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Mylescars, India's first Self-Drive service. Choose from more than 38+ car models in 21 cities and rent by the hour, day, week, or month. We will always be near with 250+ pick-up locations.

Self Drive Car Rental Bengaluru at Myles cars. Bengaluru Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore city is literally busy as a bee! This illustrious city has everything that a tourist would want to see! It has a culmination of both; the historic and the modern. From the wafting aroma of hot filter Coffee, to the rich culture of dance and music, to the richly painted city walls; Bangalore imbibes the VIBGYOR of culture, beauty and symbolic interpretations! Famously known as one of the most welcoming cities, Bangalore makes everyone feel at home. There is so much to explore in here that one would be inspired, but never tired!

And this is exactly where your favourite self-drive partner, Myles plays its role. Moreover, Myles has come up with the Smart Km packages for a smarter self-drive. To book a car, all you need to do is browse a range and select the vehicle you like. Car on Rent in Hyderabad at Mylescars. Hyderabad The royal city of Hyderabad depicts a major confluence of the traditional existence and the modern art, the traditions of the past and the priceless present. While planning a vacation to Hyderabad, lose all the ideas of a laid-back vacation out from your head and get ready to be wander from one place to another, with an unending list of tourist attractions - you are bound to have a jam-packed itinerary. Nothing can really beat the varied array of flavors Hyderabad offers to its food lovers. The typical Hyderabadi-Hindi dialect, the laid back attitude of the local people, is what defines Hyderabad as whole. The old and dignified heritage monuments, pearls, the unforgettable Hyderabadi biryani, famous Irani chai is what describes this city of Nawabs.

On one side, place like Shilparamam offers visitors with wide variety of handicrafts and on the other hand, a place like Laad Bazaar has been a popular centre of trade since the era of Nizams! 5 Most Popular Spring Destinations in India. By Myles Cars Mylescars Self Drive Car Rental Spring is a season highly treasured in India as it grants a respite from the extreme climatic conditions that prevail for the entire year. It is the most favorable time to avail car rental services and travel to gain maximum respite from the scorching heat of the summer time or bone chilling cold in winter. Being the season of blossoming flowers and cherished breezes blowing throughout, there is no other season that comes with such blissful sights around every nook and corner of the country.

The pleasurable atmosphere favors travel to the most delightful destinations as the beckoning landscapes are too hard to resist. Let us explore the following destinations to experience the season’s full bloom and plan a retreat to prepare for the summer ahead: Darjeeling, West Bengal The mystic and awe inspiring hill station situated in North West Bengal, Darjeeling is world famous for its quality of aromatic tea plantations. Ooty, Tamil Nadu Uttrakhand. A Trio of Destinations to Celebrate the Ultimate Zeal of Holi. Holi is round the corner and the preparations to mark the occasion with zealous celebrations are underway.

Signifying the triumph of good over evil and arrival of spring, “the festival of colors”, Holi is the first major carnival of the year. Creating a joyous ambience along the way, it drenches all in the splashes of vivid colors that are the delights to be cherished forever. A myriad of activities takes place around every nook and corner of the country and yet there are certain destinations that celebrate the special occasion with an unmatched grandeur of festivity. India is a land of diverse traditions and cultures that culminate to make the perfect ingredients for a supper of harmony. The joy of unity is the greatest gift in life and this Holi, gear along for a unique adventure and embark to one of the below destinations for a totally surreal celebration and experience: § The divine celebrations at Mathura, Uttar Pradesh § The famous Lath Mar Holi of Barsana, Uttar Pradesh. Book Self Drive Car at Mylescars.

By Myles Cars Mylescars Self Drive Car Rental One of the prime factors when buying a car or availing the self drive rental facility is fuel economy. With the sky rocketing fuel prices and pertaining the environmental issues being debated, the demand for highly efficient and economic vehicles has seen a seismic increase over the past couple of years. Every driver desires to save a few bucks and cut out on the fuel budget for driving, but all efforts prove futile as the car keeps squeezing upon your wallet loads.

There are ways to ensure that your vehicle delivers improved fuel efficiency and consumes less. Driving light. The more weight engine has to pull requires more power to be produced. It is a fact that the more weight a car carries, the more fuel it uses. Maintaining optimum tire pressure. Less air volume in the tires creates a bigger contact patch with the road surface. Momentum conservation. This one sounds physics! Keep calm and save fuel. Cut through the air efficiently. Comments. Enjoy Adventure Trip in Bangalore with Mylescars. Why Pay Extra, When You Travelling Limited.

“Extra” is a fascinating word, but only when you are being paid extra! “Paying extra” is a self-created hassle that is unnecessary. In this era, where we own smartphones and have smart attitudes, incurring extra expenses, is not smart. To complement this Smart world, Myles brings you Smart Km packages that not only make you choose wisely but also make you pay smarter. With the Smart (limited km) packages of 120km/day and 240 km/ day respectively, you pay only as much as you travel. We understand how sharp you are and therefore we strive to give the smartest options available to you!

Imagine you are planning a trip to a spot not more than 240 km a day, why not opt for the smart km package (240km/ day package) and optimize your budget. If you are planning a trip for more than one day, you get as many free kms per day. Renting cars for self-drive is a trend that has created its own wide space. A Trio of Romantic Journeys on Valentine’s Day. Many men fear the mention of February 14 as it is a recall of high expenses on the day from years before. Valentine’s Day has turned nothing but mercenary and the monetary demands involved take the delight out of the occasion.

Never let finance get in the way of your romance and ruin what could possibly be the best day of the New Year. To make the day memorable for the entire year and lifetime, it is much more important to not only spend money, but to spend some quality time as well. The self drive car hire makes it entirely possible to have a love filled day while spending little. Driving soothes the mind and provides an uncompromised time of togetherness and privacy. Just imagine yourself tracing through the soothing breeze and absorbing the magnificent visual treats along the way.

Taj Mahal – A magnificent symbol of love Coorg – The Scotland of India Lavasa – A blissful destination These are countless destinations to spend quality time with a special someone. 7 Magnificent Long Drives in India. India is a geographically diverse land that offers scopes for mile less journeys and is an abode of mountains, valleys, vast plains and deserts. There are roads that cut through these landscapes and provide inspiring opportunities for long drives that are a perfect expression of ecstasy on the move.

With a multitude of soulful destinations and awe-inspiring locations, driving on Indian roads is a pleasure that people across continents yearn to get a taste of. Long drives are an inseparable aspect of adventure and the roads that go in agreement with the prideful praises of above have been stated as below: Delhi to Jaipur From the chaos of city rush to the serenity of the vast desert land, the drive from Delhi to Jaipur is a union of diverse cultures and contrasting topography. The 240km journey takes 04 hours and lets one get a taste of the most colorful traditions in the nation.

Srinagar to Leh The beauty of dream landscape and thrill from the adventure are emotions hard to capture in words. Road Trips for an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day. The celebration of love, Valentine’s Day has become too commercial, too capitalist. As there is no standard to follow in love, why should one stay bound to the decade long traditions of chocolates and gifts? The feeling is to be conveyed and expressed in ways that impress, and there are a hundred other means to do that. Doesn’t the idea of an adventure filled romantic road trip with the love of your life ring any bells?

It is the perfect getaway to explore a new way of sharing the feeling and leave the concerns of daily life behind. What is required is a moment of complete privacy, unhindered by the noises of world and an opportunity to be united in ways intangible. Buckle up for the journey of love and avail the car for self drive to re-imagine love at best. Valentine’s Day is a significant occasion for lovers and is a universal recognition of the affectionate bond. A romantic road trip is a golden opportunity to spend some quality time with your sweetheart.

Mumbai to Goa Breathtaking! 6 Reasons Why One Should Prefer Car Rental. Rental cars are gaining significant popularity and the service is being used extensively by travelers. Moving from one location to another was never so easy and cheap before. Driving around a new city with the privacy of an independent car is an option much feasible than any public transport. The freedom of being in control of the journey is a timeless feeling and opens gates to numberless opportunities of adventure and exploration, unhinged. There are endless benefits from self drive car booking and if you are yet to get a taste of those, the following lines will motivate and give rise to desires for seeking the chanceful activity. § Being in control No one likes the thought of having a schedule to follow while on a vacation. . § Car rental: An economical option Not only a car rental is a less expensive option than buying your own car, it saves serious bucks and lets you reach the destination hassle free.

. § Comfort § Long term affordability § Diverse vehicle options on offer. Tips for Wet Weather Driving. Rain brings about romantic thoughts in mind but forget not, it is a serious cause of major road accidents worldwide. Driving in rain can be dangerous and risky. Any carelessness in wet weather driving can lead to painful outcomes. Wet pavements and road surfaces contribute to a million crashes globally each year. Driving in severe weather conditions demands undivided attention from the driver to prevent potential dangers that come on the way. A driver is required to adapt continuously as per the conditions and nature of the surface. Always keep both hands on the steering wheel to stay in control.Maintain a lower speed as this will give the tyres more grip and traction.Maintain a safe distance from other drivers.Have good vigil of the surroundings and other cars on the road.Only brake when having zero steering input. Driving in the rain can be scary and it’s important to take wet weather seriously when on the road.

Top 5 Tips for Fuel Efficient Driving. Adventure Destinations and Youthful Opportunities in India. The country of diversity, India offers unlimited opportunities of adventure. Known as the “Land of mystery and diversity”, there is more to India than just colours and festivals. The vast resources of must-see destinations pave way for an exhilarating adventure and grant an insight into the naked soul of the planet. In an attempt to dig deep into the adrenaline fuelled activities on offer, the following extracts are an abundant catalogue of youthful activities on offer: They say travel is the best education.

Embark on the journey of a lifetime and take on the 400 km road trip which offers breathtaking visuals on the way. A road trip to Ladakh is the stuff of dreams. The majestic and vastly diverse landscapes, mind numbing tarmac and the towering miles of the sumptuous mountains will be the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable road trip. There is no better place for glacier hiking than Uttarakhand. As inspiring Goa is above surface, it is wonderful below as well. Like this: Car Rental Service in Pune with Myles cars. Pune Explore the best of getaways and attractions, when you are in Pune! Being the city with the biggest crowd of youngsters, Pune combines the bling of party places with the serenity of scenic beauty.

Any visit to Pune is incomplete without going to the Shaniwar Wada palace. Not to mention, the St. Mary’s Church that provides a safe haven for thousands of Christians. And this is exactly where your favourite self-drive partner, Myles plays its role. Moreover, Myles has come up with the Smart Km packages for a smarter self-drive. To book a car, all you need to do is browse a range and select the vehicle you like. Top 5 Adventure Destinations in Bangalore. Get Car Rental Services at Myles Cars. You can easily get Self Drive Car Rental India with Mylescars. Car Problem Symptoms and Guided Diagnosis. The Basics of Traffic Safety. Go Desert Surfing With the Drive from Jaisalmer to Bikaner. Have you ever been on a road that made you forget the rest of the world? Was any road trip a perfect example of freedom and passion? The search for the motoring nirvana ends now as the perfect getaway location to ease the daily hassles and get you in tune with the best of yourself has been decoded.

It is the drive from Jaisalmer to Bikaner. The 330 km road trip takes you through the most unpredictable and challenging landscapes as the desert is constantly moving. What was a road a minute ago would be a sand dune after. The ever changing topography excites one to the fullest and the drive experience is sure one to cherish forever.

The drive would be a perfect getaway for the season as the northern Indian states are shivering with cold and it would offer a much needed respite from the harshness of the climate. The vastness and the near horizon limit of the road beckons you to floor the pedal and blast past the sandy structures. About the Drive - To and from locations - Yamuna Expressway: Every Petrol head’s Dream Road. The wideness and the vast stretch of the Yamuna Expressway is a treat to drive on. The pristine stretch of tarmac that extends from Greater Noida to Agra is the longest access-controlled six lane rigid road in India. The surface quality and magnificent views make for an unforgettable driving experience.

The drive time from Delhi to Agra has been considerably reduced and the overall thrill is improved. The 165km tollway opened to public on 2012 and since then has been a favorite destination for speed junkies and enthusiasts. The drive to Agra bestows with the greatest visual treats as the sight of the magnificent Taj Mahal is a breathtaking experience and one to cherish forever. The high speed nature of the Yamuna Expressway makes it vulnerable to accidents and has a bad record of such incidents. Like for all drives, it is of utmost important to check for the vehicle condition before commencing the drive. The Best Guide for Winter Driving. Rules for Being a Better Driver. Clever Driving: Better Than Fast Driving.

Destinations to Delight on Christmas Day. Rent a Car and Drive it Yourself. How to Beat the Winter Chill with a Trip to the “Rann Of Kutch” The Beautiful Chaos of City Driving. Perks of Being a Daily Traveler by Myles Cars. Roads to Remember: The Drive to Lonavala. The Thrill of Driving. Warming Up the Cars for You to Drive. 7 Ways to Have the Perfect Road Trip! Book Rental Cars in Hyderabad with Mylescars. Book Self Drive Cars only Mylescars. Rent a Car and Drive it Yourself. Book Self Drive Car on Rent at Mylescars. You Can Easily Book Car on Rent - Mylescars. Hire Self Driving Car and Go to Trip. Car on Rent for Long Drive - Mylescars. Car on Rent in Hyderabad With Mylescars. Make the Roads your Destination: A New Way to Celebrate Festivals - Myles Cars. Book Self Driving Car with Mylescars. Book Online Car for Self Drive with Mylescars. Self Drive Car Rental Service in India with Mylescars. Rent a Car Delhi on this Festive Season with Mylescars.

Easily Book Car on Rent in Delhi with Mylescars. Drive to Your Favorite Holiday Destination This Festive Season. Take Your Family around the City in a Luxurious Car: Luxury Cars for Renting. Car for Rent in Pune with Mylescars. Luxury Cars on Rent in Pune - Mylescars. Booking a Car Wasn’t This Simpler: A Festive Season Gift. Set Out To Enjoy This Festive Season with Our Best Car Rental Services. Make the Roads your Destination: A New Way to Celebrate Festivals. Enjoy Mysore Dusshera With Family In A Rented Car In Bangalore. Enjoy Mysore Dusshera With Family In A Rented Car In Bangalore. Hit the Roads This Diwali with Our Budget Rental Car Services. Cheap Car Rental Service in India - Mylescars. Easily Cab Booking Hyderabad - Mylescars.

You Have to Get Leh’d This Year!! Easily Book Car on Rent in Mumbai with Mylescars. 7 Simple Tips to Increase the Mileage Of Your Car. Car Rental Service in Pune with Mylescars. You Can Hire Budget Car Rental - Mylescars. Hire Car on Rent in Mumbai with Mylescars. Cars for Rental: Rent a Car Now.

Car on Hire in Mumbai with Mylescars. Easily Car on Rent Mumbai - Mylescars. Car Rental in Banglore at Best India Prices - Mylescars. Self Drive Cars in Bangalore - Mylescars. You Can Easily Car Hire with Mylescars. Car for Rent in India - Mylescars. Online Cab Booking In Hyderabad with Mylescars. Drive Around The Nation To See True Colours Of India. You can Online Cab Booking Hyderabad with Mylescars. Rent A Car: Break The Myths Of A Planned Road Trip. Hitting The Ultra-Smooth Rajasthan Roads With Ultra Cheap Rented Cars. Take That Trip off Your Bucket List. A Drive to the Mountains: Unlocking Happiness.

Mylescars Best Car Rental Website in India. Hire Best Cab Service in Hyderabad - Mylescars. Hire Cheap Car Rental with Mylescars. Car Hire in India within Your Budget. Self Drive Car Booking with Mylescars. Hire Budget Rental Car in 21 Cities in India. Explore Self Drive Car Rental Provider Company. Budget Friendly Car Rental Service in India. Easy Car Booking Only on Mylescars. Make Easy Your Trip with Budget Rental Car. 5 Points to Keep in Mind before Renting a Car! 7 Ways to Have the Perfect Road Trip! Book Car on Rent with Mylescars. Choose 38 Cars Models for Self Drive Car Hire. Choose Budget Rental Car - Mylescars. Book Cheap Car Rental - Mylescars. How to Book Myles Self-Drive Car Rental in 6 Easy Steps.

9 Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Car In The Summer. Enjoy Your Trip with Affordable Car Services. Book Self Drive Cars only Mylescars.