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Information and Research Services (including museums and archives)

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Local Government Jobs. Local government officer job profile. Local government officers are responsible for the development and execution of council policies and procedures, as well as ensuring that local services are delivered effectively.

Local government officer job profile

Local government offers a broad professional environment with good prospects for progression and promotion. It covers a range of officer roles, with many specialist areas including: education;finance;health;housing;human resources;IT;leisure and recreation;libraries;planning;regeneration;social work;tourism;transport. This work is likely to involve contact with members of the public, councillors, administrators and specialists in other departments or other local councils or authorities. Some posts, particularly more senior roles, also involve committee work. Responsibilities Specific activities vary depending on the local authority and department, and on the level of responsibility.

Common functions include: Salary Income figures are intended as a guide only. Careers In Recruitment. Recruitment consultant job profile. Recruitment consultants are responsible for attracting candidates and matching them to temporary or permanent positions with client companies.

Recruitment consultant job profile

They work with client companies, building relationships in order to gain a better understanding of their recruitment needs and requirements. Recruitment consultants attract candidates by drafting advertising copy for use in a range of media, as well as by networking, headhunting and through referrals. They screen candidates, interview them, do background checks and finally match them to their clients. Civil Service job search - Civil Service Jobs - GOV.UK. <p class="hidden">You do not need Javascript to be able to use this page.

Civil Service job search - Civil Service Jobs - GOV.UK

</p> Skip to main content Beta Your feedback will help us to improve. Interpreter job profile. Interpreters convert spoken or sign language statements from one language to another.

Interpreter job profile

Interpreting involves listening to, understanding and memorising content in the original 'source' language, then reproducing statements, questions and speeches in a different 'target' language. This is often done in only one direction, normally into the interpreter's native language, but may be on a two-way basis. Interpreters work in the following settings: Government social research officer job profile. As a government social research officer you can influence policy affecting every UK citizen using techniques acquired through your degree As a government social research officer, you'll provide research input for the analysis required to develop, implement, review and evaluate new and existing government policies.

Government social research officer job profile

This research evidence helps inform the policy decisions of ministers. Government social research officers account for more than 1,000 members of the workforce, spread over 20 government departments. Data analyst job profile. A career as a data analyst will suit you if you are highly analytical, have strong mathematical skills, and are curious and inquisitive Data analysts are in high demand across all sectors, such as finance, consulting, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, government and education.

Data analyst job profile

Customer service manager job profile. As a customer service manager, you can work in a number of industries, managing teams and delivering customer driven targets… Customer service managers make sure that the needs of their customers are being satisfied.

Customer service manager job profile

Your aim is to provide excellent customer service and to promote this idea throughout the organisation you work for. You may work at various levels, from head office to the front-end of the business and in most cases will be: helping to develop and implement a customer service policy for an entire organisationfinding ways to measure customer satisfaction and improve servicesmanaging a team of customer service staffhandling face-to-face enquiries from customers. Types of customer service manager. Careers information officer job profile. Advice worker job profile. Jobs in Advice. Adult guidance worker job profile. Adult guidance workers help clients clarify options and make informed choices about their future by offering information, advice and guidance (IAG) on education, training and work opportunities.

Adult guidance worker job profile

They often work with people at times of transition brought about by factors such as redundancy, health issues, or a desire or need to change career. They may work as part of a team in a large organisation or as a sole operator in a voluntary group. Archives and Records Registration Scheme. Broaden your horizons, improve your salary and employment prospects, anddemonstrate commitment to your professional status by completing the Archivesand Records Association Registration Scheme.

Archives and Records Registration Scheme

If you are keen to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to your career in archives, records management or archive conservation, then embarking upon the ARA's Registration Scheme is a positive first step. Details of the new CPD programme can be found here. From January 2016 two formats of the Registration Scheme will be running in parallel: For existing enrolled candidates the current format continues and will be supported until 2018. Using the current Guidelines detailed on these pages you are encouraged to complete a portfolio to demonstrate your learning and development since qualifying and to submit that portfolio for assessment until the Scheme closes at the end of 2017.

From January 2016 new candidates will be able to enrol and will start working towards the new format Registration assessment. Archivist job profile. If you enjoy solving puzzles and have an interest in preserving history for future generations, then a career as an archivist may be for you Archivists acquire, manage and maintain documents and other materials that have historical importance for individuals, organisations and nations.

Archivist job profile

A large part of your work is related to making information accessible to users, increasingly in digital format. Information officer job profile. Permanent & contract IT careers at CWJobs. Information systems manager job profile. If you love networking and are attracted to a problem-solving, fast-paced, IT role, you'd be a great information systems manager An information systems manager is responsible for the computer systems within a company. You'll need experience in the sector, in areas such as technical support or operations, before becoming a manager. You will: oversee installation;ensure back-up systems operate effectively;purchase hardware and software; provide the ICT technology infrastructures for an organisation;contribute to organisational policy regarding quality standards and strategic planning.

Job Vacancies on Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. CILIP/LISJOB.NET Academic Librarian Career Information. Academic librarian job profile. Academic librarians manage, organise, evaluate and disseminate information, providing support to members of an academic community including students, researchers and lecturing staff. They may be responsible for a specific academic subject, developing specialist knowledge and other functions, such as: resource ordering;loans;specialist collections;ICT systems;library projects. The role involves facilitating and supporting learning by teaching information retrieval skills to students and staff within classrooms or virtual learning environments.

Academic librarians spend considerable time working with electronic resources, involving database management and web page development. The role is also very customer-focused. Job titles vary, so it's important to look beyond the title to the actual work involved in the role. Learning centre manager;learning resources manager;library services manager;subject librarian. Responsibilities Typical tasks include: Salary Working hours. Public librarian job profile. ARC Recruitment - Information for Careers In Archiving. ARC Recruitment is the official recruitment publication for the Archivesand Records Association. Published every week, an advertisement placed in ARC Recruitment is the only efficient and cost effective way to reach this niche target audience, ensuring quality responses from quality jobseekers.

All advertisements placed in ARC Recruitment are placed on the Archives and Records Association website free of charge, ensuring even greater exposure to individuals in this sector. As a member, you can have privileged early access to the jobs listings before they are published. Please contact Sam Rogers for further details on advertising in ARC Recruitment (publication sizes and rates can be found in the media pack below). For all advertising queries please contact Sam Rogers on Ph: 0203 603 4950 or Email: ARC Recruitment Rate Card 2017. Records manager job profile.