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Facebook. Shutdown internet Egypt - StumbleUpon. Adf87a1283162881610.jpg from Antoine Dodson – Bed Intruder LYRICS. Antoine Dodson – Bed Intruder HD VIDEOAntoine Dodson – Bed Intruder LYRICS He’s climbin in your windows He’s snatchin your people up Tryna rape em so y’all need to Hide your kids, Hide your wife Hide your kids, Hide your wife Hide your kids, Hide your wife and hide your husband Cuz they’re rapin errbody out here.

Antoine Dodson – Bed Intruder LYRICS

Pokescience_by_valigarmander.jpg from E-mails from an Asshole - StumbleUpon. Original ad: Hey there!

E-mails from an Asshole - StumbleUpon

My roommate and I are looking for another housemate. We live in a large apartment in Upper Darby. There are two bedrooms and a spacious living area. The rent is $250 a month, which includes cable, internet, electric, and water. My roommate and I are both vegans and will only live with another vegan. Truisms.txt from - StumbleUpon. Good and Baked. Alternate Sleep Cycles. Most people only think that there is one way to sleep: Go to sleep at night for 6-8 hours, wake up in the morning, stay awake for 16-18 hours and then repeat.

Alternate Sleep Cycles

Actually, that is called a monophasic sleep cycle, which is only 1 of 5 major sleep cycles that have been used successfully throughout history. The other 4 are considered polyphasic sleep cycles due to the multiple number of naps they require each day. How is this possible? How is this healthy? Issue 17.10: The Smart List 2009. Makes Me Think - Top MMT Stories - Todays Thought-Provoking Life Stories.