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MyCFO Services

MyCFO is a leading implementation services company which provides CFO and Finance effectiveness services to clients across industry verticals and size.

The Financing Debate The Best Combinations And Tools For Raising Funds. Date: 06-11-2014 Platform/Print Media: Source Ask any entrepreneur about what is his #1 expectation from a CFO and he/ she is likely to tell you 'Raising funding'.

The Financing Debate The Best Combinations And Tools For Raising Funds

A CFO who has experience in raising debt (borrowings) and equity is an invaluable asset to any business. Curiously, the best contribution that a CFO can make to the funding decision is to raise the question of 'whether this funding is needed at all? ' Far too often, companies are guilty of raising funding for the incorrect requirements (examples: lavish offices, funding long credit periods of customers, production facilities with unrealistically high capacities, unplanned marketing and advertising etc).

A CFO needs to be the conscience keeper of the business and ask this difficult question. A fundamental principle of funding is to match the nature and tenure of the source of funds with the nature and tenure of the application of funds. Getting the financing mix right is the equivalent of a well cooked meal. How a company's CFO can make or break your investment in it. Date : 09-02-2015 Platform/Online Media:: Your Story Source Regular engagement with the market/investors and with the analysts is crucial in building investor confidence In recent years, CFOs have assumed increasingly complex, strategic roles focused on driving value creation across the business.

How a company's CFO can make or break your investment in it

Growing shareholder expectations and activism, more intense M&A, mounting regulatory scrutiny over corporate conduct and evolving expectations from the finance function have put CFOs in the middle of corporate decisions. While financial performance is what it is, the CFO’s role in helping stakeholders interpret the numbers in the context of the business environment is critical. This article signifies the role that CFO’s have to play in managing investors, communicating with customers, suppliers and internal teams, bridging cultures in M&A situations, without dropping the ball on day-to-day finance functions. Smart performance + good communications = Better valuations. Beef Up Existing FIs Instead Of Creating New Ones-Bankers, MyCFO A Interim CFO Services. Date: 09-03-2015 Platform/Print Media: The Economic Times Source Strengthening existing institutions is more important, because it will be a long time before the new bank becomes operational, said C Rangarajan, former chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prim Finance Minister's Arun Jaitley's Budget proposal to create a Micro Units Development Refinance Agency (Mudra) Bank, to finance the setting up of small and micro enterprises and thereby encourage entrepreneurship among SC/STs and OBCs, has not received an unqualified welcome.

Beef Up Existing FIs Instead Of Creating New Ones-Bankers, MyCFO A Interim CFO Services

Jaitley announced a corpus of Rs 20,000 crore and a credit guarantee corpus of Rs 3,000 crore for the proposed Mudra Bank. The government should focus on strengthening existing financial institutions instead of creating new ones, said C Rangarajan, former chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister, and a former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Banks are shying away from lending owing to concerns in the due diligence process. E-Commerce - Interim CFO Services. MyCFO Secures $978K In Series A To Help Startups And SMEs Avoid An Expensive CFO Hiring. Another fin-tech startup gets into fund raising.

MyCFO Secures $978K In Series A To Help Startups And SMEs Avoid An Expensive CFO Hiring

MyCFO, a startup which lets startups and SMEs manage their finances in the absence of an expensive CFO hire, has raised $978K in Series A Round from ASK Group promoter Monik Koticha along with the participation of other undisclosed investors. The funds raised in this round will be used for team expansion by roping in new senior professionals. It is also planning to expand its reach to other geographical locations and to invest in technology to productise its services. Further ahead, MyCFO is looking forward to partner with software providers in order to create packaged solutions for automating a few tasks, which could ultimately help in accelerating delivery time. The Mumbai-based company was established in 2006 by S. Monitoring & Diagnostic Services For Healthcare Sector. Fulex is in the business of developing fuel efficiency solutions for the Genset manufacturers.

Monitoring & Diagnostic Services For Healthcare Sector

This involves carrying out R&D on the technological and commercial feasibility of the products and, once the feasibility is demonstrated, developing and manufacturing these products. The Company is in a high growth phase with a need for maintaining high level of working capital to sustain the growth, in addition to capital requirement to fund expansion. The objective of the budget exercise was (a) to develop 5 / 10 year plans, Annual Operating Plan or Annual Budgets with monthly / quarterly break-ups at a departmental and segment level (b) Determine sales targets to the sales team, broken by products, geographies, customer segments etc.

Hunt For CFOs Heats Up As Firms Look At Expansion, Fund Raising - Funding & IPO Support. Date: 11-09-2014 Platform/Print Media: MINT Source Mumbai: For six months now, a Bangalore-based mid-sized hotel chain has been looking for a CFO.

Hunt For CFOs Heats Up As Firms Look At Expansion, Fund Raising - Funding & IPO Support

The slowdown over the past few years has seen the company’s financials come under pressure: room tariffs have fallen, sales are down, and, like any other borrower, it has a fraught relationship with banks, although it sees growth returning now. Small Time Entrepreneurs Or Grand Scale Businesses – MyCFO Offers CFO Services And Finance Intervention To Suit All. Date: 04-01-2014 Platform/Online Media: Your Story Source Are you a first generation entrepreneur wanting to professionalize the financial systems of your start up?

Small Time Entrepreneurs Or Grand Scale Businesses – MyCFO Offers CFO Services And Finance Intervention To Suit All

Or a family business wishing to scale up to the next level? Perhaps you represent an overseas company making an entry into India and looking for experts to navigate the Indian statutory labyrinth. Don’t worry! Business Process Re-Engineering. Pharmax is a family owned and managed company with turnover close to INR 700 Crores.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Pharmax is a leading name in the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and Finished Drug Formulation (FDF) segments which is sold in both the regulated and the generic markets in India and over 50 countries worldwide. The company has state of the art manufacturing facilities approved by US FDA and has 17 Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) filed and 12 in the pipeline. Avoiding The Corporate Black Holes – A Finance Perspective. Date : 07-08-2015 Platform/Online Media:: Your Story Source Avoiding The Corporate Black Holes – A Finance Perspective The Hollywood blockbuster movie Interstellar by master director and story-teller Christopher Nolan is made on abstract and intriguing phenomenon of black holes and wormholes.

Avoiding The Corporate Black Holes – A Finance Perspective

Google defines black holes formally as “a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape”. Informally the definition is “a place where money or items apparently disappear without trace”. Seeing the movie last year has got me into a thinking mode ever since on the concept of black holes; their existence and implication in the corporate scenario. Life Of A Start Up, After PE Investment - CFO For Startups And SMEs.

Date : 27-02-2015 Platform/Online Media:: Your Story Source How a CFO can help?

Life Of A Start Up, After PE Investment - CFO For Startups And SMEs

The CFO plays a pivotal role in successful migration of a private company to a professionally managed PE environment. Working with a PE can be difficult for first time entrepreneurs. Here the CFO plays a key role as the main conduit of information flow between the company and its PE investors. PE investees tend to have dynamic business models, are high on uncertainty, work in fast paced ecosystems, and entrepreneurs need smart CFOs to help them navigate this environment. Cost Reduction & Cost Rationalization. Build Well is a reputed name in the civil construction/ projects space and has been in existence for over 5 decades with revenues over INR 600 crores.

The company has been at the forefront of several prestigious commercial, residential and retail projects both in India and overseas. We Manage Cash Flows Better - Finance Effectiveness Services. Date : 05-08-2015 Platform/Online Media:: Your Story Source We manage cash flows better MyCFO helps companies to manage their cashflow process and also helps in operating cycle of distributor/ dealer linkages, negotiating terms on behalf of the distributor’s/ dealers.

Deepak Narayanan, Co-founder and Director, MyCFO talks about the requirement of such services in the pharma sector with Usha Sharma. Tell us about the core business strategies of MyCFO? MyCFO is a services brand in the implementation space working with companies across sectors, sizes and ownership types to help CEO’s, founders, CFO’s and venture capital/ private equity funds (for their portfolio companies) build best in class or improve the quality of the existing Finance systems. MyCFO Services - CFO and Finance Start-ups. IT An Integral Part Of The Modern Day CFO Responsibility. InShare1 Mr. Sohil Parekh is Vice President – (Finance and Accounts) with Sai InfoSystem (India) Limited (SIS), one of India’s fastest growing ICT conglomerate with group turnover of Rs.2000 crore, backed by a team of 2000 professionals. SIS has the business expertise in verticals of Hardware manufacturing, Software development, System Integration, Telecom Products, Disaster Management, eHealth, Data Center and Call Center Solutions.

SIS has more than 100 support centers across India with overseas operations in Canada, US and Dubai. Leadership Team Of MyCFO India. A CFO`s Guide To Balancing Company Spends And Investments. InShare3 A CFO is amongst a rare breed of people who is not just responsible for his own function/ department but is also required to contribute to the other functions within an organization. The CFO now has to straddle and importantly contribute to the company’s business functions.

The CFO is often labelled as someone who is conservative, takes a very ‘numerical’ view of the business and does not understand the business intricacies. Companies think hard when it comes to investments or spends relating to diversification to new geographies, new product introduction, Capex, R&D, marketing spends, M&A activities etc. Finance Effectiveness & CFO Services, Outsourced, Interim and Virtual CFO Services at MyCFO.

‘Workspaces’ – Redefining The way CFO’s Look At Business Information. InShare0 With a strong track record in building business and a keen interest in latest technologies, Virender leads Ramco Systems, a Global ERP product company on its journey to becoming a leading Cloud ERP player. As the CEO of Ramco Systems, Virender has been primarily focusing on evaluating new market opportunities, attracting strategic partnerships, realigning portfolio of offerings and driving profitable growth. An astute businessman, Virender is farsighted and has a flair to predict technology trends that will drive the future. It is this quality, coupled with rich international experience, that is steering Ramco towards becoming a strong Cloud ERP player.

Prior to Ramco, Virender was President & APAC Region Head for HCL Technologies, Singapore. Business Performance Improvement Services By MyCFO Mumbai At Diagnostic Center. MyCFO Gets Funding From Koticha. MyCFO India Case Study On Pharma Group. InShare0. Looking To Raise PE Funding, Triple Client Base. InShare0 Wealth Tree Partners, which runs the online CFO servicing business through, is looking to raise capital from private equity funds next year, said a senior company official.

MyCFO Introduction: Interim CFO. Assisting CFO's to Improve the Effectiveness of the Finance Departments. We Manage Cash Flows Better - Finance Effectiveness Services By MyCFO India. How To Get The Best From Your CFO. InShare5 Mr. MyCFO India - Client Case Study Of HeatEx. InShare0. MyCFO Introduction - Interim CFO, Shared CFO Services. Need For A Dynamic CFO In Changing Business Environments. CFO On Call - Why Hire A CFO When Outsourcing Is At Least 30% Cheaper.

Date: 03-01-2014 Platform/Print Media: The Economic Times Source Indian companies, small and big, can now have a chief financial officer on call to do anything from accounts to company law, strategy to fund raising, report Arijit Barman & Biswarup Gooptu In April 2013, Deepak Narayanan received an urgent call from Amit Dalmia, an operating partner in marquee private-equity firm Blackstone.

A massive churn in the finance department of Gokaldas Exports, a Blackstone portfolio company, had seen many key exits. Critically, this included the financial controller, just before Gokaldas was to finalise its quarterly numbers. A stranded Dalmia wanted Narayanan and his colleagues from MyCFO—which provides chief financial officers for temporary assignments— to help in the audit closure.

MyCFO had also prepped up another Blackstone investee company, speciality fragrance maker SH Kelkar, prior to the fund investing Rs 243 crore in 2012. How Outsourcing CFO Services Can Help Scale Your Business. MyCFO India - Finance Effectiveness To Fulex. The New-Age CFO And His Many Avatars. Only 10% of 65,000 Rs 100-plus crore companies in India listed says S Venkat, Cofounder, MyCFO.

Case study Of Hospital Care On Finance Effectiveness By MyCFO. 9 Interesting Things At #MakeYourFuture. Why MyCFO. Blog. Blog. Small time entrepreneurs or grand scale businesses – MyCFO offers CFO services and Finance Intervention to suit all. Assisting CFO's to Improve the Effectiveness of the Finance Departments. Blog. A Career Planning Workshop for Young CAs.

Ecommerce-infographic.png (PNG Image, 1200 × 621 pixels) - Scaled (85%) CFOs Navigating Choppy Waters in Education. How to manage your business the Chanakya way and witness success. Blog. About MyCFO - Chief Financial Officer Services. Blog. Blog.