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Graduate Programme

It makes it possible for us to recognize your computer and gather information about which pages and functions are visited with your computer. Cookies contain only anonymous information. Cookies are used by most websites and are in many cases essential for the website to work properly. Cookies on this website We use cookies on this website for various purposes related to functionality, web analysis and marketing. You can read more about the cookies we use under the three tabs. How to disable cookies in your browser If you want to block the use of cookies you must change the permissions in your browser setting. International Talent Programme. Select one of the tracks and discover what’s in it for you: The International Talent Programme offers four years of diversified rotations, trainings and experiences, each one crafted to develop the future leaders of ING.

International Talent Programme

Rotations: It’s hard to know exactly what you like before you’ve tried it. That’s why, for the first years, you’ll rotate between different projects and departments within your track before taking over a fixed position. International assignment: You’ll conduct at least two projects on rotation, one of which will be in an international location in one of 20 countries across the globe. Trainings and certifications: You’ll obtain internationally recognised certifications related to your areas of expertise, which will benefit your career within ING and beyond. International events: Each year, you’ll meet up with your fellow trainees for one of the global learning events. two intense weeks of learning, collaborating and connecting. Programme timeline 26 Apr 2018 Year 1: Inspire. Global Graduate Leadership Programme.

We know that mobility is key to you learning more, doing more and becoming more - helping us both to achieve our full potential.

Global Graduate Leadership Programme

That’s why we offer a series of rotations on our Graduate Leadership Programme. You’ll undertake three 12-month rotations, giving you the opportunity to develop a portfolio of experiences. Whether local, regional or international experiences, your rotations will consist of a market-based project, a leadership role and a functional placement. Each rotation will be underpinned by one of the three elements making up our Strategic Anchor: True Customer Composite, how we meet all our customers needs across life, general, health insurance and asset managementDigital First, how we drive online and mobile experience for our customersNot Everywhere, how we focus on the markets and segments we know we can win. Your rotations will also consist of elements that will begin to develop your Leadership potential.

Market Leadership Functions. Global Graduate Programmes. With continuous learning, early responsibility and extensive networking, our graduate opportunities are a great way to start a successful career at HSBC.

Global Graduate Programmes

We value people with dedication, courage, curiosity, motivation, and a collaborative spirit. Because those are the qualities that will ensure you thrive as part of our team. Global graduate programmes We welcome graduates who will bring fresh perspectives and knowledge across our different global business areas. These programmes are designed to stretch and challenge you while working with supportive colleagues.

Standard Chartered Bank Global Graduate Opportunities. Graduate Programmes. We want you to develop an enjoyable, sustainable career in investment management.

Graduate Programmes

That’s why we’ve developed our graduate programme to give you the expertise, skills and exposure you need to build a long-term future. For all our graduates it starts with a full-on induction into investment management and the way we work at Schroders. This is a great opportunity for networking – you won’t just meet your peers, you’ll have contact with some of the most senior people in the business. It’s also where you’ll take your first professional qualification – the IMC (Investment Management Certificate).

We’ve created an open culture where your integrity’s valued and where relationships are based on trust. Further training Following your induction, which you’ll do with all the other new graduates from across our global programme, you’ll join your department, where you’ll be right at the heart of your team, involved in live projects from the off. This sets the tone for your future career. Roles. Stephenson Harwood LLP. As far as the eye can see We take on just a select number of trainees.

Stephenson Harwood LLP

So we give them a lot of attention and expect them to play a large part from day one. If we choose you, it’s because we see qualities that make you a potential high-performing associate – possibly even a future partner. We work in small teams too. So every role is critical. Find out more about our training contracts in London, Dubai and Hong Kong. Find out more about our placement schemes and open days in London. I wanted to work for a firm that had an international presence, diverse practice areas, a small, close-knit trainee intake and a non-hierarchical culture. The firm is big enough to get great exposure to important clients, but small enough to make you feel valued.