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Delhi's Lutyens Zone Advertising through Small Digital Screens | Myhoardings. Digital Out-of-home advertising (DOOH) has been very impactful in metro cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata. The Delhi’s Lutyens Zone Advertising medium has gained popularity for its dynamic approach. Brands tend to implement digital screens at prime locations of the city to gain maximum audience attention.

Lutyens zone in Delhi is one such location that advertisers find highly lucrative for spreading the brand’s message. Digital hoardings, banners, and screens try to fetch the consumer’s attention through lively visuals, bright colors, and crisp content. With internet-enabled digital screens, the brands can monitor the screens remotely. Named after the architect of Delhi, Sir Edwin Lutyens, the Lutyens Zone covers important buildings and routes that connect Delhi to various parts of the city.

Lutyens Zone covers: Rashtrapati BhawanConnaught PalaceChanakya PuriIndia GateDelhi High CourtJaipur HouseParliament House ‘Impact’ creating zones: ‘Frequency’ Zones: Influencer Marketing | How to book various category Influencers in India? As per the traditional definition, an influencer is a person who has the power to touch the lives of thousands or even millions of people. Back in the day when social media was not a thing, TV, sports, and movie personalities were considered influencers.

This was the reason why they were featured in advertisements for brands, it is said to be Influencer Marketing. However, the last decade picked up the trend of social media influencers. MyHoardings is the trendy media ad agency to promote your business on social media with influencers. Top Social media influencer in India Who are influencers? Social media influencers are the people who are popular on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Why engage in Influencer Marketing? People always bank on word-of-mouth recommendations for their purchases. Sponsoring social media influencers results in a win-win situation for both. Top 5 Social Media Network in India. Taxi Top DOOH Ad | Car Top Digital screen Ads - MyHoardings. The DOOH media has taken the advertising industry by storm. Adding the digital aspect of OOH media has made advertising spaces a hundred times more flexible. It is suited to both the viewers’ and brands’ needs as unlike OOH, a single DOOH space can run broadcasts of several brands periodically.

As a result, the traditional OOH spaces are now increasingly being replaced by DOOH screens. One can now easily spot DOOH screens in malls, airports, traffic signals, railway stations, IT Parks, etc. Because of its interactive nature, DOOH is the newest medium of advertisement in public places. Other than the above places, DOOH has also found a space atop taxis. As DOOH advertising is interactive and powered by digital channels, it also promises a greater conversion rate.

Greater Outreach – You can take your brand name to the entire city as well as the corners and suburbs of the city. Additionally, taxi top ads are easy to set up and manage with low maintenance costs. Truecaller App Advertising | Truecaller Branding with MyHoardings. Mobile Caller Tune Advertising | DOOH Media Ad Agency - MyHoardings.

A new Mobile Caller Tune Advertising product has been launched as a new & innovative mobile advertisement solution – which helps brands deliver undivided, focused ads to the intended target group. Myhordings is the leading ad agency in India providing an advertisement to all companies and clients. In a nutshell, imagine calling a friend, and instead of hearing the regular Tring / Tring or Song while you wait for him to answer, we have the opportunity to play a brand jingle – which will create a viral effect for the brand. Mobile Caller Tune Advertising can outreach your brand value to some extent. Our Mobile & Caller Tune Advertising Solution via Ring back tones ( Hello Tunes, Caller Tunes, Dialer Tones Has the ability to serve Ads to ONLY the Intended Target group ( Age Wise, Gender Wise, Location Wise and other basic custom user targeting options )This 25-sec Ad jingle played to the user based on the profile.It’s completely non-intrusive & value for money.

HPCL Petrol Pumps Advertising | Ad options for Petrol Pumps. Advertising at HPCL Petrol Pumps is a unique way for businesses to reach out to potential customers in order to promote their services. Advertising at HPCL Petrol Pump is an effective way to get your business in front of a very large demographic because it has a captive audience. Myhoardings is the leading ad agency in India to provide all advertising services. Unlike other advertising, the advertising at HPCL Petrol Pumps not only offers high visibility but also allows you to get your brand in front of buyers who have time to read and absorb the advertising during the average 4 to 7 minutes of time spent at fuel stations.

Effective use of advertising at HPCL Pumps help to recognize your brand quickly with convenience. Ad options available at HPCL fuel stations – Petrol pump hoardings.Check and Fill Pillar.Dispenser branding. DOOH Ad Options in Delhi. The trend of digitization has taken the country by storm. This has been furthered by the dependence on the digital mediums for our daily functioning during the COVID times. This DOOH Ad Options in Delhi has given a strong signal to the advertisers. As normalcy is restoring gradually in our lives, the OOH platforms are making a comeback.

However, this time the preference of the OOH platforms has changed a bit. digital screen advertising has been on the rise in the current scenario. Advertisers are mostly interested in opting for DOOH. DOOH (Digital Out of Home) Advertising has changed the way people consume media and advertising. DOOH has seen a rise in digital advertising properties over the last few years. If put to use in the right way, the benefits of DOOH branding are innumerable.

Digital Smart Screens are weather-proof. So, take advantage of the new technologies and invest in an innovative outdoor campaign post-COVID to relaunch your brand in the consumer market. Lift Advertising in Pune. Have you been wondering where to invest your money in advertising your brand? Are you interested in reaching out to urban consumers in western India? Pune might be a good place to start your branding journey from. The city is the eighth-most populated city in India and the second largest in Maharashtra. Therefore, advertising in Pune, besides Mumbai, is a crucial addition in the to-do list of advertisers to advertise their brand. One effective way to catch the attention of consumers every day is lift advertising. In lift advertising, printed acrylic sheets of the advertisements are put up inside the lifts in the Pune apartments. Furthermore, it is proven that lift advertising produces more recall value because of its daunting influence.

So, capitalize on the advertising medium today and make your brand more visible in the market by indulging in lift branding in Pune. Advertising on Bangalore Railway Platforms. Brand promotion in Bengaluru Railway Stations – Wondering where to start making your brand a household name in the southern part of the country? Why don’t you start from one of the busiest cities in the country, Bangalore? That is to say, advertising on the most visited places in the city would guarantee you definite viewership. Bangalore is one of the cities in the country which is a commercial hub. Therefore, planning an ambitious and well-planned advertising campaign is sure to garner good attention to your brand. If you are willing to diversify your advertising portfolio in the city, you should consider advertising on Bangalore Railway Platforms.

The major railway stations in Bangalore like Yeswantpur Station (YPR), KSR Bengaluru City Railway Station (SBC), Bengaluru Cantt. Advantages of Railway Platforms Advertising Advertising in Bangalore: There are several advantages of branding on the railway platforms of Bangalore. How can you advertise your brand on Bangalore railway platforms?

Display advertising-Unipoles at Moti Dungri Road Jaipur. Unipoles at Tonk Road Ambedkar Circle, facing Rambagh Circle. Hoardings Unipoles at Shipra Path| Jaipur Outdoor Publicity. Unipoles at Banipark Panipach|Jaipur Outdoor Media. Airport Road Unipole Advertising Agency Hyderabad. Digital billboard advertising | Digital OOH advertising | Indian Ads. Digital Advertising Trends: Significance in respect of the small business 21st century has seen a huge advancement in the digital world. Advertising through digital platforms is the thing that is trending in the advertising world. This is indeed very important for Small business. Let’s see how: Mobile –The percentage of people not using mobile would be very less compared to the ones who use it nowadays.

Almost every other person has this small magical device in the hands. Advertising through the mobile is one of the largest forms of media to reach out to the maximum number of customers.Native –Spending on native advertising reached around $7.9 billion in 2016 as per the Business Insider reports. Video –Videos are the next big thing in terms of ooh advertising. Are you missing OOH Advertising Tenders?? | Media planning in India. Are you in Outdoor advertisement industry and really missing OOH advertising tenders??

Are you serious ? Business in the form of, applying for outdoor advertising tenders and the best will get the deal, is being one of the most practiced forms in Outdoor Advertising through hoardings in India. So, till date if you’re ignoring this form of Lead generation, wake up from slumber and gear for increased business opportunities. We at MyHoardings , provide complete information regarding OOH industry related tenders and end-to-end facilitation services at your doorstep. We provide below mentioned services- Tender information (State wise and PAN India, based on your requirements)Company eligibility test for particular company (Only those tenders will be forwarded to you which are relevant)Complete help in applying for the tender and related formalities around.Track proper execution of outdoor advertising campaign as per rules and regulations.

OOH Advertising National Highways | OOH Hoardings. Indian national highways are one of the worlds largest network of roads connecting 1000’s of Indian cities in cluster format and covers more than 65,000 km’s of roads throughout India. Why OOH advertising on National Highways? You might have seen various advertisements while driving on national highways in your car or travelling in bus. Most of the advertisers find it difficult to avoid OOH advertising on Indian National Highways due to number of people plying on them and below mentioned reasons.

High reach among highway travelers. Economical as compared to OOH advertising hoardings in Indian cities. Wall paint advertisement. Wall advertisement, which is most primitive form of outdoor advertising in Indian Villages and small towns, can be used extensively on Indian National highways and at very low rates is most hit in recent past. MyHoardings – India’s largest OOH Hoarding portal. Brand promotion for Shree Cement's ROOFON Concrete Master in Jaipur. Low floor buses are popular public transport medium in Jaipur. Same has been put to use by brands to promote their products and new services in Jaipur. India’s leading cement brand, Shree Cement has been promoting “ROOFON Concrete Master” all across Rajasthan utilizing these low floor buses. Transit media has always been among top choices of brands like Shree Cement when it comes to promoting their product. The low cost and highly effective ad medium guarantee high brand retention value as usually these bus advertising campaigns are planned for longer durations ranging from 6 months to a year.

Continuous exposure of a brand for such duration makes a long-lasting impression and help company dealers bank on the awareness created by such transit media campaigns. (Jugnoo Media Private Limited) who are India’s leading transit media experts, planned and executed this campaign for Shree Cement utilizing low floor buses on various routes in Jaipur. Aster Lab ties with MyHoardings for DOOH Media at BMTC bus stations in Bengaluru. Digital OOH Ad campaign at BMTC bus stations in Bengaluru by Aster Lab – The latest DOOH advertising medium in the form of “High-Definition Digital Vertical Display Screens” has caught immense response from commuters which is present on the Public Information Systems of Expected Time Arrival (ETA) of Buses in Bengaluru.

BMTC is the lifeline of Bangalore city’s transportation system have 9 different BMTC bus transit offerings in place like AC Volvo, Non-AC BMTC buses and other options to ensure last mile connectivity within city. The high-resolution Digital OOH ad options are available for ad purposes at all 11 major bus stations across Bengaluru. In total, a total of 150+ screens are operational. Types of DOOH Ad screens available for promotion in India. 01 02 Digital Billboards inside Restaurants Digital Billboards inside Restaurants 03 In recent past, there has been a surge in usage of cleaner and efficient ad mediums like these Digital screens says Mr.

Radio Mirchi Advertisement Company in Mumbai | Media Buying. Red FM Advertisements in Bangalore | Mumbai. Jingle Radio Mirchi Advertising Company in Delhi. Red FM Advertising Cost in Mumbai. Red FM Advertising Company in Hyderabad. Metro Pillar Branding in Gurgaon | Advertising on Metro Trains. Gurgaon is probably the most affluent and modern commercial and residential center in India.

Gurgaon can be called a self-sufficient area with its own shopping malls, residential flats, and all other amenities. Many well-to-do families that either does business or work in Delhi live here because of the conveniences. Brands will benefit greatly by advertising in this part of the National Capital Region. What Is Metro Pillar Branding? The metro has emerged as the preferred transport of choice in most of the major cities in India where the project has been completed. These pillars sit in the middle of main roads and are visible to traffic that crawls through these roads. The Benefits Of Metro Pillar Advertising The main advantage of advertising on metro pillars is its visibility. Another big advantage is that these ads are seen by a wide variety of consumers belonging to different social and economic strata of the society. Wrapping Up. DOOH Advertisement Options in Kolkata - MyHoardings. The introduction of digital technology has changed the way ad agencies work. They are able to offer better flexibility and visibility to customers.

DOOH Advertisement is an excellent way to publicize a brand in metros where people are always on the move. Kolkata, one of the oldest commercial centers in India, is a vibrant city with people always on the move offering excellent scope for DOOH advertisement. There are various digital options available to expose your brand to the public in Kolkata. Taxi Top DOOH Boards Nobody can miss the ubiquitous yellow cabs of Kolkata. Bus Shelters Any busy city depends a lot on bus transport. Airport Advertising Airports are ideal for advertising. Metro Station Advertising One of the first metro services in India, Kolkata metro trains are used by a large number of people daily. Digital Hoardings Nothing can beat the impact of a huge hoarding on the road. Types of DOOH Ad screens available for promotion in India.

Conclusion. Bus Stop Branding in Hyderabad | Bus Shelter Ads - MyHoardings. Outdoor Hoardings in Jammu & Kashmir | Outdoor Publicity in J&K. Outdoor Hoardings in Dadra and Nagar Haveli | TOP Ad Agency in India. Outdoor Hoardings in Himachal Pradesh | TOP Ad company in Himachal. Outdoor Hoardings in Goa - Advertising Agency. Outdoor Ad Services in Madhya Pradesh | Madhya Pradesh Hoardings. OOH Branding in Punjab - Advertising Agency. OOH Branding in Jharkhand - Advertising Agency. Outdoor Advertising in - Advertising Agency. Outdoor Advertising in Chhattisgarh - Advertising Agency. Outdoor Hoardings in Chandigarh - Advertising Agency. Advertising Spots at the Airport to Boost Brand and Business. Top 5 Influencers in Food and Hospitality Industry. Influencer Marketing | How to book various category Influencers in India? Post Office Advertising - MyHoardings: The Best Ad Agency. Mobile Caller Tune Advertising | DOOH Media Ad Agency - MyHoardings.

Tricycle Advertising in Mumbai. DOOH Advertising Benefits | Grab DOOH Ads with MyHoardings Media Agency. Roadshow Advertising and its advantages in India. The Reset: Will Print Media Finally Succumb to the Digital Onslaught? Programmatic Advertisement Trends for 2020 | Digital Marketing. Top Airport Advertising companies in India - MyHoardings. DOOH Market Evolving in India | Digital Out of Home Advertising. Mobile App Advertising | Digital Branding - MyHoardings. Radio Advertising through Top FM Channels to Promote Business in Delhi. Hyperlocal Marketing in India | Pros and Cons - MyHoardings. Advertising on Non-AC Buses in Gurugram - Benefits. Advertising on Non-AC buses in Gujarat | Best Transit Media Options. Top 5 Media Buying Agencies in India | Promote Business - MyHoardings.

Usage Of DOOH Advertising Is Bound To Increase In India & Its Benefits. Has Digital Advertising Reduced The Product / Services Marketing Costs? UBER Taxi Ads in India - UBER Car Branding | UBER Cab advertising. Ola Cab Branding in Delhi - Delhi Ola Taxi Advertising | Car door Ads Delhi. Cab Branding in Mumbai - Ola car branding Mumbai|UBER cab advertising. Cab branding in Allahabad - Allahabad Taxi Advertising with UBER Ola Car. Ola car Branding - Ola Cab advertising in India | Ola Cab branding in India. DOOH Market Evolving in India | Digital Out of Home Advertising. Mobile App Advertising | Digital Branding - MyHoardings. Radio Advertising through Top FM Channels to Promote Business in Delhi.

Hyperlocal Marketing in India | Pros and Cons - MyHoardings. Cab Advertising in Mumbai | Car Branding in Mumbai. Cab Advertising in Delhi | Car Branding in Delhi. Cab Advertising in Bengaluru | Car Branding in Bengaluru. Cab Advertising in Kolkata | Car Branding in Kolkata. Cab Advertising in Chennai | Car Branding in Chennai. Cab Advertising in Hyderabad | Car Branding in Hyderabad. Cab Advertising in Pune | Car Branding in Pune. Cab Advertising in Noida | Car Branding in Noida. Cab Advertising in Bhubaneswar | Car Branding in Bhubaneswar. Cab Advertising in Lucknow | Car Branding in Lucknow. Top 5 Media Buying Agencies in India | Promote Business - MyHoardings. Has Digital Advertising Reduced The Product / Services Marketing Costs? How to grow your business in Bangalore? Metro Pillar and Portal Advertising in Hyderabad - MyHoardings. India's Top Influencers in 'Lifestyle and Fashion' Category - MyHoardings.

Consumer Behavior Of Youth Under 25 Years - MyHoardings. Auto advertising in Hyderabad | Benefits of Auto Branding - MyHoardings. Advertising Options On Metro Stations in India | Various Media Options. Promote Business In Chennai with Best Ad Agency - MyHoardings. Difference Between An Ad Agency and Marketing Agency. Why need to choose Outdoor Advertising ? - MyHoardings. How do companies measure the effectiveness of Outdoor Advertising for their brands ? - MyHoardings.

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