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My American Crafts

MyAmericanCrafts is the online store of American Crafts by Robbie Dein which has been serving the Ithaca community since 1972. We invite you to come experience, enjoy, and find out why generations of Ithacans have been saying for more than 41 years; ‘Tell them I‘d Like Anything from American Crafts by Robbie Dein.’

My American Crafts. Wooden Watches Could be the Best Timepiece Beautiful, handcrafted wooden watches combine style and function with eco-friendly lux woods.

My American Crafts

The best watches for men and women emphasize ease of wear and style. Wood is warm to the touch, lightweight and soothing around your wrist. Wood or leather band watches receive high marks for comfort. Water-resistant bands and works add to the value. Why Get a Watch Made From Wood? Choosing wood for custom wood watches adds an intrinsic quality to an essential everyday object. These wood watches for men and women receive special treatment, rendering them water-resistant. We Carry the Best Wooden Watches. Buy Eduardo Milieris Watches.

One of the original ideas of Watchcraft Watches by Eduardo Milieris was "Don’t Keep Time, Share Time".

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Schlabaugh and Sons. Schlabaugh and Sons woodworking studio began in 1981 by Emil Schlabaugh and his sons Mark and John.

Schlabaugh and Sons

They are a family-owned woodworking business based in Kalona, Iowa. They crafted cutting boards and serving trays from stair-tread scraps left over from their father's custom-built homes. Neither brother had formal training in woodworking. But they discovered ways to express themselves through the art of woodworking. Their father got out of the home construction business and formed Schlabaugh & Sons. My American Crafts. Menorah Lighting Hanukkah is a joyous celebration of family, freedom, and light.

My American Crafts

Each year, beginning on the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev (Nov- December), the festival starts and lasts for eight days. This Festival of Lights is a joyous time when families unite around the magnificent menorah and hanukkiah lights. Buy Jewish Gifts Online. Our collection of Judaica includes beautiful menorahs in wood, bronze, glass, and copper and colorful dreidels.

Buy Jewish Gifts Online

Choose from an extensive array of Mezuzah to grace your door or give as a gift. Our Tzedakah boxes make thoughtful Bat or Bar Mitzah remembrances. Jewish themed jewelry ranges from Hamsa earrings to Chai, Peace Dove, and Star of David pendants. The Judaica Store at My American Crafts features Seder plates composed of handpainted glass, handworked brass and pewter, and glazed stoneware.

One unique seder plate is vertical! Why Jewish Art is important to us The creation of Jewish art is a way to maintain a connection with Jewish culture and also act as a renewal of the Hebrew language and literature. The celebration of Hanukkah, usually in December, is one of the more important holidays of the Jewish calendar.

"I have a little dreidel; I made it out of clay…" The dreidel is one of the games traditionally played during the Jewish holiday of Chanukah. Seder Plates Bar Mitzvah Gifts. My American Crafts. Jack Pine opened his new studio in Laurelville, Ohio, in 2017.

My American Crafts

More than 30 years after his first pumpkin, and numerous other locations, he wanted to return to his roots. After developing his art as a glassblower, Jack worked at Seattle Ornamental Blown Glass. Next, he went to the Maytum Glass Studio in Boulder, Colorado. Custom Wood Lake Maps. With a Lake Art maps, transport yourself back to the tree-lined oasis you splashed in every summer. 3-D lake contour maps can grace your walls and bring back thoughts of precious days on the lake.

Custom Wood Lake Maps

Or by the river next to grandma's house or at your uncle's beach house. Paperweights for Sale. Glass Eye Studio is among the oldest and largest privately owned glassblowing studios or in America.

Paperweights for Sale

Custom Cutting Boards. There is nothing better than having an excellent custom wood cutting board for use in your kitchen.

Custom Cutting Boards

My American Crafts. Clever Clocks Clever Clocks, by Douglas Chalk and Eva Letts, ARE clever, but they are also mesmerizing.

My American Crafts

Handcrafted, contemporary in style, and fascinating to watch, these clocks introduce us to a whole new way to view time. A Clever Clock is a functional timepiece but is a unique work of art, as well. One that intrigues the viewer and makes checking the time a bit more interesting. My American Crafts. Baltic by Design is a Veteran owned family business in Maine. A daughter and sister joined Rob in the studio. Specialties of the studio are precision laser cut wooden gift items. The collection sells in a range of venues; art galleries and museum shops. The laser cut, handcrafted votives, bowls and games are among the most popular.

The geometric drink coasters are a big hit as well. The Artist Rob Jones; a modern day Renaissance Man. Robert E. The Design Robert began working on a prototype for his design for the bowl. The Collection. Holly Yashi – My American Crafts. Vibrant, shimmering rainbows of color, shapes, and images inspired by nature, exquisite crystals, and dazzling dichroic glass combine to make Holly Yashi jewelry a worldwide favorite. The use of a magical metal called Niobium is the key to this jewelry's appeal. Niobium's jewel-like colors mix well with this studio's use of botanical images to create stunning earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and pearls, and Bohemian glass accent luminous Niobium metal for instantly recognizable jewelry. It's hard to choose among gorgeous autumn-hued etched leaf earrings, a heavenly blue, purple, and turquoise necklace studded with amethysts or colorful butterfly pendants.

My American Crafts.