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My Global Citizenship™ - Residence and Citizenship Planning by Investment Consultant in India. Get closer to EU Citizenship in 2021 with Portugal PR by Investment. Europe is becoming the next migration destination with each coming year.

Get closer to EU Citizenship in 2021 with Portugal PR by Investment

More and more people are opting for EU residency and citizenship. Countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, etc., can excite anyone to leave India and move to the European Union. If you are one of those people, Portugal PR by investment is worth exploring for you. Europe offers the best of everything to you. From healthcare to education, it has everything that you might need for your family.

Apart from getting international mobility, you get a plethora of benefits as an EU citizen. Primary benefits of becoming a European citizen There are multiple advantages to becoming a European citizen. How Canada PR by Investment opens the door to new possibilities in 2021. Canada is a land of tremendous opportunities for Indians.

How Canada PR by Investment opens the door to new possibilities in 2021

In 2021, the country is welcoming immigrants to give a boost to its economy. This has opened the doors to new possibilities for Indian immigrants. While the country has always greeted Indians with pleasure, there are so many more opportunities that the country has for them. Canada PR by investment is one opportunity that offers a plethora of economic, social, and lifestyle possibilities to you and your family. Portugal Residency by Investment: The program for European Citizenship. European citizenship is a dream for many Indians.

Portugal Residency by Investment: The program for European Citizenship

Once you visit the vibrant continent, you can’t stop yourself from thinking about moving there. The culturally-rich lifestyle, excited & welcoming people, and the brilliance of nature – all attract people to migrate to Europe. With the Portugal residency by investment, you can transform that dream into a reality. There is no direct European citizenship program. Canada Residency by Investment: Why is it the best way to get Canada PR? Canada is the dream destination for millions of Indians.

Canada Residency by Investment: Why is it the best way to get Canada PR?

It has the world’s best healthcare, education, and social system. Canada work permit visa and student visa are both highly demanded by Indians. Unfortunately, the process and timeline discourage most people from moving to the country. Canada Residency by Investment: immigration and opportunities. Canada immigration visa is the new focus for investors across the globe.

Canada Residency by Investment: immigration and opportunities

With the world moving towards better opportunities to tackle the pandemic, Canada investor visa is emerging as a strong contender for global citizenship. There are plenty of options to explore, and Canada is welcoming immigrants to improve its economy through investment and immigrant workers. A Canada work permit visa is the traditional route to immigration – one that takes more time and hassle to process. The modern Canada second residency visa program enables investors to migrate to the Great White North without much effort. In this article, we will discuss how investors can undergo the process of a Canada investor visa, why it is a wonderful investment option, and the different opportunities it provides to investors.

UK residency by investment: is it worth in 2021? Recently, the UK government has brought forward friendly visas and immigration policies to boost business with India and other countries.

UK residency by investment: is it worth in 2021?

As the country ties the bond with India, it is now becoming a popular choice for investors. Today, the best way to migrate to the UK for investors is the UK residency by investment program. If you are aware of the UK investor visa program, you must know that regulations are being eased. 5 reasons Canada second residency is right for Indian investors. Immigration investment has become a popular route for HNIs and UHNIs to get a second residency outside of India and get excellent returns on their investment.

5 reasons Canada second residency is right for Indian investors

The Canada second residency visa is one such program that helps you to immigrate to Canada. On top of that, you get the maximum returns on your investment in one of the most economically stable countries in the world. In 2019, almost 642,000 students migrated to Canada. Now, that number may concern you as to whether your children will be able to make it through the tough competition. Canada PR Visa: Canada Permanent Residency, Canada Citizenship by Investment. Have at least 24 months of full-time business experience in the last 60 months.

Canada PR Visa: Canada Permanent Residency, Canada Citizenship by Investment

Have been a business owner or a senior manager (business management) in their past role. Have a minimum net worth of CAD $800,000 if the proposed business will be located within the Greater Toronto Area (City of Toronto and Durham, Halton, York and Peel regions) Outside of the Greater Toronto Area, the applicant must have a minimum net worth of CAD $400,000.

Make a minimum personal investment of CAD $600,000 and control at least one-third of the equity in the business if it will be located within the Greater Toronto Area (CAD $200,000 if outside the GTA). Must create at least two permanent full-time jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents if the business will be located inside the GTA. Canada investment visa: Pros and Cons. Second residency and citizenship programs are increasingly becoming popular during the pandemic.

Canada investment visa: Pros and Cons

HNIs and UHNIs in India are now exploring safer alternatives for their families. In this regard, the Canada residency by investment program is now a popular choice for many of them. If you are one of those investors, you should get your Canada investment visa. Canada investment immigration is the country’s CIP program, allowing you to move to Canada by investing a specific sum of money. You can invest a minimum of CAD 200,000 in an active business (outside the greater Toronto area) and obtain a second residency in Canada for your family of 4 members. Canada residency by investment: 5 retirement benefits for residents. Canada is the second safest country in the world and one of the best for people to spend their retirement.

Canada residency by investment: 5 retirement benefits for residents

You and your family can enjoy a peaceful abode in the great white north. However, immigrating to Canada with a Canada residency by investment is much better for social security than on a temporary basis. If you want a permanent residence in Canada faster than the normal express entry or provincial nominee program, then a Canada investment visa is your best option. Within 24-36 months, you and your family can get Canada PR by investment. The investment starts at just CAD 200,000 in the Greater Toronto Area. Canada Residency by Investment: Your Passport to a Better Future. Now that the world has opened up for the most part, investors can migrate to foreign countries to secure their future. With Indians exploring immigration options, second Citizenship by Investment programs are on the rise. Global Citizenship by Investment Program. How Canada residency by investment can help you multiply wealth.

With half of 2020 already resulting in an economic crisis globally, you are likely to find ways through which you can sustain your capital and make income to compensate for tough times. Montenegro Investment Visa: Your Passport to Global Citizenship in COVID-19. Migrating in 2020 might seem like an impossible task due to COVID-19. But you can become the first ones to migrate and become global citizens as the new year begins. You can apply for the Montenegro investment visa and attain your citizenship to the beautiful nation by the end of the year. Montenegro is a beautiful nation – one which is all set to become a part of the European Union by 2025. It is one of the best candidates to achieve an EU status. Montenegro Citizenship by Investment: 5 benefits for Indian kids. As Indian parents, your kids would often ask you to send them abroad for further studies, better job opportunities, or just travelling. After the US, Indian kids prefer Europe the most. However, there’s one way through which your children can visit both the places and even become residents.

It’s the Montenegro citizenship by investment program. Montenegro investment visa enables your children to become citizens of the Caribbean island in just 4 months. Your family of 4 members is covered under the application, so you don’t have to worry about applying separately for your children. Canada Citizenship by Investment. Portugal Residency by Investment: Get closer to European Citizenship. Second residency and citizenship programs are in high demand. With the pandemic in effect, people are looking to migrate to safer countries. Canada Residency by Investment: the elite way to Canada immigration. Global Citizens by Investing. Why you should explore Portugal Golden Visa rather than the US. Most people dream of living in the US and experiencing a first-world lifestyle. It offers unmatched opportunities to you and your family for building a life that you can be proud of.However, with the recent restrictions on US migration, that lifestyle is becoming difficult to achieve.

Investors are looking for ways through which they can give the best life to their family and much greater opportunities. Portugal Investor Visa. Portugal Golden Visa, Portugal Residency by Investment Program. Canada Residency By Investment: Why it's the best country for migration. Portugal residency by investment: Your plan B to a European citizenship. Have you thought of a Plan B after retirement? Portugal residency by investment: Your plan B to a European citizenship. Malta Citizenship by Investment. European Citizenship & Portugal Golden VISA Program Webinar. Portugal Residency. The battle for a Green Card intensifies in the US Opinion. EB-5 Investor Visa: Your child’s passport to the top 5 US universities. US education is expensive and not accessible easily to everyone. The economic challenges, limited job opportunities, obstacles in obtaining a green card can hinder your child’s dream of studying in the US.

Most H-1B employers use programme to pay migrant workers well below market wages. Children of immigrants who have lived in Portugal for a year may be Portuguese. Canada investment immigration: Benefits for your child’s education. Canada has become one of the hotspots of education for Indian students and for good reason — it has some of the world’s best universities like the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Alberta, and many more.

The Canadian education system is ranked at the top 3 positions in the world because of its focus on practical learning and a research-based curriculum. Investing in education is always an excellent choice. Top 5 universities in Canada with education opportunities for immigrants. Canada Permanent Residency for Indian. Portugal Citizenship by Investment, Portugal Permanent Residency‎ Planning. Second residency by investment for international exposure to children. In the previous articles, we looked at how a second residency by investment program for children provides them with personal and professional benefits. The second residency programs offered by Cyprus, US, UK, Portugal, Grenada, Montenegro, and others are also an excellent way to give your children international exposure. Indian students rarely get international exposure, and when they do, it’s only a handful of students. With a second residency for children, your child can participate better in international exchange programs, global events, UN programs, and several others at their own discretion.

Moving to a developed country is the beginning of giving your children an international-level education and lifestyle. Exposing them to new ways of living also exposes them to opportunities that Indian students do not regularly have. Global Citizenship for children: Best investment with high returns. Benefits of dual residency for children apart from education. Second residency: Unlock your future amid COVID-19 lockdown. COVID-19 has halted the dreams of people eyeing foreign investments, international travel, and global mobility. Impact of Second Residency for Children on Education & Career. Second residency by investment: Key data and findings. Global Citizenship: The path to becoming a resident of the world. Second Citizenship by Investment.

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