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Exercise Physiology

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Exercise Physiology Intro. Energy - Introductory Concepts. ATP. ATP: Khan Academy. PC system. PC System Summary. Lactic Acid System. Aerobic system. Basics of Metabolism. Energy Continuum. Recovery Introduction. EPOC. Lactic Acid Buffering System. Fatigue in Sport. Introduction to VO2max. Factors Affecting VO2max. VO2max & OBLA. Altitude Training. Lactate Sampling RER. Structure of Muscle. Sliding Filament Theory.

Sliding Filament Theory 2. Sliding Filament Theory 3. Muscle Fibre Types. Twitch, Wave summation, Tetanus. Plyometric Training. PNF Stretching. Glycogen Loading. Sport Injuries. Injury Prevention. DOMS & Ice Baths. Thermoregulation. Hyperbaric Chambers. Oxygen Tents.