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How To Add Images To Your CSS Borders. The last few posts I’ve been working through the background and borders module for css3.

How To Add Images To Your CSS Borders

So far we’ve looked at css backgrounds, simple borders, and rounded corners. Today I want to walk through the border-image property and close with a couple of miscellaneous properties around the boxes we’ve been talking about.Browser support: At the moment browser support for css border images is limited. The latest version of Chrome should support everything here. Safari, Firefox, and Opera should support border images only when the shorthand is used. There is currently no support in IE.


Create a fancy responsive image-on-hover effect   In this tutorial we will create a fancy image-on-hover effect.

Create a fancy responsive image-on-hover effect  

We’ll use pure css3 and provide a jQuery solution for the browsers that do not support opacity and transitions. We will also take care that it works responsively. Step 1 : Photoshop We have to prepare two versions of the image : the image we want to see on hover and its desaturated copy.


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