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Chunk St. Patrick's Day Words (pre-reading game for children) Perfect Pumpkin Muffins. Outer Banks Lighthouses Guide. Bodie Island Lighthouse. Photos The Bodie Island Lighthouse, (pronounced "Body") is located just south of the town of Nags Head and Whalebone Junction, where Highway 158, Highway 64, and NC Highway 12 intersect.

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Visitors travelling towards Hatteras Island can't help but notice the black and white horizontal striped structure, peaking out over a line of dense cedar trees on the soundside. An extensive restoration project has recently been completed, sponsored by the National Park Service, to ensure that future generations will not only be able to visit the Bodie Island Lighthouse, but also continue to climb the 214 steps to the top. The 156' ft. lighthouse still shines a beam 19 miles offshore, making full rotations at 27.5 seconds. History of the Bodie Island Lighthouse In 1837, an expedition commissioned by the US government and led by Lieutenant Napoleon L. After a series of delays, construction finally began on a 54' ft. lighthouse in 1847, but major structural problems soon followed. The Story of the Old Baldy Lighthouse. Old Baldy is the oldest standing lighthouse in North Carolina.

The Story of the Old Baldy Lighthouse

It has maintained its original form and location for over 187 years. The most important purpose of Old Baldy was to mark the Cape Fear River entrance for the maritime sailors. It was never intended as a light for Frying Pan Shoals. Road Trip: North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Stand on the metal walkway that encircles the lantern room of the Cape Hatteras Light, some 165 feet (50 meters) above ground, and you'll sense that this towering sentry, which has been saving lives since 1870, is still vital to today's passing mariners.

Road Trip: North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Looking east, you watch the relentless swells of the Atlantic Ocean paw away at the beach, continuously redrawing the contours of this coast. Panning south, you see Cape Hatteras National Seashore sweeping out toward Cape Hatteras Point, which knifes into the ocean like a giant arrowhead. Even on a calm day you can make out the froth of the treacherous waters just beyond Diamond Shoals, where the northern Labrador Current clashes theatrically with the Gulf Stream.

This lighthouse is among four that dot the main stretch of North Carolina's Outer Banks. All were built during the 1800s and still cast their beacons today—guiding white-knuckled seafarers through famously ornery waters. Overview. Old Baldy Lighthouse - Bald Head Island, NC. Google. Lighthouses of North Carolina. Lighthouses in North Carolina. Lighthouses - The Outer Banks - North Carolina Famous Landmarks - The Outer Banks - North Carolina. History of Oak Island Lighthouse « Oak Island Lighthouse. Lighthouses, Lifesavers, and Soldiers. The first lighthouse on was the Bald Head Light, completed in 1795.

Lighthouses, Lifesavers, and Soldiers

It was on the banks of the river at the island’s southwest point and was quickly threatened by erosion. It was pulled down in 1813 and a new lighthouse was commissioned to replace it. Currituck Beach Lighthouse. Coastal Lighthouses. Seven coastal lighthouses dot our shoreline.

Coastal Lighthouses

Though long ago they protected adventurers from our treacherous coastline, today they draw visitors for some of the most incredible views you’ll ever see. Start your climb today by exploring these historic treasures. Currituck Beach Light Station Beginning on the northern end of the coast in Corolla, you can find the Currituck Beach Light Station which opened and began protecting our shores in 1875. Made of approximately 1 million red bricks, this lighthouse’s exterior differs from the more common black and white color scheme of the south.

The lighthouse is still active, and you can climb its 214 steps from Easter to Thanksgiving each year. Coast Guard Lighthouses. Location: BALD HEAD ISLAND/CAPE FEAR RIVER Station Established: 1789 Year Current Tower(s) First Lit: 1817 Operational?

Coast Guard Lighthouses

NO Automated? NO Deactivated: 1930 Foundation Materials: DRESSED STONE Construction Materials: BRICK Tower Shape: OCTAGONAL Height: 110-feet Markings/Pattern: MOTTLED STUCCO/PLASTER Characteristics: Relationship to Other Structure: SEPARATE Original Lens: 15 LAMPS & REFLECTORS 1851 Foghorn: None Historical Information: On December 14, 1790, the State of North Carolina ceded to the United States 10 acres of land on Cape Fear Island, in response to the invitation held out by the act of August 7, 1789, for the States to make cessions to the Federal Government of "lighthouses, beacons, buoys, and public piers, and lots of land for lighthouses, etc.

" Photographs: Location: 4 MILES NORTH OF OREGON INLET Station Established: 1847; 1859 & 1871 (restored) Year Current Tower(s) First Lit: 1872 Operational? Coast Guard Lighthouses. Lighthouse View Oceanfront Lodging. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Photos.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. NC Lighthouses. Lighthouse project. North Carolina Lighthouses. North Carolina Lighthouses. North Carolina is filled with treacherous coastlines, sounds and rivers that have required lights to warn mariners of shoals and other dangerous objects.

North Carolina Lighthouses

From early settler days until today, this need still exists on parts of the coast. Safe passage through marine highways necessitates guiding lights, channel markers, horns, bells and other types of safety equipment. When North Carolina coastal lights were first invented, they used oils such as whale or coal oil. There is little doubt that even before these measures, people lit fires on the shore to bring sailors safely into port. Extending a little over 300 miles, the coastline of the North Carolina beaches is vast. North Carolina has marshlands abundant in coastal areas where there are large inland bodies of brackish or salt water called "Sounds. " North Carolina beaches are for the most part low and flat, lacking high hills or landmarks. Outer Banks Lighthouse Society. North Carolina Lighthouses. North Carolina Lighthouses. North Carolina Lighthouses - Home. NC Lighthouses.

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NC Lighthouses

Segment originally aired on 4/5/2005. Produced by UNC-TV in partnership with Our State magazine, with generous support from BB&T. Segment originally aired on 4/5/2005. Lighthouse Project - Mrs. Obiedzenski's 4th Grade. Lighthouse Project - Mrs. Obiedzenski's 4th Grade.