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Choosing and Fitting the Right Doors and Door Frames. What is a turnstile. Turnstile provide the ability to restrict passage to a single person at a time unlike a door that, once open, many individuals can pass through.

what is a turnstile

Turnstiles and portals manage pedestrian traffic flow and access at checkpoints.Turnstile technologies range from a simple, stand-alone rotating tripod with no accounting functions to electrically activated barriers with optical scanners that are components of fully automated access control systems.Turnstiles encourage employees and visitors to abide by access control procedures and reduce the need for security personnel to monitor ingress and egress points.Some products provide information on the direction of travel and can count the number of pedestrians.Often the access approaches are arranged using markings or railings so that people awaiting access will form a line.Most manufacturers include audio or visual prompting devices to indicate the direction of travel and alarms for attempts to enter without authorization.

Type of turnstiles. Some important things to keep in mind while purchasing industrial electronic products. Intersec Dubai. Events Intersec Dubai is the leading trade fair for safety and security worldwide and a successful communication platform for the protection and security industry.

Intersec Dubai

Intersec Dubai Product groups: Access Control Panels and Networks. Access Control Panels perform the heavy lifting in Alarm/Access Control Systems.

Access Control Panels and Networks

Every single function that Access Control Systems perform in the real world occurs first in the “mind” of an Access Control Panel.All Access Control Panels share certain attributes and components.Alarm Input and Output Control Components may be internal or external to the basic Access Control Panel. There are a variety of Access Control Panel Form Factors that can be used in a variety of locations as system needs dictate. An Alarm/Access Control System comprises the following elements: Field Elements Credential Reader Door Lock Door Position Switch Request-to-Exit Sensor Alarm/Access Control System Panels Access Control Panels Alarm Input Boards Output Relay Boards Server(s) Workstation(s) Communications Infrastructure Communication Boards (Protocol specific — RS-485, etc.)

What is an access control system? What is Busway? Molded Case Circuit Breakers. Molded Case Circuit Breakers are used to efficiently distribute power throughout an electrical system.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers

They provide a means to manually open or close a circuit, and are designed to protect wiring and equipment by automatically opening under an overload or short circuit condition. In the United States, most Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) are listed according to the UL 489 Standard. UL489 stipulates construction and marking requirements for MCCBs. To apply the UL mark, a manufacturer must pass a series of tests which are repeated in front of UL inspectors on an ongoing basis. What is a valve. Know About Access Control Systems. Access Control Biometrics. Access Control Biometrics readers are used in higher security areas where the cardholder’s own biometric information is also used to confirm they are allowed access through the door Access Control Biometrics readers are also widely used in time and attendance applications to confirm the correct member of staff is clocking in / out There are a number of manufacturers who produce biometric readers and these readers use different biometric information fingerprint is a very popular form of biometric reader but Facial, Iris, Hand and Vein recognition readers are also in use today With any biometric reader the cardholder’s biometric template, must be stored either within the access control card (1 :1 ) or within the reader (1 IN) N= Numberi.e 1:2, 1:3 Biometric – Any measurable, unique physiological characteristic or personal trait used as a credential (e.g. fingerprint, hand or face geometry, retinal/eye. face, voice, signature or keyboarding dynamics)

Access Control Biometrics

What is a valve. As a mechanical device, a valve should be selected to do the job expected of it and should be properly installed.

what is a valve

It will then give long service before it starts to leak or wear out. After installation, and periodically during service, a valve should be checked to ensure that it has the necessary seat tightness When wear or leakage shows up, it will require some maintenance to restore the valve to its original efficiency. Brake System Components. The principal components put together comprise a conventional braking system that is outlined below together with possible brake system layouts.

Brake System Components

The discussion of the components begins with the pedal assembly and moves through the brake system finishing with the foundation or wheel brakes. Pedal assembly A brake pedal consists of an arm, pad and pivot attachments. The majority of passenger cars make use of hanging pedals. A linkage is connected to the pedal and this transmits both force and movement to the master cylinder. Brake booster The brake booster serves to amplify the foot pressure generatedwhen the brake pedal is depressed. Master cylinder The master cylinder essentially initiates and controls the process of braking. BMS DEFINITION- ADVANTAGES,FEATURES. Ddc Panel. Direct Digital Controls ( ddc panel ) in BMS System , are controls operated by one, or more, small computer processors inside encluser .

Ddc Panel

The computer processor uses a software program of instructions to make decisions based on the available input information. The processor operates only with digital signals and has a variety of built-in interface components so that it can receive information and output control signals. There are many instances where the types of controls are mixed. For example a DDC system could have all electric “sensors,” the units that measure temperature, humidity, pressure or other variable properties. This same system may also have pneumatic actuators on all the valves, since pneumatics provide considerable power and control at low cost.