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Vinyl Windows & Doors Manufacturer in Ontario. North Star Casement Windows - Window & Door Centre Inc. North Star windows and doors have been designed and built to withstand extreme weather conditions – not to mention looking attractive and saving energy while doing it.

North Star Casement Windows - Window & Door Centre Inc.

Performance testing by impartial, independent agencies has shown our products meet and exceed industry-accepted standards of excellence when it comes to all-important measures such as insulating value and security. Casement Windows Ontario. Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Entrance doors in Ontario. Entrance Doors Anatomy of an Insulated Steel or Fibreglass Entry System.

Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Entrance doors in Ontario

New Sunroom Addition at London Ontario. Many homeowners dream about expanding their homes with a beautiful new sunroom addition.

New Sunroom Addition at London Ontario

As real estate prices spiral upward, investing in your home with a sunroom addition is an excellent way to improve your home's value, add extra living space and eliminate the need to move. If you are considering expanding your home, an addition is an inexpensive and appealing solution. A three or four season sunroom is a marvelous way to accomodate a growing family. Industry terminology can be quite confusing; the terms: solarium, conservatory, patio room, three season four season and all season room are all used to describe a structural addition.

These new structures create a beautiful addition to any home creating a new, bright, sun filled area for the whole family to enjoy; bring the outside in -- all year round. Several pre-fabricated systems are available plus of course the traditional frame construction method. Leaf Guard System At The Window & Door Centre Inc. Siding For Houses At The Window & Door Centre Inc. New siding will give your house a clean, fresh look that's virtually maintenance-free and will increase the value of your home .

Siding For Houses At The Window & Door Centre Inc.

It delivers the warm, quality appearance of wood without the costly, time-consuming maintenance and repairs. Vinyl won’t split, peel or rot and because its color goes clear through the panel, it never needs to be scraped, stained or painted. Maintaining the eaves of your home is a difficult but necessary task. Our heavy gauge Soffit provides your home with a beautiful finished look whilst providing necessary ventilation to remove excess heat and humidity from the attic and eaves. Before installation, a calculation is made to determine if the roof cavity is vented to present day O.B.C. standards, if not, extra ventilation is provided in the Soffit before the new panels are installed. Heavy gauge aluminum is used to cover the wood Fascia installed by the builder.

Many colours are available to match or compliment the Eavestrough and Soffit. Door Mats At The Window & Door Centre Inc. The HeatTrak® Door Mat is an electrically heated mat designed to prevent snow and ice accumulation around front, side or rear doors.

Door Mats At The Window & Door Centre Inc.

The mat plugs directly into a properly grounded outdoor GFCI receptacle generating heat to melt snow at a rate of 2" per hour. The HeatTrak® mat has a ribbed carpet surface and looks like a regular Door Mat. You can leave the HeatTrak® Door Mat out for the entire winter season. Available in one size as shown below: *See the chapter “Economical” in the Product Overview section for more details on the operating costs. Entrance Doors At Window & Door Center. Best Window Options At Window & Door Center. The classic look of the double-hung window is available in the North Star vertical slider - with the added comfort of greater security, lower maintenance and higher energy efficiency.

Best Window Options At Window & Door Center

The versatile single or double horizontal slider (shown) is the style of choice for many wide openings. Best Featured Patio Doors. The 'e' stands for emissivity.

Best Featured Patio Doors

Two thirds of the total heat loss in a standard patio doors occurs because the warm inner pane readily emits heat to the cooler outside pane. North Star builds improved energy efficiency into every patio door it makes by using only specially treated Low-e glass to disrupt this loss of heat in the winter . . . and the heat gain that occurs in the summer.

North Star's Low-e glass is not a tint or a reflective coating, which often reduces the amount of visible light in a house. Our specially applied product keeps heat where it belongs, while ensuring your home remains bright. In addition, double strength tempered glass ensures your door is always as safe as it is beautiful. North Star patio doors use Edgetech Premium Super Spacer® between glass panes to resist condensation, reduce noise and boost insulation values by as much as 30 per cent. House Windows Replacement London. Toppest Window Installation services. The glass in all North Star windows is glass double strength or better as a standard feature, and meets or exceeds industry standards.

Toppest Window Installation services

Glass is also available in a variety of attractive and practical options. Triple-Glazing North Star’s optional triple-glazed windows offer incredible energy efficiency. Triple-glazed windows utilize three panes of glass to dramatically reduce condensation and thermal transfer while insulating as much as 60% better than double-glazed windows.

Argon Gas By replacing the air between the panes of a window with Argon gas – which is an inert, slow-moving gas – thermal performance is improved. Argon gas helps prevent convective heat loss (cold air moving through the window) as well as conductive heat loss (cold air being radiated from the window) to improve energy efficiency. Krypton Gas Krypton gas is an inert, slow-moving gas that replaces air between window panes to improve thermal performance. Steel Doors London at Window and Door Centre. Best Quality Enterance Doors. Various Winows Options At Window & Door Centre Inc. Are you looking to replace your window style.