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Helping Stroke Survivors to Recover. Caring for someone who has survived a stroke is not an easy task.

Helping Stroke Survivors to Recover

But we feel honored and grateful that we are allowed to help survivors achieve recovery. Family and friends caring for a stroke survivor can find the following tips helpful on their journey. Seek out guidance from those with experience. Healthcare professionals and even family and friends of stroke survivors have different stories that give you a comprehensive view of the situation.Start with manageable roles to boost your confidence. Although this may be your first time, you can already contribute by taking charge of small tasks within your knowledge. Senior Safety 101: Fall Prevention. Due to their limited mobility and frail conditions, seniors are usually left at home.

Senior Safety 101: Fall Prevention

Home is the most ideal and safest place for them. Unfortunately, accidents could still happen even in the comfort of home, especially when they are left on their own. Seniors are no longer as strong as they once used to be. Completing simple everyday tasks, such as personal hygiene, may already be too challenging for them to accomplish.

Home Care and Home Health Care: Are They the Same? With the comfort and safety of one’s very own abode, there’s no doubt why home is the best place for patients to recover in.

Home Care and Home Health Care: Are They the Same?

Fortunately, home care and home health care enable patients to do so. Of all the innovations and trends in the healthcare industry, these two are definitely among the most beneficial for patients and seniors. Making Your Home Life with a Dementia Patient Safer. Creating a place for your elderly loved one that is conducive to their dementia management is essential.

Making Your Home Life with a Dementia Patient Safer

It ensures that they are safe, taken care of, assisted, and supported. It also reduces the stress that you and your loved one will unavoidably encounter as the condition progresses. As the leading provider of home care service in Katy, Texas, we at , we’re providing you with home modification ways that can help your elderly loved one with dementia cope better and ensure their safety. Secure and eliminate household hazards Dementia impairs judgment so the most obvious hazards such as cleaning chemicals and power tools/equipment may not look dangerous to them. How COVID-19 is affecting the Elderly and how we can protect them during this crisis? The COVID-19 virus has taken over the world, with more than 150 countries being affected.

How COVID-19 is affecting the Elderly and how we can protect them during this crisis?

One thing to note about this virus is that it attacks people of all ages, yet the elderly tend to be the ones who are the most affected by it. And that makes us worried, because we all want to protect our parents and older people in the community. Why is the COVID-19 virus affecting mostly old people? COVID-19 is more severe than a regular cold, and it can bring in severe lung damage too. The reason why older people are affected mostly comes down to their immune function.

On top of that, the elderly are not as efficient at sneezing and coughing when compared to younger people. How can we protect the elderly against the COVID-19 virus? Stroke: Tips for Taking Care of Your Loved Ones. Stroke affects a lot of people, leaving them temporarily or even permanently paralyzed.

Stroke: Tips for Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

As a result, stroke patients often end up spending a lot of time at home to recover. Many families take advantage of home care service in Katy, Texas to help them with duties at home. While a provider may be available to help your loved ones out, you can also make use of these tips to care for them: Encourage Regular Rehabilitation Exercises After a stroke, patients often lose their motor skills. Regular movement will help rewire the brain, thereby promoting recovery from stroke. The Participation of Grandchildren in Elderly Care. Our grandparents are the most excited when we were born.

The Participation of Grandchildren in Elderly Care

We are their pride and joy, their sources of strength. Can you imagine the delight in their eyes the moment they see us? What makes our seniors cooler is that they try to cope up with modern technology to bond with us and join us as we enjoy whatever we are into. May it be our hobbies, mobile phone usage, or the internet – they try their best to learn.

At the sunset of their lives, let us consider it the right time for us to bring back all the love support we received from them. Qualities of Stroke Care Provider You Can Count On. After suffering from a stroke, you should consider getting a personal care service at home to help with recovery.

Qualities of Stroke Care Provider You Can Count On

A stroke is an event that takes a lot of treatment, although full recovery is yet unsure. Many may recover but will face disabilities, such as loss of speech, difficulty in movement, or face paralysis. Some may develop cognitive impairments, too. And these damages may last a lifetime. To keep the patient from having another attack and stay healthy, they must undergo some series of treatments, such as rehabilitation and a series of tests and procedures to monitor progress.

When looking for in-home care in Texas, try considering these features: Should present a personalized care planApplies home safety checks and fall prevention measuresPerforms regular monitoring and visits with status updates for the familyPromotes a healthy lifestyle and prepares a meal guideProvides rehabilitation assistance with transportation service as needed. Caregiving Tips: Preventing Elderly Falls. Precautions You and Your Caregiver Should Understand. The safety of our seniors is our top priority.

Precautions You and Your Caregiver Should Understand

Our elders have higher risks of falling, and that presents them to many hazards. For in-home care in Texas, having a reliable attendant is a relief. If you want to keep your elders extra safe, you and your hired caregiver should share the same understanding of precautionary steps. The family should be open to adjusting many things inside the household if you want effective home care. Take note of some safety measures below: Safety grab bars install these in accident-prone areas, such as stairs, toilet, and shower room. Have a personal care service assistant who follows instructions, works with respect, and careful when assisting an elderly.