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Reading Printables for Ages 6-7. Skip to main content Advertisement Sign in -or- Register Parents | Raising readers & learners.

Reading Printables for Ages 6-7

Home of Parent & Child Magazine. Untitled. Clipart/Images Symbaloo - Wallburg Elementary School. Exploring North Carolina. An Exploration Since its inception in 2005, Exploring North Carolina has been watched with particular excitement by students, teachers and school administrators across the state.

Exploring North Carolina

Each episode in the series — a unique partnership between the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, UNC-TV and Natural World Productions — is a mini-adventure featuring detailed information on the plants, animals, geology and history (natural and social) of North Carolina’s greatest places. Now, thanks to the support of the William R. Kenan Trust, DVDs containing selected episodes of the series are being delivered at no cost to middle and secondary public schools statewide. A dedicated group including teachers, naturalists from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and staff from series creators Natural World Productions, have been working for the past year to segment a dozen ENC episodes into smaller topic-driven chapters.

Enhanced Episodes Season One Season Two Season Three Season Four Season Five Staff. Florida Students. Comprehension Activities. Inference Battleship. Comprehension Student Activities 4-6. Textmapping. Before I begin. . . what a long week it was!


Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been swimming in work and haven't had a moment to post anything. In the past week, I have created and/or significantly revised 48 different literacy center activities, eight activities in six different literacy areas. That means thinking of what I need them to be, then typing them up, putting them in folders, and listing all the extra materials and copies I need to gather in school to complete the centers. Of course, the type A in me also had to search Google for 48 different clip art images to make each one fun. I'm posting today about an instructional technique I used in class this week with great success. Have you tried TEXTMAPPING? Here's some background info from The Textmapping Project explaining exactly what it is: (If you click on the the link above, it will take you to their site, which has a wealth of information.)

Textmapping shines a light on the pre-reading process. Mrs Lodge's Library. Book Buzz Center Objective: Students will write book recommendations for peers.

Mrs Lodge's Library

See More » ABC LEGO Center Objective: Students will put LEGO bricks in ABC order. See More » Animal Report / Pet Research Project ~... by Lisa Lilienthal. Animal Report / Pet Research Project / Informational Writing: With this informative writing research project students will use research skills to learn about a pet's appearance, behavior and care.

Animal Report / Pet Research Project ~... by Lisa Lilienthal

Then they'll create a animal report / pet booklet to share! Included are: ~a list of Common Core Standards covered ~lesson plans ~a list of pet research websites and sources ~informative writing poster in color and black/white ~note-taking pages ~example note pages ~note-taking guiding questions ~bibliography poster ~transitions/linking words poster ~example animal report booklet ~various publishing pages with categories for: All About ___, Table of Contents, What Do They Look Like? , How Do They Behave? , What Do You Feed Them? , How Do You Take Care of Them? Free Classroom Book Publishing. Free Publishing with Studentreasures Have you heard of Studentreasures Publishing?

Free Classroom Book Publishing

Did You Know? Mini-Research Project. I have used these Did You Know?

Did You Know? Mini-Research Project

Facts in my classroom for several years in several different ways. Because I am only teaching literacy this year, I haven't been sharing them on our weekly Science board, but I wanted to incorporate them some way. DK Launches Online Encyclopedia for Kids. Illustrated book publisher DK has launched the beta version of DKfindout!

DK Launches Online Encyclopedia for Kids

, a free online encyclopedia where children ages 7-11, parents, and teachers can look up information in subject areas ranging from science and math to geography. DK will kick off the website with a $100,000 marketing and publicity campaign. “Our goal is to bring children and their parents and teachers together online in a way that supports learning without diminishing curiosity,” says Rachel Kempster, v-p of marketing and publicity. “Our aim is to reach all possible consumers, and in keeping the site free to use, we are able to bring the very best of DK to everyone. " A sample page on volcanoes from the beta version of DKfindout! Interact with Your World! Fun Facts for Kids on Animals, Earth, History and more! Search Resources. The website is undergoing planned updates.

Search Resources

Some features might be inaccessible during this time. Thank you for your patience! The website is not compatible for the version of the browser you are using. Not all the functionality may be available. Please upgrade your browser to the latest version. Let Me Think : Adventures in a School Library. It all began with Scaredy Squirrel, an unofficial mascot here in the library.

Let Me Think : Adventures in a School Library

I'd been wanting to start some inquiry with the primary grades, and decided to begin a unit in which we got to know a lot more about an animal we see every day. We began with a very standard approach. We discussed what students already knew, or though they knew, about these animals. Everyone was able to share in the discussion as we described what squirrels are like, where they live and what they do. Our inquiring minds then produced a great deal of questions they had about squirrels. Smithsonian Science. Explore our Curriculum & Resources. Skip to main content Smithsonian Science Education Center Explore our Curriculum & Resources Type Grade Topic. Lesson Plans.

Highland Park Central - Lessons. Skip to main content. Pet Cremation Urn Ashes Jewelry Urn Jewelry by BlackberryDesigns. 2013 2014 Sunshine State Readers. Link to Schooltube versions of each trailer here.Click On The Book Cover- or scroll below for --- The SSYRA Books are the Book Battle Books in Florida. All 15 books introduced with Frida and Kafka at the 2013 2014 Sunshine State Award Book Ceremony.Past Winners--------------Back to Home- -------- Downloadable PDF on 2013 2014 SSYRA ----- SSYRA AWARD Books Home Page --- MENU HEREBLOG ABOUT THE BOOKS HERE This Wikispace is designed and monitored byMichelle Harclerode, MLIS. Elementary Research Models. Free Online Christmas Games for Kids. Demember Books and Videos - In the MC with Mrs. Nase. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer A Muppet Family Christmas A Muppet Family Christmas, 49:15 Twas the Night Before Christmas Twas the Night Before Christmas.