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Shop for the finest organic, non GMO formulas, sustainable diapers and chemical free Baby-care items from trusted Brands. Huge inventory, lowest price and flexible membership. Become a club member now and get 15% discount on all items. Shop now!

Filtering Facepiece Respirator with Exhalation Valve Healthcare Mask - – COVID-19 Masks Stocked in the USA. What is the right time to introduce infant cereals - My Organic Company. Holle Organic Baby Formula - Holle Goat Milk Stage 1 - myorganiccompany. HiPP Dutch Stage 3 - NO SOY 900g - Organic Combiotic - Baby Formula - myorganiccompany. Multiple Warehouses across the US = fast & affordable shippingDue to high volume peaks, please allow 12-24 hours for processing fulfillmentFREE USA SHIPPING: (Mo-Fr) 2-6 Days USPS Priority Mail(Mo-Sa) 1-3 Days USPS Priority Express(Mo-Sa) 1-2 Days if ordered before 12 pm (PDT) Fedex Ground(Mo-Fr) 1-6 Days Fedex Overnight (Mo-Fr) 1 Day if ordered before 12 pm (PDT) Please note that the expected delivery date is provided by the Courier, and is subject to change.

HiPP Dutch Stage 3 - NO SOY 900g - Organic Combiotic - Baby Formula - myorganiccompany

**For any delays or questions on orders, please contact the Courier directly as we are only can be held liable to send it with your pre chosen service provider. Also, please allow extra time if ordering during the busy holiday season to account for larger demands on carriers. Please Note: that we are using different shipping operators and aren't responsible for problems caused by the carrier.

**We offer optional special Insurance at checkout for your orders to be safe!! ** Not in the USA? USPSFedexUPS Not in the USA? USPSFedexUPS. My kid just started developing his first set of teeth. What can I do t - myorganiccompany. When feeding my baby, I occasionally have problems with my milk bottle - myorganiccompany. What to consider when choosing infant formula for your baby - myorganiccompany. Apart from breast milk, does my baby need any additional drinks? - myorganiccompany.

CEREALS - HIPP, Holle & Lebenswert Cereals are REAL organic - myorganiccompany. What formula is best for babies suffering with acid reflux? - My Organic Company. Acid reflux is when the contents in the stomach flow back into the infant's esophagus, which results with the infant vomiting or spitting up.

What formula is best for babies suffering with acid reflux? - My Organic Company

Acid reflux is very common among infants, however, there are severe cases of it, symptoms include, excessive crying, tender tummy, infant not gaining weight and gagging while being fed. In common cases of mild acid reflux a few small adjustments can be made to better or resolve the problem. Burping your baby after a meal as often as possible to release gas, as well as the infant sleeping at an incline, avoiding tight diapers and avoiding to bounce the baby shortly after it has been feed.

Formulas for a child struggling with these symptoms are called “anti reflux’ formulas. These formulas are specialized to make sure that no food flows back into the esophagus which will prevent the acid reflux from occurring. Leave a comment Comments will be approved before showing up. Leave a comment Comments will be approved before showing up. Why HIPP organic baby food is the best choice for everyone - My Organic Company.

Should I dilute cow milk before giving it to my kid? - myorganiccompany. Cow milk is of nutritional value as it contains a lot of proteins and vitamins as compared to breast milk.

Should I dilute cow milk before giving it to my kid? - myorganiccompany

Here at MyOrganicCompany, we advise all parents to dilute cow milk before administering to their infants. So why is it essential to dilute cow milk? At a tender age, a baby kidney cannot process the excessive amount of proteins found in cow milk. To avoid burdening infant kidney it best to dilute cow milk with water at the ratio of 1:1, during the initial six months. Also, diluting cow milk helps to avoid chances of development of lactose intolerance After six months, the kidneys have matured and can handle the excessive proteins found in cow milk, so it's no longer necessary to dilute the cow milk. Leave a comment Comments will be approved before showing up. Cow milk is of nutritional value as it contains a lot of proteins and vitamins as compared to breast milk. At a tender age, a baby kidney cannot process the excessive amount of proteins found in cow milk. Leave a comment. How to wean from breast to bottle - My Organic Company. Transitioning from breast to bottle can be a huge worry for most mothers, but it usually only takes most about 2 weeks to accomplish.

How to wean from breast to bottle - My Organic Company

The first step to wean from breast to bottle is to consult with your Pediatrician on a formula that best suits your baby's dietary needs. After purchasing the right formula, find the right time to try introducing the formula while your baby is calm. Third, slowly switch from bottle back to breast and continue nursing for a few minutes, then switch back to the bottle. HiPP Hyper Sensitive Formula - Buy Organic and Quality Products Online - myorganiccompany. Everything you need to know about bottle feeding - My Rrganic Company. Is “Bio” really the best option for my child? - my organic company.

What kind of Baby clothes are the best and most comfortable? - myorganiccompany. Sleeping aids are extremely harmful for your child! Try our organic so - myorganiccompany. Goat Milk Formula - The Healthy Alternative to Cow Milk Formula - myorganiccompany. HiPP, 60 years of ORGANIC - myorganiccompany. Parents all over the world put their trust into HiPP bio baby formula products. 60 years ago Claus HiPP decided to change the family owned farm to a organic farming and since then has made bio baby formulas that include only the best vitamins and minerals for your baby’s diet.

HiPP, 60 years of ORGANIC - myorganiccompany

Claus HiPP number one priority is to be honest about what is inside of each formula, he wanted to make sure that his products were safe and had no hidden ingredients in them. He talked about making sure to use natural resources and making sure the environment is protected for our next generation was very important to him. He is convinced that organic agriculture creates a better environments and helps to avoid animal harm of any kind. Respect for natural resources is also number one priority for Claus HiPP’s son Stefan HiPP, who is also in the organic farming business. HiPP, 60 years of ORGANIC - myorganiccompany. How to stay healthy during pregnancy - myorganiccompany. During pregnancy, future mothers needs to be extremely cautious of what to put in her body as well as the environment she is in.

How to stay healthy during pregnancy - myorganiccompany

A healthy diet that supply mother and child with nutrients, such as important vitamins and minerals, are extremely crucial for a healthy immune system and healthy organ function. Mix it up with plenty of fruits and vegetables! Exercise!! Do not exceed the level of activity you once maintained prior to pregnancy. For example, if you were running marathons prior to pregnancy, you can maintain this until the doctor has you slow down. A pregnancy has good and bad days. How breastfeeding keeps your baby healthy - myorganiccompany. Many studies over the years have shown that children that are breastfeed tend to be way more healthy and have less diseases in later years of their lives compared to children that were not breastfeed.

How breastfeeding keeps your baby healthy - myorganiccompany

It has also been found out that breastfeeding benefits the mother as well due to the antibodies that are found within the mother’s milk that help to immune the body against diseases. Breastfeeding also established an extremely important bond between mother and child, that is crucial to the baby’s well being as well as to feel safe in its mother's arms. If you are unable to breastfeed you your baby is having trouble latching, no need to worry! Stay calm and approach the situation with a relaxed and calm mindset. Worrying and stress will affect the baby’s mood and will only cause more problems.

Is Long-term breastfeeding still a taboo for mother’s?: - myorganiccompany. Every mother knows the struggle of listening to friends or family members throwing their statements of “you should really stop breastfeeding now” or “Isn’t this bad for your child at this point?”.

Is Long-term breastfeeding still a taboo for mother’s?: - myorganiccompany

We’ve heard it all. If a mother and child are both comfortable with breastfeeding and seem to have no problems, then why should she stop? How to naturally promote pregnancy: - myorganiccompany. Sometimes getting pregnant can happen as a surprise when you weren't planning for it, and sometimes it seems like it will never happen.

How to naturally promote pregnancy: - myorganiccompany

For some women getting pregnant can be very frustrating if they have tried for a long period, but there are no signs of luck. It is important to remember that getting pregnant is a very special and uniques thing. Some couples therefor get stressed out when it has not been working out and feel like there is pressure on getting pregnant. There are natural remedies such as Chasteberry tea that can help when you are trying to get pregnant. Chasteberry tea regulates hormones and can help with getting off the pill as well as helping during menstruations complaints. Organic Cow Milk Formula to nourish Babies in the US - myorganiccompany. Introducing cereals to your baby - myorganiccompany. When your baby turns about 6 months a transition starts to happen and solid food starts to become a daily routine in a baby’s diet.

Introducing cereals to your baby - myorganiccompany

This time can be very exciting for both baby and parents because now you can experiment with different flavours rather than just giving bland milk multiple times a day. While it is still important to breastfeed or bottle feed while you are in the introduction phase of solid food, you can now expand your baby’s pallet and see what he or she likes. Cereals are not replacements for breastfeeding or bottle feedings, but they can add some additional nutrients in the diet. Understanding Expiration dates - myorganiccompany. Holle Stage Pre vs Holle Stage 1 - myorganiccompany. Maltodextrin is used as a sweetener: Breastmilk, in comparison to cows milk, contains higher levels of the carbohydrate lactose, which means that formula manufacturers must make up the difference of the carbohydrates according to the Global Standard for the Composition of Formula.

Many manufacturers have done this by adding plant-based sweeteners instead of the natural sweetener of lactose (as it is much cheaper to manufacture plant-based sweeteners). What are these other sweeteners used?? Corn syrup, sugar, or brown rice syrup Technically, maltodextrin falls under this category of plant-based sweeteners as it is derived from corn, rice, or potatoes. In comparison to the corn syrup, sugar, or brown rice syrup, maltodextrin is considered the best of the options. Is Soy Bad for Children? - myorganiccompany.

Reason Two: Phytoestrogens (Plant Estrogens) or Isoflavones Research shows that soy milk and soy formula contain up to 4,500 timesthe level of phytoestrogens found in cow’s milk or breastmilk. Phytoestrogens are potent human endocrine disruptors, binding efficiently to the estrogen receptors found in both females and males. According to calculations made by the Swiss Federal Health Service, soy infant formula provides the hormonal equivalent of three to five birth control pills per day. For boys - This means that the receptors intended for testosterone can be blocked by the soy estrogen. Loyalty Program Guide - myorganiccompany. Trying to use your loyalty points? Not sure the benefits of the loyalty point program? Wondering how you can earn more points? Please refer to this step-by-step guide to answer the above questions and more!

Where are my loyalty points? When you login, your points are in the blue box at the bottom of the page. If you click on the box, it will display all the points you have earned and your account status. Organic, Non GMO Formulas and Chemical Free Baby Care Items.