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5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a New Dog Explained by Experts! – My Golden Retriever Puppies. Dogs are considered as a man’s preeminent and the most loyal friend. If you treat your dog well, you will be rewarded with lots of love, protection, and loyalty. This is the reason why the majority of pet lovers wish to adopt a dog. There are owners who adopt a dog for the sole purpose of owning a dog. However, adopting a dog is not just about bringing him/her home, it is way more than that.

You can buy Golden Retriever Puppies for sale in Ohio. No matter, for what reason you have decided to bring home a new pet, there are few things you need to mull over before you buy one. Get Prepared Mentally Ok, now here is something really imperative for you. Breed The next obvious step is to decide upon the breed of your going to be a pet dog. Adoption Company Ok, this one is a bit tricky but really important! Vet Check Before you even think of getting your new puppy in the house, get it examined by your vet thoroughly.

Price Like this: Like Loading... Ptyalism or Hyper-Salivation in Dog – Symptoms and Causes – My Golden Retriever Puppies. You chose one of the healthiest golden retriever puppies in Ohio but the kid started drooling or salivation. If drooling is not excessive then there is nothing wrong with the puppy. Drooling among all breeds of dogs is natural and normal. Happy and excited dogs always drool. However, hyper-salivation is a sign of ill-health as it can cause irritation and inflammation in the mouth. On the other hand, normal production of saliva protects dog’s teeth from gum diseases, tooth decay and it also lubricates the mouth. Ptyalism Ptyalism or hyper-salivation is a condition in which dog produces excessive saliva. Ptyalism or Hyper-Salivation Symptoms Seek medical assistance when you notice following symptoms: Abnormal droolingDrooling without any apparent causeInflamed lips or mouthChanges in behaviorUninterested in eatingWhite foam in salivaExcessive saliva production with other symptoms of serious illnesses such as diarrhea or vomiting.

Causes of Ptyalism or Hyper-Salivation: Mouth Injury Emotions. Top 3 Myths about White Golden Retriever That We Still Believe – My Golden Retriever Puppies. Golden retrievers are just wonderful. There are countless great things about golden retrievers. They are beautiful, they give us comfort and joy, they are the friendliest, they are most enthusiastic, and they are extremely gentle and define loyalty. These are some of the many reasons retrievers have won the hearts of millions. Besides these fantastic things, there are sheer numbers of myths associated with this breed.

White are rare, thus they are smarter and more expensive You may have seen many advertisements claiming to have rare English golden retrievers for sale. Besides that, there is mistaken belief that they are smarter. They are difficult to groom Since they have the luscious, long and thick coat, many people think that they are difficult to groom. They are friendliest and most intelligent Many people believe that white golden retrievers are much smarter than their red or black counterpart is.

Like this: Like Loading... Submissive or Dominant, What Should Be the Personality of Your Golden Retriever Puppy? – My Golden Retriever Puppies. Personality is the second concern while picking a golden retriever puppy for sale, health being the first. Golden retriever puppies are lovely and cute. Not all, but some people forget about other things when they touch and cuddle the puppy. There should be a lot of questions surfaced in your mind while buying a retriever puppy. Should it be a male or female? Should it have a submissive personality?

Should it be dominating in nature? Families having no prior experience of buying puppies should buy retriever puppies having a submissive personality. Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale with Dominating Personality A golden retriever puppy with a dominating personality is ideal for a family that is always on the go. Finding Out Whether the Puppy Is Submissive or Dominant It is not difficult. Lay the puppy with back on the ground. Now set your palm on the chest of the puppy lying on the back. If the puppy is 6 to 7 weeks old, hold it by the scruff of the neck for a few seconds. Like this: Know Some Important Characteristics of a Golden Retriever – My Golden Retriever Puppies. Golden retriever dogs are very sweet, socialized and intelligent dogs. Every dog breed has some different characteristics and Golden Retrievers are no exception. Golden Retrievers are by far the best dog breed considered as pets.

Golden Retrievers got their name as such because they were bred and trained to retrieve the shot games intact. Their fur coat is mostly creamy golden to dark golden and thus the name, golden retriever. They are huge dogs with average length ranging from 55-61 cms. They are most loved and desired because of their characteristics that differentiates them from the other dog breeds.

Apart from being loyal and friendly, the golden retrievers are obedient and fast learners. The vibrant and cheerful golden retriever at home fills you with joy and fulfillment. Like this: Like Loading... Grooming a Golden Retriever Puppy – My Golden Retriever Puppies. Like us, dogs too love to be pampered, and dog grooming is as important as our self grooming.

One feels a great responsibility being the owner of a Golden Retriever Puppies in Ohio. And if a golden retriever pup is a new addition to your family, you might be confused how to deal with it. Their brushing, bathing, de-worming regimes can make you leave you with more confusion and questions. You can also take the help of a professional dog groomer for the same. Here is how you can groom your golden retriever and help it in getting ready: Brushing: Regular brushing prevents shedding of the dog hair and, so it is advised to brush your golden retriever more often. Bathing: Bathing should be done with plain water and very often with a mild shampoo. Trimming the Nails: The nails should be well taken care of. Cutting the Coat:- Never shave your Golden retriever as the hair coat on its body protects them in any kind of weather.

Ear Cleaning: Many dogs face the problem of ear infections. Like this: How Often Should You Bath Your Golden Retriever? – My Golden Retriever Puppies. Bathing is necessary to keep your body clean, fresh and healthy. You wash your hair several times a week because it is constantly exposed to elements. As you take care of your body and health, your Golden Retriever also requires bathing time to time. The Golden retriever has far more hair than you do. He needs proper cleaning and bathing as it’s also frequently in contact with the ground and another surface.

So if you are looking to buy Golden Retriever Puppies Ohio, you should know how often should you bath them? Do Golden Retrievers need to be bathed? As you know Golden Retriever has lots of hair in his whole body. Amount of time spent outdoorsFrequency of swimming excursionsRural vs. urban environmentsLocal parasite issues How environmental and lifestyle factor affects a Golden Retriever? Environmental and lifestyle factor can make the big difference to how quickly your dog gets dirty. How often is often enough? There is no definitively right or wrong answer of this question. Like this: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of Periodontal Disease in Golden Retriever Puppies – My Golden Retriever Puppies. When the mouth is unhealthy, the stomach is likely to be unhealthy. If your retriever is refusing to eat or he is finding it hard to chew then you should inspect his teeth. Is there any inflammation in deep supporting structure of the teeth? If yes then your puppy is suffering from periodontal disease.

This disease starts with other disease known as gingivitis. Causes This happens due to the accumulation of bacteria and food particles along the gumline. Symptoms When you buy golden retriever puppies in Ohio, you should look into their mouths to look for the symptoms of periodontal disease. Stage 1: Periodontal disease is developed in a few teeth but there is no separation between teeth and gum. Stage 2: 25% of the gum-teeth attachment is lost at this stage.

Stage 3: Separation in this stage is 25 to 30%. Stage 4: This is the advanced stage of periodontal disease as more than 50% of the attachment is lost. Diagnosis Treatment Like this: Like Loading... The Best New Year Resolutions for Your Golden Retriever – My Golden Retriever Puppies. The start of a new year is usually the time when you feel positive and think about all of the resolutions that you’d like to keep for upcoming months. This is also a time to think about your pet and decide some New Year resolutions for him. If you have some golden retriever puppies Ohio, you should think some new and unique things to make his life more healthy and happy. Have a look at the top best New Year resolutions for your golden retriever. Do Proper checkup of your dog: New Year is the perfect time to follow up with your vet to discuss health issues that have come up since your last appointment. If you haven’t gone to your veterinary whole year, it’s the right time to consult your dog with the doctor.

Your dog is the important part of your family and being a proactive pet parent can help you to avoid infection, surgeries, and other health problems. Feed proper diet: If you want your dog to be perfectly fit and healthy, choose a right diet tailored to your dog’s need. Like this: How Golden Retriever Helps In Making Your Children Smart and Intellectual – My Golden Retriever Puppies.

Children usually are the great dog lover. They can spend the whole day playing with them and they never get bored. Yet, choosing the right breed of the dog is very important as you want a dog to with your children can enjoy. While some breeds are very lazy and some other aggressive can hurt your children.

If you are looking for the perfect dog for the family, Golden Retriever is gentle and full of life to keep up with the children as they play. Teach Animal Safety: Whether it’s human or animal, we should respect everyone. Learn Responsibility: If your children are stubborn and irresponsible, a dog can help to teach them the lesson of responsibility. Like this: Like Loading... Foods That Are Too Bad For Your Golden Retriever Puppy – Part 2 – My Golden Retriever Puppies.

Sometimes, unknowingly, you share your foods that are not safe for your pet. The dog can digest some of the foods that we can digest. However, some human foods can cause digestive system diseases in dogs. The dog’s digestive system does not produce juices and digestive enzymes that can break down these foods. In the first part of this blog, we have explained the potential health risks of giving bones, grapes & raisins, meat, raw or uncooked eggs, coffee, soda and chocolate. We are expanding the list of human foods that can dangerous for your golden retriever pup. Don’t feed your dog on following human foods: Garlic, Onion, Scallions and Shallots These foods can damage the red cells of your dog. Bread Dough Raw bread dough can be dangerous as it is made from live yeast. Milk It is the most common food given to dogs. Moldy Foods Toxins called tremorgenic mycotoxins are found in moldy foods. Like this: Like Loading... Foods That Are Too Bad For Your Golden Retriever Puppy – Part 1 – My Golden Retriever Puppies.

We and our dogs eat some common foods. It is really nice to share a piece of your food with your lovely dog. It improves and strengthens your relationship with the dog. Apple without seeds, bran cereal, bread, carrots, eggs (cooked), honey, ginger, oatmeal, orange slices, peas, peaches, honey, cooked rice, unsalted sunflower seeds, squash, sweet potato and there are several other human foods that are safe and nutritious for dogs. Your golden retriever puppy can easily digest these human foods. Remember: the above mentioned foods are safe but do not give in large quantity.

However, there are some foods that are unsafe and sometimes life-threatening for your dog. Coffee, Sodas and Chocolate Caffeine based products such as sodas, chocolate and coffee contain methylxanthines. The ill effects of these foods greatly depend on the quantity and type of the chocolate, and the weight and age of the dog. Raw or Undercooked Eggs and Meat Bones We know that dogs are descendants of wolves. Like this: How to Ensure the Safety of the Dog While Traveling By Car – My Golden Retriever Puppies.

Your Golden Retriever is a member of your family. Is your family trip complete when one lovely member of the family is at home alone? The excitement and fun of the family trip are multiplied when your dog is going with you. Maybe because of the strict traffic rules or you understand the importance of road safety while traveling by car; you never forget to wear the seat belt. The dog is an intelligent animal but he knows no traffic rules. He does not know that it is not safe to stick head out of the window to get some breeze. You drive safely and carefully. Here are four car safety do’s for your dog: Always Use A Crash Tested Harness or Carrier A pet that is hard to restrain often interferes and distracts when you are driving.

Take a Break Traveling with a dog is like traveling with a child. Keep the Dog off Your Lap Always keep the dog off your lap especially when you are sitting in the front seat. Keep Windows Down and Turn Off Power Window Make sure that windows are up. Like this: Golden Retriever Separation Anxiety – Causes, Symptoms, Signs and Prevention – My Golden Retriever Puppies. Just like other dogs, a golden retriever also panics when separated from the owner. Sometimes when you are out of the town for months, or even when you are going for an evening walk without the pet, your pet starts feeling distant and it hurts. Due to the friendly nature, the retriever is very close to the owner. In this blog, we have described how to handle what we call separation anxiety. Symptoms of Separation Anxiety The dog is a social animal and golden retriever socializes too quickly. Most of the retrievers suffering from separation anxiety show the signs of stress. Five Signs of Anxiety and Stress Digestion issues such as Constipation and diarrheaIsolationDecrease in appetiteIncreased sleepingAggression towards other animals or people Separation Anxiety – What It Involves Barking is the most common but not the only outcome of separation anxiety.

What Causes Separation Anxiety Being a social animal, the dog needs constant social interaction and companionship. Like this: Like Loading... 1000+ images about Future Golden Retriever Puppies on Pinterest. Bingo – A Golden Retriever Puppy – My Golden Retriever Puppies. 1000+ images about Puppies: Golden Retriever on Pinterest. 1000+ images about Cute Golden Retriever Puppies on Pinterest. 1000+ images about Our Golden Retriever Puppies on Pinterest. Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale in Ohio, USA. My Golden Retriever Puppies. 1000+ images about Golden Retriever Puppies on Pinterest. Golden Retriever Puppy in Ohio, USA.