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International Students - Working in the UK

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Useful links for international students wanting to remain in the UK to work after graduation

International Opportunities for International Graduates. Criminal records checks for overseas applicants. 2014 04 28 overseas criminal records quick reference. International student job search FAQ UK – University of Manchester Careers Blog. I was asked recently by a colleague to answer some frequently asked questions that all careers advisers/consultants who work with international students get.

International student job search FAQ UK – University of Manchester Careers Blog

Here are my answers to these questions. 1. How easy is it to get a job in the UK? It is not easy getting a job in the UK but it can be done. If you are looking to stay on and work in the UK, you can find out more about work visa regulations for the UK and how they affect international student hiring on the Careers Service website at: UKCISA and UK Government site – are excellent sources of visa information The students that succeed in getting jobs in the UK work just as hard on their job search strategy as they do their degree. 2. It depends on your job hunting strategy? 3. This will depend on you and how risk averse you are. Most students will be upfront on their application and cover letter. 4. To see who sponsors refer to the sponsor register. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. AGCAS: Resources - Recruiting International Graduates - A Guide for Employers.

Recruiting International Graduates - A Guide for Employers This guide has been prepared by the AGCAS Internationalisation Task Group to help employers navigate the complexities of recruiting international graduates from UK universities.

AGCAS: Resources - Recruiting International Graduates - A Guide for Employers

Its aim is to provide an overview of the key schemes in place at the time of writing (June 2013). The guide does not replace the need for employers to seek their own legal advice in these matters, but it does go some way to demystifying the immigration options available to international graduates. All immigration regulations are subject to rapid change. This guide has been checked for accuracy (at the time of publication) by Carter Thomas Solicitors and Nicholas Moore Specialist Employment Lawyers.

Author(s): AGCAS Internationalisation Task Group Other Publishers: Carter Thomas Solicitors; Nicholas Moore Specialist Employment Lawyers Production date: 2013. 3 ways to stand out from the crowd as an international student. In my role as Careers Adviser (International) I see lots of international students who want to work in the UK but lack the confidence required to secure that all elusive opportunity.

3 ways to stand out from the crowd as an international student

This post aims to build your confidence and help you start thinking about the things that you have to offer a UK graduate employer. But first, let’s get a couple of things straight: Yes, it is difficult for international students to secure work in the UK, the competition is tough and finding an employer who is able and willing to sponsor your visa can be a challenge.It is not impossible, but you do need to have a strategy – graduate employers value the cultural awareness, global knowledge and adaptable skillset that international students bring but you must show that you have a strong awareness of how the UK job market work, what is going on in the industry you want to work in and be able to demonstrate the competencies required.

A global mind set and cultural awareness Language skills Like this: Like Loading... Apply for a National Insurance number. You need to apply by phone for a National Insurance number.

Apply for a National Insurance number

If you’re moving to the UK you can only apply once you’re here. You must have the right to work or study in the UK to get a National Insurance number. To apply for benefits without a National Insurance number, contact Jobcentre Plus instead. If you’ve lost your National Insurance number If you already have a National Insurance number and you’ve lost it, you should fill in form CA5403 or call the National Insurance numbers helpline. Working without a National Insurance number. International students. UKCISA - Working after your studies - working, after your studies. Last modified: 16 April 2015 If you are coming to the end of your studies in the UK, you might be considering the possibility of staying on in the UK to work.

UKCISA - Working after your studies - working, after your studies

This section of the website explains some of the schemes that are likely to be of particular relevance to students at the end of their studies. Note that if you make an application under any of these schemes on or after 6 April 2015, you will in most cases have to pay an immigration health surcharge. See our detailed information about this surcharge and whether you will have to pay it. We also provide information about how to deal with some current problems with the surcharge calculator, particularly if you are applying for leave under the doctorate extension scheme. See the navigation menu on the left for full information about each of these schemes and case studies provided by recent graduates. Register of licensed sponsors: workers.

NARIC - Compare Qualifications. Tier 2 Employer sponsored visa (The University of Manchester) Tier 2 Employer sponsor visa A Tier 2 visa is an employer sponsored visa for individuals who have a job offer which meets certain conditions.

Tier 2 Employer sponsored visa (The University of Manchester)

There are some relaxed conditions specifically for international students who still have a valid Tier 4 student visa. Regulations and application guidelines Getting immigration advice UKCISA student advice lineNicky Dean Law The University connects with immigration solicitor Nicky Dean of Haq Solicitors, who runs workshops with the Careers Service and provides services for visa advice and applications.Sources of immigration advice There are a number of alternative immigration solicitors available to support you with visa applications and individual advice.

Advice on finding employers and jobs Target sponsoring employers There are currently around 20,000 employers on the sponsor register in the UK. Register of licensed sponsors Who sponsors Tier 2 visas? Look for jobs that meet the salary requirements Codes of practice Research jobs and sectors Which Career?

Tier 5 schemes