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What do law recruiters look for? - Copy

Volunteering and ways to develop your skills. A guide to legal work experience | AllAboutLaw. The legal sector is an extremely competitive occupational area. In addition to the sheer number of law undergraduates each year, graduates from non-law degree courses are able to convert to law. In order to succeed in such an over-subscribed environment, all students must have: · Top academic marks · Determination and dedication · Plenty of legal work experience Legal work experience should be undertaken preferably prior to university and definitely during your studies.

This is just one way of convincing recruiters that you have a genuine interest in pursuing a career in this sector. (If you're looking for a list of opportunities, head over to our Vacation Schemes section.) Informal legal work experience... This looks good on any UCAS application, or application for a conversion course, if you’ve graduate with a non-law degree. The core of any experience will focus around shadowing. A speculative approach... You can get work experience by taking a speculative approach. . · Telephone · Email. Applying speculatively to law firms. Aspiring Solicitors | Leading Diversity Platform For Law Careers Advice. Chamber Student | Open days across the sector. Below is a list of law firm open days in 2015/16. This page will be updated soon to cover 2016/17 open days once information is available. We have only included firms which informed us they have an open day or similar programme. Most of the firms listed below are large national or City firms.

Smaller firms may not have a formal open day programme but are more likely to offer informal work experience opportunities. For multi-site firms certain dates may be for events only in a specific location. Open days are a great way of getting to know a firm if you're a first-year student or have just developed an interest in a career in law. Be aware that specific open days may be aimed at specific groups of students (eg first-years, law students, non-law students). Chambers Student | Comparisons of vacation scheme opportunities. Chambers Student | Legal work experience - advice. Evidence of work experience is now a requisite part of any training contract application. You'll need more than just top marks and a determined look on your face to land yourself a job. It's no longer right to think of a training contract (or even a vac scheme) as the first stage in your career. The first stage should be gaining some relevant substantive work experience.

Besides giving you a chance to hone key skills and find out exactly what being a professional entails, work experience demonstrates your commitment to your chosen career path. “Without it how would you know what practice areas you're interested in?” Says Samantha Lee, recruitment manager at Bond Dickinson. “You'd also have very little to draw on when answering competency questions during interviews.” The work experience you do should reflect your own interests and ambitions. But at the same time, we're sure you could do with some pointers. Applicants who have studied abroad are popular with recruiters. Find a Solicitor - The Law Society. Finding charities and services linked to your area of legal interest. Get Involved - Justice. Huddersfield SU volunteering opportunities. Law fairs - meet lawyers and learn about their firms.

Law fairs offer you an initial look at law firms. They are your chance to meet real lawyers (including trainees, associates and partners) and graduate recruiters, to quiz them about their firms and get a sense of what they are like, as well as make a good impression. They're also useful for non-law students who are considering a career in law and need to learn more about how to make that happen. Law fairs take place at most universities across the country in the autumn term, so look out for posters and careers service emails to find out about yours.

When it arrives at your university, the law fair will commandeer a large space like a sports hall or conference centre. Here are a few quick tips to maximise your chances of having a successful fair: Do your research beforehand into the firms that will be attending and write a hit list of the ones you'd like to talk to.

Postgraduate course providers - law schools where you'll study after your degree - also have a presence at law fairs. LawCareers. Net | See deadlines for vacation schemes and training contracts. This page provides a list of firms' vacation scheme deadlines. You should also check out the training contract deadlines list. The best way for you to collate all of those vacation scheme deadlines that are of interest is to save the firm to your MyLCN account, where the related deadlines will be automatically added to your personal MyCalendar. Just click 'Add to MyLCN' on the firm’s directory page.

Looking for a vacation scheme? Disclaimer: While we make every effort to ensure that information on LawCareers.Net is correct, we cannot take responsibility for any inaccuracies. Other ways to find schemes and open days. Target Jobs | Vacation Schemes - Advice. Law firms rely on summer, winter and spring vacation schemes as part of the wider recruitment process for training contracts. Otherwise known as vacation placements (it's worth noting that the law sector doesn't tend to refer to them as internships), they are formal periods of work experience within a law firm lasting between one and three weeks – with the added bonus of a pay cheque of up to £300 per week. Most firms offer vacation placements to second-year law students and final-year non-law students, but there are some exceptions to this – insight days for first-year law students have become a popular offering by big commercial law firms over the last three or four years.

‘A vacation scheme is a valuable insight into the day-to-day life of a trainee solicitor. How your legal vacation placement will help you get a job Recruiters are interested in a training contract applicant's motivation for a legal career. When to apply for a law vacation placement: our term-by-term planner. Target Jobs | Ways to impress law firms on open days. Law firms’ open days – also known as workshops within some firms – are designed to give you a brief insight into the firm and how its trainee solicitors fit in.

Firms run them throughout the year and they are aimed at both law and non-law students. Some firms offer open days to second years and beyond (while running specific schemes for first years known as ‘insight days’); others invite all year groups to apply for their open days. Think of open days as an interactive brochure: as well as featuring office tours, talks and presentations, they often include opportunities to meet trainees and other staff. ‘Work experience and open days are an invaluable opportunity to see what working in a law firm is really like,’ says Harry McEnaney, trainee recruitment assistant at Slaughter and May. Having the chance to ask questions will help you make an informed choice as to whether you’re a good fit for the firm – and vice versa.

Harry reveals his open day do’s and don’ts Do your research.