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Sylvia Plath essay. Leaving Cert English Prescribed Poetry - Aoife's Notes. Hopkins - Inversnaid - Notes Bishop - 'First Death in Nova Scotia', 'The Fish', 'The Prodigal', 'The Filling Station'.

Leaving Cert English Prescribed Poetry - Aoife's Notes

Bishop - In The Waiting Room Bishop - In the Waiting Room -Highlighted Quotes Bishop - Questions of Travel Bishop - Themes Boland - Love - PDF of Slideshow Boland - Love - Slideshow Boland - Sample Answer 2001 Boland - The Famine Road Boland - The War Horse Boland - This Moment, Child of Our Time, Love Christmas Test 2010 - Sample Answers Donne - Approaching 2008 LC Question Donne - The Sun Rising Donne - Thou hast made me Durcan - Father’s Day. Past exam questions on Bishop. One Art by Elizabeth Bishop. Sestina by Elizabeth Bishop. "The Armadillo" by Elizabeth Bishop (read by Tom O'Bedlam) The Filling Station. The Fish - Elizabeth Bishop (with Claude Monet) Elizabeth Bishop points for essays.doc. Elizabeth Bishop introduction.docx. William Boyd on Elizabeth Bishop in Brazil. Apartamento 1011, 5 Rua Antonio Vieira, Leme, Rio de Janeiro – this was Elizabeth Bishop's first address in Brazil.

William Boyd on Elizabeth Bishop in Brazil

A few weeks ago I stood on the wavy black and white mosaic sidewalk of Copacabana beach gazing up at the 1940s building opposite. Eleventh floor, penthouse corner apartment. I tried to imagine Bishop looking out over the view. Not that much has changed here in Leme (apart from the odd skyscraper) – most of the apartment blocks fronting the ocean are from the 40s and 50s. Bishop's building is at the eastern end of the beach. Bishop came to Brazil in 1951. Carlota Costallat de Macedo Soares was a year older than Bishop. Drink was Bishop's secret problem. Elizabeth Bishop's status as one of the greatest American poets of the 20th century is based on the smallest of oeuvres.

Flamengo Park in Rio de Janeiro used to be a landfill. Happiness came to Bishop in Brazil – or she found happiness in her strange new life with Lota. Influence. Nobody should judge by appearances. An overview of Elizabeth Bishop.docx. Leaving Cert Notes and Sample Answers: Elizabeth Bishop for Leaving Cert. Elizabeth Bishop's poetry is deceptively straightforward and you will have to really try in order to stand out.

Leaving Cert Notes and Sample Answers: Elizabeth Bishop for Leaving Cert

So here is some material. Elizabeth Bishop, just like Sylvia Plath, has an interesting biography that you can use to pepper your essay and make it stand out. She lost her father as an infant and her mother became mentally ill. Elizabeth never saw her past the age of five. She lived with her maternal grandparents, but the paternal side insisted on giving her a more priveledged upbringing. You could argue that Bishop was traumatised by the events of her youth and that she never really knew her parents. You may add that the only published 77 poems over 3 decades (to give you some idea what this means - Emily Dickinson wrote about 1700 poems).

Note how Bishop writes about experiences(I caught a tremendous fish) rather than emotion from first principles. You might also like: Poetry podcasts. Poetry video and audio. One of the best ways to revise poetry (and of course to approach it in the first place) is by hearing the poet - or just a good reader - reading it out to you.

Poetry video and audio

So here is a list of poems by authors on the Leaving Certificate course for examination in 2014 (we'll add other poets for next year's course) you can listen to and/or watch. If no reader is mentioned, it is the poet him/herself. Another audio tip:Use your phone to record your own reading of the poem. No-one likes listening to their own voice, but do, and improve your version; this is a very good way to understand the poem, especially its rhythm and sound patterns, and will also help you learn it off by heart.This post will be refreshed every now and then with more helpful audio, including material about the poets.Elizabeth Bishop Emily DickinsonAn audio guide from The Big Read, with readings by Mary Jo SalterSeamus HeaneyThomas KinsellaAt the Gate Theatre Philip LarkinDerek MahonSylvia PlathW.B.

Plath - Free Leaving Cert Notes.