that are observed as per the Solar cycle rather than the Lunar cycle. Makar Sankranti 2021 Makar Sankranti is a harvest festival that falls in the Lunar month of Magha, corresponding with the month of January. As the festival is celebrated based on the Solar cycle, it falls on the same date 14th or 15th every year. January 2021 Career Horoscope Predictions. CAREERS are the most sensitive subject at the moment with the unusual times leaving many guys unsure about their next salary, hit a pause on promotions and increment, and even left many Brits unemployed.

January 2021 Career Horoscope Predictions

Great Conjunction: Saturn & Jupiter embrace after 800 years. 2020 made us distance ourselves from everyone, and here, Jupiter and Saturn are doing the exact opposite.

Great Conjunction: Saturn & Jupiter embrace after 800 years

This is a bag of goodies for all the star grazers this winter solstice. What’s with all the hype about this Conjunction? In simple words, a ‘conjunction’ is when two or more celestial objects appear close together in the night sky when seen from Earth. When the orbits of two celestial bodies like two mighty planets align with Earth, it’s termed as a “Great Conjunction”.

The conjunction that is happening between Jupiter and Saturn only occurs once every 20 years, which makes this Great Conjunction a rare event. The celestial event is going to be a show-stopping one. Panchang - MyPandit. Today's Panchang or Daily Panchang is your daily update of Hindu Day Calendar or Tithi Calendar, which is based on the position and movement of celestial bodies (Moon and Nakshatra).

Panchang - MyPandit

It is prepared by the adept astrologers with immense knowledge and experience in astrology for the best accuracy. This Panchang contains today's tithi (Hindu Date) as per Hindu Calendar, or as some may call it, the Indian Calendar. However, Online Daily Panchang or Panchangam will not only tell you about today's and tomorrow's tithi correctly, but it will also provide you the most accurate information about Vara (day), current Hindu month, year (Vikram Samvata), moon signs, sun signs, Nakshatra (constellations), yoga (Luni-sonar day), and the time of rising Sun.

Many believe in Panchang and its update before initiating something auspicious. Christmas and Astrology : Significance, history and Horoscope of day. Happy Christmas Day Christmas is synonyms of fun, food, and celebration but beneath all that it also about the sacrifice, God, and goodwill. On this day family and friends get together to enjoy good food and praise the Lord. Baba Ramdev’s Birthday Prediction. Baba Ramdev has been one of the popular figures of India. He was the reason why Yoga which was incepted in India and became mainstream in India reaching each and every household. He has been an example of making it big beyond with hard-work and talent. He has been famous as a yogi and now as an entrepreneur with his business ventures. On 25th December will be celebrating his birthday and below are Ramdev Birthday predictions today. Jupiter Transit 2020: Jupiter in Capricorn Effects on Zodiac Signs. All hail planet Jupiter!

The largest and the biggest benefactor of success, knowledge, prosperity, accomplishment, fortune and spirituality, Jupiter will be making a transit in November 2020. Jupiter will transit from Sagittarius Sign on 20th November 2020 ( 13:23) and will remain there until 6th April 2021 (00:33) in the Capricorn zodiac sign. Jupiter being a prominent planet in Vedic Astrology may put a huge impact on zodiac signs. Let’s see Jupiter’s transit predictions for all the 12 zodiac signs. Astrological Guide on Zodiac Flowers. The earth sign of Taurus is ruled by the beautiful planet of love Venus.

With love bestowed from Venus poppy flowers makes Taurus an intense lover of finer things in life. They have an artistic flair and a knack of putting things together with style. Along with a classy taste that may be alluring they hold the natural ability of refinement. Like the poppy flower, Taurus are resilient and can withstand stormy situations due to their patience and headstrong nature. Gemini ( May 20 – June 20) Planet: MercuryElement: AirFlower: LavenderFlowerSign Catchphrase:“My beautiful expanse will inspire you. Vivah Muhurat 2021: Auspicious Dates To Organize Wedding Ceremony.

Auspicious Marriage Muhurat In 2021. Importance Of Yoni Matching For Marriage In Kundali. Is Kundali matching important for Marriage? A successful marriage is about both the partners getting along with each other and complementing one another in every aspect. However, a couple of meetings does not help understand your partner well. Hence, Kundali matching has always been a part of the deciding factor for marriage prospects since ancient times. Kundali matching has been continued from the old times to modern times because of its accuracy and authenticity. Rana Daggubati’ s Birthday Prediction.

Birthday Predictions for the mighty superstar Rajinikanth. Vivah Panchami 2020 : Panchami Tithi, Significance and Story of Celebration. Sonia Gandhi’s Astrological Birthday Prediction. Sonia Gandhi is an Indian Political leader, and also the chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance (2004– ), a coalition of centre-left parties. Lunar eclipse 2020: Significance and its impact on each Zodiac Sign. Solar Eclipse 2020: Total Solar Eclipse and its Effects. A Solar Eclipse is here to conclude the year of 2020. On 14th December, a Total Solar Eclipse will occur, visible in few South-American countries. In the countries nearby, a partial Solar Eclipse would be seen.

A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun. Since the Moon is closer to the Earth, its diameter can cover the Sun completely, causing a total Solar Eclipse.