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My Air Freshener, Inc. makes innovative fragranced products. We are a market leader in developing better ways to make an air freshener and better ways to service our customers. Our customers are smart, funny and have a lot of style, so we thought they should have better choices in selecting a car air freshener that represented who they are. So, we launched the first ever interactive website for customer-designed air fresheners. Our customers can upload their own art, select from our art bank, choose their own colors, fragrance, and shapes. It's all about style...our customer's style!

Raise Money for your cause with Customized Air Fresheners. Twitter. Twitter. Raise Money with Custom Air Fresheners. Kindness makes the world a better place.

Raise Money with Custom Air Fresheners

Religious institutions and charities ease suffering and provide aid to those in distress. These acts of kindness don’t come without costs. Fund raisers are important to draw attention to the need and to keep their many programs operational. Custom air fresheners tie in perfectly with fund raising and provide great advertising to put a spotlight on an organization’s message and cause. They are also a vehicle to express gratitude to those who give and support your fund raising goals. One of the most successful ways to promote your cause and raise money is to sell air fresheners. Promotional Car Air Fresheners for Events, Fund-Raisers & More. Imagine thousands, maybe millions of great air fresheners hanging in cars throughout the city and across the country displaying your team logo to mark an event.

Promotional Car Air Fresheners for Events, Fund-Raisers & More

The view in traffic would be a sea of logos and team players – small billboards marking the occasion, all dangling from rear-view mirrors. It makes one smile! People like to keep tokens and souvenirs of major events, and long after the scent has faded, they’ll keep this special memento hanging around. Who among us hasn’t kept game and theater tickets or posters tucked away to bring back the memories of that event? Having a favorite team or rock band’s logo hanging in the car for all to see is the goal of loyal fans and a fun way to show their support. Clever Ideas for your next Wedding, Event, or Interests. Consider some of the following examples of special occasions where a great smelling air freshener might bring a smile and keep the event top-of-mind: They are outstanding for save-the-date announcements, wedding and baby shower invitations, wedding favors, birth and engagement announcements, graduations, adoption announcements, birthday and anniversary invitations and favors, holidays, reunions, and conventions.

Clever Ideas for your next Wedding, Event, or Interests

You see where we’re going with this – they’re perfect for a thousand things. Personalized air fresheners are small so they are easy to mail. They can be given out at events and make great party favors. Some of our customers have a valet service add one in each car after a ceremony. Display logo, slogan, contact details & Services. A personalized logo air freshener and car dealerships go hand in hand.

Display logo, slogan, contact details & Services

People enjoy a great-smelling car. When a customer leaves your dealership whether they purchase a vehicle or drop by for an oil change or service, why not put an air freshener with your logo front and center. Not only is it a great way to keep your name and message in front of your customer and on the road for all to see. It also may tickle the fancy of potential new customers who’d not thought about your dealership before. Unique Designs to Increase Sales & Customer Base.

Tired of the Retail Car Air Fresheners designs you see every day?

Unique Designs to Increase Sales & Customer Base

Do you have a great design idea you think could sell well? Whether you are a large corporation, mom and pop shop, or an individual artist, we make it easy to create a line of custom car air fresheners. Whether it’s your business logo or an artsy design that people would enjoy, we can help with that. Consider using a distinctive shape or a special fragrance, to create a line of unique fresheners. Design with your School Name, Mascot, Team pictures. Show that pride!

Design with your School Name, Mascot, Team pictures

Design custom school air fresheners with your school name, mascot, team pictures, or game schedules.Students, family and friends will love these great smelling fresheners.Imagine seeing your school’s name and mascot all over town.Local business establishments will want to support your school. Give them a great tool to do just that. Fill those parking lots at home or away games with you school colors and mascot. We’ve heard it creates quite a stir. Some say competition is innate in human beings. Add that other layer to the cheers and flag-waving and offer cool school air fresheners to infuse that sweet smell of victory in the air.

Many schools also order their product with header cards which go stapled to each individual bag air freshener bag.They can be printed with a sponsor’s coupons so those who support the school can take advantage of the business’s special offers. Call and let us know help you develop your school’s next fund raiser. Create Brand awareness in cost-effective way. Not only do we offer standard and stock shapes but we also offer the option of custom shaped air fresheners.

Create Brand awareness in cost-effective way

A unique shape can take your design to the next level and make your logo stand out even more giving your air fresheners that added twist to be a strong marketing tool. Our standard shapes are both horizontal rectangles measuring 2.75” X 3.5” and come with square or rounded corners. This is our most popular shape and offers excellent spacing for design and layout. Since this is our most popular shape, we offer a discount if you choose to use it.

You will see that they are clearly marked in our Design Center with a red box above the shape. For your convenience, we offer nineteen stock shapes in the Design Center. Order with any message, photo, Logo or Art. Looking for unique car air fresheners?

Order with any message, photo, Logo or Art

We can definitely manufacture them for you! After nearly a quarter of a century of experience we have seen and produced almost every type of air freshener imaginable. Our slogan pretty much says it all: Express Yourself. Customized, Funny & Creative Designs. Once Henry Ford began mass production of cars, life changed as we knew it.

Customized, Funny & Creative Designs

Over the years the car ranks in 3rd place as to where you spend the most of your time. It’s a place that you don’t want smelling like last week’s chili dogs, stale French fries, or your sweaty buddy you gave a lift home from the gym. Upload your photos and design your fresheners Today. At My Air Freshener, we have been manufacturing photo air fresheners for cars for 24 years and have printed virtually everything you can imagine.

Upload your photos and design your fresheners Today

We have made fresheners from pictures of pets, runway models, famous singers, cars, sunsets, boyfriends, girlfriends, vacation pics, children, art, friends, families, churches, mascots, foods, students, illustrations, book covers, and a whole lot more. Customize your Logo or Message. When we say personalized air fresheners, that is exactly what we mean. You can completely customize these little guys with your company’s logo & slogan, favorite pictures, favorite colors and polish it off with your precise text.

The wording is where one can make fresheners stand out from the crowd and turn them into a marketing masterpieces. Whether it is something you want people to see and remember, like THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS, SHOP NINE TO NINE, or important messages like some companies that print an essential required safety messages to keep it in front of their company’s drivers such as NO CELLPHONES WHEN DRIVING. Advertising Tool-Brands & Companies. As the leading manufacturer of custom promotional air fresheners and the pioneer in creating the first interactive website for customer-designed air fresheners, we opened a world of possibilities and an amazing platform for companies to create their own unique form of advertising with a refreshing approach on traditional marketing tools and an endless array of possibilities.

Consider a print media that is completely customizable, that hangs in front of your consumer, that incorporates the magic of scent, and you’ll have an exceptional opportunity to put your brand top-of-mind for your customers.Also consider that there may be more than the driver in a car so your logo has the potential visibility to dangle in front of an extraordinary number of people, not to mention its prominence to other drivers and pedestrians. Talk about bang for your buck! Savvy companies understand the connection between smell and memory. Design Custom Car Air Fresheners. My Air Freshener makes the finest quality air fresheners in the market. We developed the first interactive website for our customers to create their own custom air fresheners, and they make fun designs that reflect their styles. We print in full color, and that means you can design with unlimited colors at no additional cost.

That is great for everything from photos to corporate logos. We use the finest raw materials and chose environmentally friendly premium recycled paper to absorb our specialty fragrances and pure essential oils. Our product comes with the choice of black or white elastic color. If you would like to have designs by well-known contemporary artists, we offer those too. Our prices are great, so don’t wait.