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New Smartphones and Cell Phones. New Smartphones and Cell Phones. We meet a lot of new smartphones every week.

New Smartphones and Cell Phones

Now it is time to meet the HTC U11. The company is calling it an ultra-brilliant smartphone because of Edge Sense. Analysis of Meizu E2’s Specifications for Professionals. Competition in the smartphone market is getting tougher on a daily basis.

Analysis of Meizu E2’s Specifications for Professionals

Many companies are launching new smartphone models one after another. Even more companies, like Nokia, are coming back into the game. They are making sure that their smartphones have amazing features that can fulfill the users’ everyday tasks and expectations with ease. Meizu, in this arena, is not a new name. New Smartphones and Cell Phones. Huawei, a leading Chinese smartphone maker, is now knocking at the door of the global smartphone market with the Y5 (2017).

New Smartphones and Cell Phones

This likely to be released smartphone is the successor to the Huawei Y5 launched in 2016. The company is promising a better smartphone experience for users. Since Apple’s iPhone 7 and its variants are dominating the market, Huawei will not able to plant its foot in the market compete substantially. Moreover, the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and the successful comeback of Nokia has made the game very tough for Huawei. Nevertheless, hope lies eternal! New Smartphones and Cell Phones. The smartphone space has changed entirely.

New Smartphones and Cell Phones

Nokia has stepped into the smartphone space with the Nokia 3, 5, 6 and Nokia 3315. Blackberry has stepped out of the smartphone market and Sony is on a smartphone launching spree. All in all, there is a lot is happening in the global smartphone market. In consideration of all of this, why should HTC stay behind? New Smartphones and Cell Phones. Mobile World Congress 2017 marked the smartphone market return of Nokia.

New Smartphones and Cell Phones

And Nokia stole the show with its Nokia 3315’s reincarnation, Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 6 smartphones – no doubt about that. But Sony did not just sit back and let Nokia have the spotlight. Sony tried its best to make its presence felt by launching a couple of its Xperia smartphones. New Smartphones and Cell Phones. Sony seems to be on a product launching spree.

New Smartphones and Cell Phones

It seems as if the smartphone manufacturer has decided to take the market competition by storm. New Smartphones and Cell Phones. Samsung has now returned to competition in the smartphone market with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

New Smartphones and Cell Phones

After the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a make or break smartphone for the company. A lot of users throughout the world are now interested to get their hands on this Samsung Galaxy S8 immediately after its launch. At the same time, a lot of users in New York got their hands on this much-awaited flagship smartphone of Samsung. They were ecstatic. But their happiness disappeared as soon as they noticed a critical issue related to the facial recognition security feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Taking this into consideration, it is really hard to explain why Samsung Galaxy smartphones are the fantasy of smartphone lovers in every corner of the globe. New Smartphones and Cell Phones. After talking about the Sony Xperia L1, it is now time to throw some light on the features and specifications of the Sony Xperia XZs.

New Smartphones and Cell Phones

Sony, one of the largest smartphone makers in the world, seems to have left no stone unturned to ensure smart experiences for customers with this upcoming smartphone. The company has decided to incorporate a number of new features in it. The whole objective behind this is to exceed smartphone users’ expectations and requirements on performance with the Sony Xperia XZs. Let’s Glance Through the Specs of the Sony Xperia XZs below: New Smartphones and Cell Phones. Sony has always been one of the most expensive smartphone brands in the world.

New Smartphones and Cell Phones

The price of all previous smartphones launched by Sony is the best example of it. Just like Apple’s iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Sony smartphones are not easy to afford. However, Sony smartphones have been able to make their presence felt in the global smartphone market because of their ability to exceed user expectations. Now, the company is all set to exceed smartphone lovers’ expectations of performance with the Sony Xperia L1. New Smartphones and Cell Phones. Nokia 3310 was a simple keyboard-based phone launched by Nokia.

New Smartphones and Cell Phones

It was embraced wholeheartedly by mobile users across the world. Its amazing features/specifications, user-friendly interface, and unbreakable body were the main reasons for its remarkable success throughout the world. It turned out to be the last successful phone launched by Nokia. Nokia could not compete with the smartphones manufactured by the likes of Samsung, Sony, HTC, and Apple. As a result, Nokia vanished from the mobile market. New Smartphones and Cell Phones.

Nokia is back in the game with a bang! Nokia 6, Nokia’s mid-range Android-based smartphone, is selling like hotcakes in the market. With HMD Global, Nokia has got a new life at MWC 2017. The company has certainly gone global in the domain of Android smartphones at a much bigger level. Talking about the performance of Nokia 6 on sales front, the phone went out of stock twice in less than 60 seconds after its launch in China.

According to the NokiaPowerUser, the company had received a huge number of pre-registrations. Nokia Launches Nokia 3 at MWC 2017. Nokia has stolen the show at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The best mobile phone manufacturer of the bygone era is returning to the race with nostalgia through the Nokia 3310. ZTE Axon 7 MAX Offers Unique Features. ZTE, the largest Chinese telecom equipment company, has made its presence felt throughout the global smartphone space with its smart mobile phones. Once again, the company seems to be all set for setting new benchmarks in the global smartphone market with its Axon 7 Max smartphone.

The company is soon going to release the ZTE Axon 7 Max with plenty of new specifications in February 2017. ZTE has not taken much time to establish itself as a reliable smartphone manufacturer on a global scale. Specifications of the ZTE Axon 7 Max People love to use smartphones. A Look at HTC’s U Ultra with Voice Recognition and Dual Screen. After the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note S7 Edge and Apple iPhone 7 in 2016, it is time to move to 2017 and meet the HTC U Ultra. Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Edition Smartphone. Modern smartphone lovers are looking for something smarter than just a phone. New Smartphones and Cell Phones. Vivo, one of the leading smartphone makers from China, seems to be in full swing and ready to compete directly with the likes of Apple INC. and Samsung. Vivo Launches V5Lite 2017 Edition. Modern mobile phones are very smart.

New Smartphones and Cell Phones. Where there is a will there is a way! You must have heard or read this popular English phrase a thousand times in your childhood. New Smartphones and Cell Phones. Are you planning to trash your problematic Samsung Galaxy Note7 Edge? Samsung Announces Galaxy A7 Duos. Samsung is known for releasing world class smartphones one after another. LG announces Stylus 3 on Dec 22, 2016. LG has come a long way since launching its very first Android smartphone in the year 2009. Samsung Note7 failed performance. New Smartphones and Cell Phones. Vivo Introducing Y67 Smartphone. “Daring to pursue true perfection, while continuously creating the surprising.”

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