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Our Graduate Scheme - Morrisons Graduates. Picking good people… making great leaders With no less than twelve different schemes to choose from, no wonder we’re voted by graduates to be a Top 100 employer.

Our Graduate Scheme - Morrisons Graduates

Our different approach to graduate development is based on bringing in good people, encouraging them to become better and eventually becoming the best leaders in the business. The best people make all the difference. That’s why we look for a 2:1 degree or above and 280 UCAS points and at least a Grade C in GCSE Maths and English for most of our schemes. Being more practically based, for our Retail scheme you’ll need a 2:2 degree and Grade C in GCSE Maths and English. Our investment in our graduates is both genuine and generous. Click one of the logos on the right to find out more about each scheme.

What are we looking for? - Morrisons Graduates. Manufacturing - Morrisons Graduates. Morrisons is a business in transformation.

Manufacturing - Morrisons Graduates

Doing things smarter, more simply and with passion is refocussing our business. We’re the UK’s second largest food manufacturer with seventeen sites (plus one in Holland) and counting. Totally unlike other food store groups, we sit manufacturing at the heart of our business, enabling us to guarantee "freshness from field to fork” in a way that none of our competitors can. Proud to be different, we grow our own talent as well as food and as one of our manufacturing graduates you’ll do more than just make things… you’ll make things happen!

Playing to strengths is how we grow our key players and leaders. Soon you’ll be in a Front Line Manager role, with your own team of up to 50 people processing any number of the 270+ live product lines we create in-house. Buying - Morrisons Graduates. You don’t build business just by sitting behind a desk.

Buying - Morrisons Graduates

Because we want to have productive relationships with suppliers, we make sure that we get out and about. Putting in the field work is what makes our buyers about the best in the country. From trainee to brilliant Buyer in just two years… that’s the kind of progress you can expect on our scheme. From induction, you’ll go straight onto the Trading floor where you’ll have immediate responsibility for a buying area.

There will be two of these placements and they’ll get you involved early in negotiations with suppliers - a great start to the cut and thrust from day one! You’ll also spend some time in Marketing and Merchandising where you’ll gain insight into what makes a well-rounded Buyer. Before you know it you’ll be a fully-fledged Buyer, in charge of your own category which could be worth around £200 million. If you have your sights set on buying, join Morrisons… and be the best in the field. Finance - Morrisons Graduates.

Every successful business has a successful Finance team behind it.

Finance - Morrisons Graduates

We’re no exception. In fact, finance is such a critical function that we take only the very best talent. On our three year scheme you’ll experience many different parts of the business, helping you gain valuable insight to a variety of areas that the finance function deals with. What’s more, we’ll get you involved in different and challenging projects that our finance function support. This is real live work. It takes the brightest graduates to succeed in finance. As well as learning on the job, you can study for professional qualifications with our full encouragement. If you have the talent to make numbers talk, we’re listening. Retail Scheme - Morrisons Graduates. Nine out of ten of our most senior managers began their careers on the shop floor.

Retail Scheme - Morrisons Graduates

Now we need more graduates to fast track to full store management roles within the next three to five years. At that point you can expect to be running a multi-million pound business and leading a team of hundreds of colleagues. Focused on real-life store operations, solving actual problems and looking for ways to improve performance, you’ll gain a truly in-depth understanding of how a store runs (including the financial elements). This scheme emphasises the development of skills you can’t learn in the classroom, using your initiative and managing, motivating and influencing people to get the best out of them so that they exceed expectations every day. Certainly, you’ll find it challenging but at the same time we’ll provide all the support you may need.

Retail will give you a solid foundation to build on. Logistics - Morrisons Graduates. We’ve already come a long way in a short time but there’s plenty of mileage ahead for our Logistics team, as logistics doesn’t get more cutting edge than this.

Logistics - Morrisons Graduates

We’re the UK’s second largest fresh food manufacturer and fourth largest food retailer. With over 11 million customers per week demanding the freshest food, it’s the job of our 8000 strong logistics team based in 9 state of the art Regional Distribution centres to get that to them. We work 24/7 so don’t expect to do the average 9 to 5 job here… nor to just learn theory.