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NodeSource - Enterprise Node.js Training, Support, Software & Consulting, Worldwide. Node's "event loop" is central to being able to handle high throughput scenarios.

NodeSource - Enterprise Node.js Training, Support, Software & Consulting, Worldwide

It is a magical place filled with unicorns and rainbows, and is the reason Node can essentially be "single threaded" while still allowing an arbitrary number of operations to be handled in the background. This post will shed light on how the event loop operates so you too can enjoy the magic. Event Driven Programming # The first thing needed in order to understand the event loop is an understanding of the event-driven programming paradigm. AllThingsSmitty/must-watch-javascript. Материалы MoscowJS 12 / Блог компании MoscowJS. Substack/browserify-handbook. CSS: The Good Parts. The so-called "nico-style" brought to markdown.

CSS: The Good Parts

Because Style Guide. This style guide is a jab at solving collisions between CSS class names, and issues that ultimately lead to confusion, having to use ! Important rules, copying and pasting style declarations, and other awful aspects of CSS developments. Astonishignly, this style guide won't do anything for you that you're not able to figure out for yourself. That means you won't see the benefits unless you try and follow most of the conventions laid out next.

The recommendations found in this style guide are generally just guidelines and aren't set in stone. Feel free to fork this style guide, or better yet, send Pull Requests this way! Namespaces Components should always be assigned a unique namespace prefix. Consider the following example, where we assigned ddl to a drop down list component. Good .ddl-container { // ... } .ddl-item-list { // ... } .ddl-item { // ... } Bad .uv-clearfix { // ... } .clearfix { // ... } Classes Attributes Tag Names.

Nodebp May 2014: Koa. Realistic terrain in 130 lines. The magic of “overflow: hidden” — Articles — Colin Aarts, freelance web developer. Руководство по basis.js. Часть 1: Начало работы, представления, модули, инструменты. TJ Holowaychuk: How is TJ Holowaychuk so insanely productive. The BMEAN Stack and Offline-First Design. Many of you would know the MEAN stack, the software stack consisting of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.

The BMEAN Stack and Offline-First Design

However, the BMEAN stack might be new to you. The B stands for Breeze, a data management library with support for client caching. Scaling Node.js Applications. Scaling Node.js applications can be a challenge.

Scaling Node.js Applications

JavaScript’s single threaded nature prevents Node from taking advantage of modern multi-core machines. For example, the following code implements a bare bones HTTP server, which listens on the port number passed in from the command line. This code will execute in a single thread, whether it’s run on a single core machine or a 1,000 core machine. Taking Advantage of Multiple Cores. How an Event Loop works. Getting into coding in Node.js came very naturally to me.

How an Event Loop works

Book of Modern frontend tooling. This is a free, work-in-progress open-source book introducing you to the world of tooling for modern web applications.

Book of Modern frontend tooling

Over the past few years, there has been a new wave of highly compelling and immersive web applications. Some of them replacing native applications as they are on par (if not better) in terms of usability and features. To build and maintain such complex applications in a collaborative environment, it is important to use the right tools. Unfortunately, there is no single place which documents available frontend tooling and provides an opinion for a developer.

The goal of this book is to walk developers through the application development lifecycle; help discover new concepts and introduce tooling that simplify building modern web applications. For context, lets look at a modern web application's development lifecycle: Scaffolding: This involves creating an application structure and adding boiler-plate code to get started. JavaScript MVC Style Guide. Over the years I've come up with a few rules for MVC web apps that have served me well and kept large codebases from descending into chaos.

JavaScript MVC Style Guide

While the terminology may differ, these rules should hold true for most client-side MVC frameworks such as Backbone and Ember. «Паттерны для масштабируемых JavaScript-приложений» от Эдди Османи. Top Overlooked Security Threats to Node.js Web Applications. Machine Learning: Introduction to Genetic Algorithms. On September 4, 2012 The Introduction to “Machine Learning in Javascript” post provides a nice introduction and context for this post and the rest of the series.

Machine Learning: Introduction to Genetic Algorithms

I like starting my machine learning classes with genetic algorithms (which we’ll abbreviate “GA” sometimes). Genetic algorithms are probably the least practical of the ML algorithms I cover, but I love starting with them because they’re fascinating and they do a good job of introducing the “cost function” or “error function”, and the idea of local and global optima — concepts both important and common to most other ML algorithms. Genetic algorithms are inspired by nature and evolution, which is seriously cool to me. It’s no surprise, either, that artificial neural networks (“NN”) are also modeled from biology: evolution is the best general-purpose learning algorithm we’ve experienced, and the brain is the best general-purpose problem solver we know. One phrase I used above is profoundly important: “general-purpose”.

The Problem. Failproof AJAX requests in Firefox OS. Making — Promises and Error Handling. We’ve standardized on using promises to manage most of the asynchronous interactions in our JavaScript codebase.

Making — Promises and Error Handling

In addition to really enjoying the extra expressiveness and aggregation possibilities offered by promises, we’re benefitting greatly from richer error handling. Archives/website/2005/program/paper/wed/p301-augsten.pdf.