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Graduate jobs at PWC. Your career is just that; yours.

Graduate jobs at PWC

You choose it. You live it. You make it happen. To get the best from it, you need the best opportunities. That’s why opportunities are at the heart of a career with us. Application deadlines & requirements. Selection Process. All our people need to demonstrate the skills and behaviours that support us in delivering our business strategy.

Selection Process

This is important to the work we do for our business, and our clients. These skills and behaviours make up our global leadership framework, ‘The PwC Professional’. The precise details of each stage will vary according to where you want to work, but the focus throughout will be on the qualities you need to do well. Having the right academic results is only part of it. Here's how it works: Online forms. Application advice. Legal careers. PwC Legal is a member of the PwC international network of firms.

Legal careers

As PwC Legal is part of the worldwide PwC network, we can offer you the kind of opportunities and responsibilities your talent deserves. We combine the best of both worlds. While our international network is unparalleled in its global reach, in the UK we’re not so large as to be impersonal. PwC Reviews. Actuarial. As an actuary, you’ll work with uncertainty.


Actuaries work with uncertainty. Join us and you’ll help clients analyse how future events – anything from a corporate take-over to a major natural disaster – could affect them. You might be calculating the impact of changing demographics or legislation on pension schemes; the effects that changes in financial markets have on different organisations; or how likely a business is to be hit by an earthquake.

You’ll learn how to use complex financial and statistical theories to weigh up the risks and estimate the odds of what might happen. Just as important, you’ll develop a flair for presenting your findings in simple, easy-to-understand language. Assurance. Consulting. Deliver practical, insightful advice that gets straight to the heart of the big business issues.


And make a real impact on the bottom line. Deals. Our Deals teams help put together major mergers and acquisitions and resolve business crises.


You could work on anything from international take-over bids to economic crime investigations and cases of insolvency. Our Deals business is made up of Business Recovery Services (BRS), Corporate Finance, Forensic Services Transaction Services (TS), and Valuations. Our Deals business focuses on the deals and crisis elements of our business from strategic public office procurement advice, to insolvency of underperforming businesses, from international take-over bids to economic crime investigations and disputes, and lots of other projects in between.

Our client base is wide, including government offices, Private Equity Houses, family businesses and multinational conglomerates. Tax. Learn everything the UK’s leading tax practice with the leading reputation can teach you.


Your knowledge will help high-profile businesses, entrepreneurs and private clients understand complex rules and make informed decisions with significant impacts. You’ll also help governments ensure the efficient operation of tax systems and use your insight to solve long-term problems. Shared schemes. These programmes are unique and offer the best of two worlds.

Shared schemes

They provide the benefit of training to become a qualified accountant while gaining hands-on practical experience in two areas of our business. Assurance & Consulting If you choose our Assurance and Consulting shared scheme, you’ll work in our Assurance and Consulting businesses, training to become both an Accountant and a Consultant. This is a five-year programme and the experience will make you an extraordinarily well-rounded business adviser – someone with a breadth of experience developing technical expertise, as well proven consulting skills.

As a result, it will prepare you for the most senior roles with us. Technology. You hear it called the digital revolution – the transformation of how we work and live, which is one of the great megatrends we believe will shape the world in the 21st century.


Key facts 81% of CEOs believe technology advancement is the key global megatrend that will transform business over the next 5 years. (PwC’s 2015 18th CEO survey).90% of large organisations suffered a security breach in 2015, up from 81% in 2014 (Information Security Breaches Survey 2015 conducted by PwC)44% of employees would be happy to use a piece of wearable technology provided by their employer and allow the employer to collect data from it (Based on Opinium Research carried out with 2,023 UK adults in January 2015). In our recent Annual CEO Survey, 81% of those questioned identified technological advance as the single most important challenge for businesses to address, greater even than demographic or climate change, or the shift in the balance of global economic power.

Teach First. At PwC we recognise that spending two years teaching at a school in challenging circumstances will prepare you for anything that a career with us could throw at you.

Teach First

We’re proud to have been a Teach First platinum partner since 2009, and offer deferred entry schemes, leadership programmes and summer internships for Teach First participants. About Teach First Teach First gives you a unique opportunity to transform the lives of young people. The link between low family income and low educational attainment is greater in the UK than in almost any other developed country. Teach First believes that’s not right, not fair and can’t continue.