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My Generator is the largest pure play online retailer for camping and caravan equipment’s in Australia. They deal in high-quality generators, pressure washers and water pumps, outdoor power equipment’s online in Australia.

Subscribe to the My Generator Blog Feed. Diesel Generator for Sale. Camping fridge. Buy Dometic Fridge. Buy Caravan Slide Out Kitchen. Best Honda Generators for Sale. Invicta Lithium Battery Review: Worth the Price? If you’re searching for a top-quality lithium battery, it won’t be long before you come across the Invicta battery range.

Invicta Lithium Battery Review: Worth the Price?

Their Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are renowned for their premium quality and safety features. But getting a premium Invicta battery comes with a price tag to match. You’re probably wondering, is it worth it? In this Invicta lithium battery review, we seek the answer. Who Is Invicta? To understand what you’re getting for your money, you first need to know who Invicta is. Invicta is owned by Sealed Performance Batteries, an Australian Battery Wholesaler based in Melbourne. Sealed Performance Batteries has been around for over 20 years. The Lowdown On Invicta’s Battery Range: What’s on offer in the Invicta battery range? New Pure Sine Wave Generators in 2021. If you’re thinking about investing in a pure sine wave generator in 2021, you’re in luck.

New Pure Sine Wave Generators in 2021

There’s a huge range of top quality, powerful generators on the market right now. Your biggest challenge will be deciding which one best meets your needs and budget! To help you narrow down your options, we’re shining the spotlight on the newest pure sine wave generators. We reckon you’ll be impressed with what’s on offer!

Maintenance Tips For Storing a Caravan, Camper Trailer or RV. You’ve arrived home sweet home from your trip, relaxed and full of stories from your adventures.

Maintenance Tips For Storing a Caravan, Camper Trailer or RV

But before you stow away your caravan and download to your mates, there are a few things you need to take care of. We’re not just talking about the dirty pile of laundry. Storing your caravan comes with a few important tasks like covering your van. Tick these off now and your vehicle will be tip, top and ready to go for your next adventure. Better still, some TLC will ensure that your investment will last you for many trips to come. How to Install a 12V Upright Fridge. Step 1: Measure Your Cut Out Space A 12V upright fridge will vary in the dimensions (l x w x h) relative to the cut out or recess dimensions.

How to Install a 12V Upright Fridge

E.g. Often a fridge may have a narrower cut out required than the overall width of the fridge. This is to allow for frames, doors and the overall shape of the fridge. You can find the cut out required in the specifications of each model. MPPT vs PWM Solar Regulators. Which solar regulator should you choose: MPPT vs PWM?

MPPT vs PWM Solar Regulators

MPPT and PWM charge controllers are both used to regulate the power from solar panels to charge batteries. But when it comes to MPPT vs PWM, which one is best for your needs? Read on to find out. What Is A Solar Regulator? A solar regulator, or solar charge controller, is required if you have a solar power system with batteries. The job of the solar regulator is to regulate the power from the solar panels to the batteries, so your panels don’t overcharge your batteries. The solar regulator can also detect when no energy is coming from the solar panels (like at night) and disconnect the solar panels from the batteries to stop reverse current flow. MPPT and PWM are both energy control methods used by the charge controller to regulate the current flowing from the solar panel to the battery.

How PWM Works: PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation. What Is An Inverter Generator? Inverter generators are used to power everything from campsites to offices, coffee vans and home appliances during blackouts.

What Is An Inverter Generator?

But what exactly is an inverter generator? Here we explain what they are, how they work, and the pros and cons. What is an Inverter Generator? In a nutshell, it is a generator that can safely power sensitive electronic gadgets and smart devices. They produce clean and stable energy in comparison to traditional generators.

Enerdrive Canopy Systems: Ultimate 4x4 Canopy Setup. Every serious 4WD camper needs a brilliant canopy setup.

Enerdrive Canopy Systems: Ultimate 4x4 Canopy Setup

We’re excited to announce that Enerdrive has come to the party with a market leading 4WD canopy setup. Who Is Enerdrive? Enerdrive started life as a company called Advance Trident Limited, which mostly served the marine industry. However, in 2008, the company changed leadership, name and direction. Now, it is not only a leading supplier of independent power products, but also designs and manufactures its own line of independent power products, including eLITE & ePRO battery monitors, dual battery kits, inverter chargers and ePOWER battery chargers. Introducing Enerdrive Canopy Systems: In a market first, Enerdrive has created three compact power solutions to operate all of the electrical equipment that is located in 4WD canopies, Caravans & Trailer Campers, from a simple fridge or lights setup to a full-on power station. There are three models in the range: The Explorer, The Traveller and The Adventurer. The Explorer: The Traveller: Best 200Ah Lithium Battery: What Your Trip Needs.

Lithium batteries are becoming the go-to power source for caravans in Australia.

Best 200Ah Lithium Battery: What Your Trip Needs

Especially a 200Ah lithium battery. It’s easy to see why! Lithium batteries are not only lightweight. 12V Battery Charger Your Best Option to Replace the Old One. Know All About My Generator. Yamaha 2400w Inverter Generator Product Review. Portable Fridge Review: Dometic vs Engel. Shop 12 Volt Camper Fridge Online. Need help?

Shop 12 Volt Camper Fridge Online

Our range of 12V Fridge Freezer models include portable fridges for camping/4WD/domestic applications and upright compressor 2 way and upright absorption 3 way fridges for caravan/motorhome and other recreational vehicle requirements. Read More Market leading brands from the likes of Dometic, Waeco, Engel, Evakool, Bushman, Thetford and Vitrifrigo make the best 12V fridge freezer models and they come backed with comprehensive warranties and national service support networks. Hide Fridges for recreational requirements are typically not just a 12V fridge alone – most models will have the option to run on either 12/24 volt, 240 volt, and gas. Buy Small Portable Camping Freezer. Need help? Here we carry a high quality range of extremely energy efficient portable fridge freezers for Camping, 4WDriving, Caravanning, Fishing, Picnics, Outdoor Events and much more. The portable fridge freezer range offers a selection of camping fridges from the very small and compact, to the large (yet still portable) dual zone camping fridge freezer units for extended trips and larger groups.

We can't forget to mention the car fridge models which fit neatly in your centre console compartment! Read More All of our portable fridge freezer models have an extremely energy efficient design with first-class compressors and the highest standard insulation, to ensure outstanding temperature performance. Hide. Get Lithium Battery System For RV. Find Portable Power Packs For Camping. Shop Caravan Battery Pack System. Shop 3 Way Camping Fridges. Absorption 3 Way Fridge Freezers are very popular for Caravans/Motorhomes as they are silent, avoid the use of moving parts, highly resistant to wear and tear, and are easy to maintain.

Shop 3 Way Camping Fridges

A 3 way caravan fridge enables you to choose between the power source of 12/24Volt, 240Volt, or LP gas. Our Dometic 3 Way Fridge range includes models with Automatic Energy Selection (AES), which allows the refrigerator to automatically select the best energy source available, thus increasing efficiency. Read more 3 way fridge freezers use a gas flow heat exchange system (absorption) in the back of the fridge. Buy Battery Pack For Camping Fridge. Buy Caravan and Camping Fridge Online. Refrigerators for mobile needs; for your Caravan, Boat, RV or even Camper Trailer. Choose among our wide range of built-in or free-standing refrigerator models. Dometic Caravan Fridge Online. Need help? The Dometic fridge range consists of two upright caravan fridge types: 2-way compressor and 3-way absorption, and also a portable fridge freezer range.

Both the Dometic caravan fridge and portable fridge ranges feature are extremely energy efficient (on either 12V power or gas depending on the fridge type), are supported by a national service agent network and extensive warranties. Read More Whilst Dometic started their journey manufacturing the best 3 way absorption fridges for RV's, nowadays they are also one of the global leaders for all other main appliances in Caravans, Motohomes, Camper Trailer, Boats and the like.

Check our full range of Dometic RV products including Compressor Driven Fridges (upright & portable), Rooftop Air Conditioners, Slide Out Kitchens, Solar Panels, Awnings and much more! Caravan Fridge And Freezer Online.