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5 Key Features Watch Dogs 2 Must Get Right At Launch - Rossco Revisits. The original game was one of epic build up, loads of hype and some amazing presentations. Only to release as a good game, but not the expected final product. In the end, what we got didn’t live up to the expectations. What it had in great ideas it lost them in their execution, and with a rather dull lead character, I soon lost interest. For more of my thoughts, watch the Rossco Revisits video below.

Below are the details old like to see improved on in Watch Dogs 2. 1. Like I said in the video, why advertise and promote a beautiful, open world game that full of amazing, fun things to do (more on that later). Seriously? Obviously the game doesn’t need to let me loose on the world right away but why start there?

Why not just start me around the corner with a beautiful sunset as I drive to grab the guy. Watch Dogs 2 is under scrutiny from gamers like me and you only get one chance to make a good first impression. 2. He just never convinced me nor did he interest me. 3. 4. 5. Rosario Dawson Leads Impressive Dishonored 2 Voice Cast | V.A.S. We go back to the world of Arkane Studios and Dishonored this week gamers and it’s something I’ve been waiting a long time for. The last game was amazing, one I thoroughly enjoyed thanks to wonderful gameplay but mainly a dark, surreal story.

So what better than to look at the Dishonored 2 voice actors as part of the October Voice Artists Spotlight? And what a cast we have to look at. Last month we focused in on Matt Mercer and the outstanding Titanfall 2. But this time we’re going to go over the main cast of this game of the year contender. Here you will get a look over of the main voice artists and what they bring to the game. MGL isn’t just about what we think so get some comments down at the end too using Disqus and Facebook.

To Dunwall we go. The Big Names The main protagonists in Dishonored 2 are two amazing game actors. Now as we look at these actors I will say this, Arkane have done an amazing job of keeping the story very much under wraps. Rosario Dawson Plays Captain Meagan Foster. World of Final Fantasy Review - "A charming Spin-off Final Fantasy Game" At first glance, I knew World of Final Fantasy would be interesting at the very least. I’m not a huge fan of chibi (Japanese bobble-head sort of thing) art styles or turn-based combat, but World of Final Fantasy offers a few improvements over the usual approach.

Full voice-acting, solid performances, adorable art and catch ’em all elements make for a strong JRPG that unfortunately falls victim to some all-too-familiar tropes. If you’re intrigued, read on for our full World of Final Fantasy Review. Look and Feel World of Final Fantasy’s art direction is wonderful. In a way, it gives a sneak peak at what next generation Kingdom Hearts games will look like. It falls far more in the direction of cute cartoon with anime cut-scenes than its serious, core series. Filled with colourful, varied environments from across the Final Fantasy lore – including Figaro, Nibelheim and Besaid – this game is the embodiment of fan service.

Game Performance I can’t fault the way the game runs on Playstation 4. 7 Crucial Mass Effect Andromeda Details We Want Revealed On N7 Day. It’s N7 day gamers and were up late/early here in the UK looking at some of the Mass Effect Andromeda details we want to see revealed today. If you don’t know, Bioware have teased us with news of a new trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda arriving today (November 7 as this article publishes). The new, eagerly anticipated Mass Effect game is going to be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC in March of 2017.

A window that could change but maybe that’s something for the list… Here are 7 Mass Effect Andromeda details that myself and a few other Mass Effect fans on MGL want to see detailed today. I doubt we’ll get all of them in the trailer but you never know how much we’ll get as the release is edging closer. When the trailer is revealed, you can get to it by going to the news post here. Once that news exits of course. Mass Effect is one amazing series with a big community so please, Leave a Disqus or Facebook comment for me at the end of the article and I’ll enjoys reading your thoughts. 1. 2. 3. 4. Non-Stop November! 10 Exciting Video Game Releases In November 2016. What to think about this one? In honesty, I have a lot to say and will be doing so this week on MGL before the game launches. But, while the game hasn’t landed well with fans, I personally think its been talked about harshly.

What I have actually seen of the game so far is one that looks really, really good. It’s just not classic Call of Duty anymore and people seem to be fixated on that. But the potential for the adventure in this one is massive, we’ve already seen two outstanding shooters in Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 this year. This is another with a different take on things. I am someone looking forward to this. Infinite Warfare details Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a bold and creative step for the franchise and will lead players through an unforgettable journey as they engage in heroic battles with hallmark Call of Duty combat. Future War, Old School Fight Fighting a Fanatical Enemy Immersive, Seamless Campaign Experience Warships Some Cool Trailers. Taking On The Villainous Dragons of Skyrim And Their Leader Alduin. One thing that I love in gaming is a fantastic villain.

I’ve mentioned this many times here on MGL if you follow My Work. There are so many great ones out there in gaming. Pagan Min in Far Cry 4, Kessler from infamous, Diablo, Mundus, but to name a few. And I wanted to talk about a villain I will be meeting again, very, very soon. Alduin is the antagonist of Skyrim. This just happens to be you in Skyrim! Skyrim is one of my favourite games in general. Now, don’t panic this overview will be Spoiler Free. The Magic Dragon Many of the dragons in Skyrim are unnamed (more on that later) and are defined solely by their powers or appearance. My character being a predominantly magic based build, struggled most against dragons with electric attacks, as this would cause damage and drain mana. You will face a great many dragons in Skyrim as you explore.

To unlock them you need to defeat dragons, take their soul and use that to unlock additional power. About Alduin “The Worldeater” History Appearances. 4 Fantastic World of Final Fantasy Features That Deserve Your Attention | MGL. World of Final Fantasy is a brand new turn-based JRPG from Square Enix that may fill a nostalgic hole in many a long-time fan of the core franchise. Though I’m excited for Final Fantasy XV, it’s no secret that it’s striving for a more action-based, realistic (at least graphically) experience. That’s why a Final Fantasy game that has turn-based battles, full voice acting, a heap of charm and a Pokemon-style capture system shouldn’t be ignored. Here are 4 Fantastic World of Final Fantasy Features That Deserve Your Attention in my humble opinion. Note: The following points are my own opinions. I know that should be obvious by the article tags but trust me; it needs to be stated.

High Quality Voice Acting in Every Nook and Cranny Stepping in to World of Final Fantasy after the underwhelming Dragon Quest Builders, I felt jaded. The opening scenes between Lann, Reyne and The Customer are exquisite in their presentation. Of course, quality voice acting is not surprising in itself. That’s All! 5 Ridiculously Addictive RPGs For PS4 & Xbox One Still To Come In 2016.

This one stood out to me as maybe the surprise RPG of the coming months. Now I will say that the game is still scheduled to come out before the end of the year, and its really well presented. Graphically it looks a little like the surprise Action-RPG game I loved earlier this year in Stories The Path of Destinies. Shiness is seems to be more of an in depth RPG experience but with a nice hint of Indie Game creativity and fun action combat.

A few things stand out about this title and one thing is the cartoon style graphics that look colourful and exciting. But the big one is in the gameplay, with some details and the gameplay trailer below for you. Let’s just hope it doesn’t make me wrong and delay until 2017! Details Shiness is an Action-RPG developed by French independent studio Enigami, that will take you on a journey through an enthralling universe, on the verge of collapsing following the fragmentation of planet Mahera… Key Features Some Cool Trailers. Titanfall 2 Voice Actor Matt Mercer To Bring The Story Mode to Life | V.A.S. Well, we’re just recovering from getting shot the hell out of in EA DICE’s amazing Battlefield 1.

And already we have the other end of the shooter spectrum with another EA studio, Respawn Entertainment. Friday sees something new to as Titanfall 2 voice actor Matt Mercer head up the new story mode. What a good time for us to bring back the MGL Voice Actors Spotlight feature. If EA and Respawn get this game right – and early reviews suggest they have – they could have another big victory in the FPS market. This all headed up by the headline of a single player campaign for the first time. Here I’ll be talking about the single player of Titanfall 2 with some details for you. As always, we love to hear from you gamers out there. Jack Cooper, Our Lead Protagonist Here at MGL, and myself in particular, we love a good story in games. Whole there is a lot of controversy and difficulties between actors and game publishers right now.

And what’s important to Titanfall 2 is getting is story mode right. 5 Years On Can Skyrim Special Edition Be The Best RPG Of 2016? | MGL. We all have our feelings about certain games. I have a huge affection for RPGs and action adventures, particularly Mass Effect, Dragon Age alongside The Last of Us and Uncharted. But one game I’ve been so excited to see come along in 2016 is the remaster of the last Elder Scrolls game in Skyrim Special Edition.

A game that is so good in all departments, I’m left wondering if it can compete with the upcoming games for the best RPG of 2016. While remasters are not for everyone, and there is a strong opinion on the amount of money charged for them. Skyrim, for the most part seems widely accepted as the exception to the rule. With gamers all around the world very excited for this Friday (28 October) release. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the game here, from what I played back in 2011 and what’s coming up in the Special Edition. There is a lot to talk about here, so do get involved. Dont Miss: While you’re here, check out the Nintendo Switch Podcast with me and David Game talking gaming! Red Dead & Surprise Nintendo Switch Podcast With Game 'N Respawn. Game ‘N Respawn are back as MGL editors David Game and Respawn Rossco are talking about the big reveals this week in gaming.

The focus centers around us finally knowing what the NX actually is as the, surprisingly get to run a Nintendo Switch Podcast special this week. They also discuss the reveal of Red Dead Redemption 2 this week. Plus David game rounds up the gaming news around the web. And there is the usual off topic banter they JUST CAN’T STOP DOING! If you are crazy enough to listen to them, watch on the YouTube video above or have a listen on SoundCloud below. About The Nintendo Switch intendo provided the first glimpse of its new home gaming system and revealed that it is called Nintendo Switch. Go to this article for more –> About Red Dead Redemption 2 Developed by the creators of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland. Go to this article for more –> David Rossco.

Mafia 3 Review - "Amazing Story, Shocking Gameplay" | MGL. A lot has been said about the new Mafia game, including some thoughts from me. It’s had some lovers and some haters. Good comments and some really poor ones. So I’ve taken extra time with this Mafia 3 review to really give the game a chance since I enjoyed the story so much. And giving the game a chance is something gamers who like a good story should certainly do. During the review I’ll be looking at how the acting and story elements stand out with the best in the business. It’s a good game for a certain type of gamer, and one others will turn away from instantly.

Look and Feel – You Lookin’ at Me? Mafia 3 has quite a few elements that are bit mixed. Visually I can think of so many things that look amazing. Some of the locations in the city of New Bordeaux are really nice too. But then there are there bad things, where game lets itself down by looking a unpolished in some textures. Story – The Reason to Play Mafia 3 The game follows the return of Lincoln Clay from Vietnam. Overall. 4 Cool Ideas For The Red Dead Sequel Reveal After Rockstar's Teaser. Rockstar don’t really play by anyone else rules. They don’t do E3, show up when they want to other conferences and just drop announcements when they want to. You could say they are almost as rebellious as the characters and games they create. So, with them dropping a teaser that something is coming, potentially a new Red Dead sequel reveal, gamers are getting very excited at the moment. And after the quality of the last game, Red Dead Redemption, you can understand why.

What first gave us a clue something may be going on was dropping them dropping Red Dead Revolver on the PSN store for download last week. The less subtle Tweet above also has us all getting nice and gamer-giddy. Lots of ifs, buts, and maybes! But the burning question I have is, what should the game be called? Dont forget to share this article too so more gamers can get involved. Read Dead Rebellion Here’s the big idea however: a female lead this time. Rockstar Games have traditionally had male leads. Read Dead Revolution War. Warhammer End Times Vermintide Review - "Of Giant Mice And Men!" Warhammer is one of the things that may divide opinion. But with Vermintide, they are doing something both strangely familiar and brilliantly original. Here in this Warhammer End Times Vermintide Review you’ll see my thoughts on what is a great game, that could have been excellent.

The premise is very straightforward. The world you inhabit is threatened by vermin the size of men, some bigger, and what you are charged with is stemming the vermintide! See my thoughts below and let me know in the Disqus comments at the bottom what your thoughts are on the game. Of GIANT Mice and Men The game is a first person melee/shooter, where you pick one of five classes to combat waves of vermin. Sound like Left 4 Dead? The enemies come in a variety of styles to give challenge where the standard vermin are little more than cannon fodder. Each class has access to different weapons, and therefore gives you a different role in combat. Some things will throw you off a little in the initial part of the game. 7 Amazing Remastered Games for PS4 & Xbox One To Tempt Your Wallet. Yes, this is an article about upcoming remastered games for PS4 and Xbox One.

The big divider amongst us gamers. People love them, people hate them but whatever you think there is usually one that triggers that nostalgia feeling. And over the next few months there are a number of tempting games out there I think could even compete with the new releases. Here I’m going to cover some remastered games you may find difficult to resist. From shooters to classic RPGs, from masterpieces to iconic Superheroes. Plus, I’m going to get in on the whole remastered games debate. But then, Grandma doesn’t really need a Christmas present now does she? “Stop Wasting Time Making Old Stuff!” So the elephant in the room, the people reading this snarling about remastered games. Obviously a censored quotation but you get the point.

From a gamer point of view, I’m one of the fussy ones that NEEDS to play things in order. Think about it, would you let a fresh out of University person loose on the next big game? Will Rise of the Tomb Raider On PS4 Get The Same Love After Xbox Fling. Mafia 3 Releases With All The Ingredients of A GOTY, But Will It Deliver? Final Fantasy XV Fails to Impress at EGX | MGL.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Review - PS4 & Xbox One Remaster | MGL. Action October! Action The Focus of Our October Game Releases Preview. Experiencing Dishonored 2 Emily Gameplay Has Me Excited For More. 10 of The Best Indie Games At EGX 2016 You Won't Want To Miss | MGL. Experiencing Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Made EGX Special | MGL.

Does Rise of Iron Matter for Destiny? | Destiny Fan Opinion on MGL. EA Play Review - Not The Best Start to A New Event | MGL E3. EA Play Round Up - All the Reveals on One Page | MGL E3 2016. 6 Ubisoft E3 2016 Predictions for the Ubisoft Press Conference. 6 Bethesda E3 2016 Predictions For the Bethesda Conference | MGL.