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Marc Van de Velde

co-creator, co-learner, co-worker change facilitator

Perfectionism Isn’t What’s Holding You Back In Life. Consent Decision Making — How Do We Decide? Discomfort with the formal processThe consent decision making process can feel overly rigid, dogmatic, and foreign to cultures that have only practiced consensus or autocracy.

Consent Decision Making — How Do We Decide?

Practice the process until everyone understands why each step matters and then allow your group to try new formats. Moodle. Dean Anderson Linda Ackerman Anderson Knowing which type of change your organization is undergoing is critical to your success.


Three types exist, and each requires different change strategies, plans and degrees of employee engagement. A very common reason for failure in change is leaders inadvertently using approaches that do not fit the type of change they are leading. Learn how to prototype the way we work- Prototyping Work. To learn about organizational prototyping we have to peal it apart into smaller pieces.

Learn how to prototype the way we work- Prototyping Work

Starting at the definition of a ‘normal’ prototype. Collective Leadership – The What, Why, And How. Intentional transformation in fuzzy enmeshed systems – Moliní – your partner in transformation. Holger Nauheimer, who launched the Berlin Change Days for for four years ago, interviewed me about the workshop I will hold in the 2014 edition, October 31st – November 2nd.

Intentional transformation in fuzzy enmeshed systems – Moliní – your partner in transformation

Below you can read the verbatim that Marcella Bremer will publish in Leadership and Change Magazine. If you prefer to see the video recording, follow this link. Holger Nauheimer, organizador desde hace cuatro años de «Berlin Change Days», me entrevistó sobre el taller que ofrezco en la edición del 2014, 31/10 – 2/11. A continuación puedes leer la transcripción literal que Marcella Bremer va a publicar en Leadership and Change Magazine. Si quieres ver el vídeo, sigue este enlace. [intro to the interview] Eugenio Molini works as a consultant in Organization and Systems Development and specializes in the design, management and facilitation of organizational transformation processes that require the active involvement of multiple stakeholders.

Tealorganizationsen 150622204317 lva1 app6892. Movement or Organization chart form 07 24 15. Canvas collection - A list of visual templates - Andi Roberts. I have been using in my coaching, facilitation and training work,the very well known Business Model Canvas from the best selling book Business Model Generation, pretty much since it came out.

Canvas collection - A list of visual templates - Andi Roberts

Off the back of that, I got involved in the crowd sourced follow up book Business Model You (spot my photo in the contributors section!). More recently I have been using the template from the book Value Proposition Generation, for work around account planning and product / service innovation. Overall using canvasses is a good thing, but they do have their downsides: Since working with these, I have seen quite a few different canvas variations pop up. Here is a non definitive list of canvasses I have come across. PLEASE NOTE: I am curating these canvases into a single location, but do not hold the copyright – For further use of the images / canvases, please read the license that goes with them. WOL+ – A Tool for #WOL Circle Alumni and Knowledge Workers – Cogneon Akademie.

When people had their first working out loud circle it becomes pretty obvious that practicing an open, connected and digital workstyle brings advantages for them and for their organization.

WOL+ – A Tool for #WOL Circle Alumni and Knowledge Workers – Cogneon Akademie

But what do you do after your first circle? How to sustain the practices that were trained in the 12 circle weeks? The WOL+ Canvas tries to give an answer to that question and in this blog I explain how. I come from the field of knowledge management (KM) where the learning organization and lifelong learning is “true north”. 9 signs you're emotionally intelligent even if you don't think you are. View Apart/Shutterstock.

9 signs you're emotionally intelligent even if you don't think you are

Facilitator, Moderator, Consultant, Trainer - Clarify Your Role! - cultureQs. Facilitator, Moderator, Consultant, Trainer Clarify Your Role!

Facilitator, Moderator, Consultant, Trainer - Clarify Your Role! - cultureQs

Time and again I encounter essential misconceptions on the meaning and role of a facilitator, and time and again – four times during the past week – I’m asked to clarify. I continuously read blog posts that claim authority on facilitation, yet display a complete misunderstanding of the notion. Simon's Journal: “Humble Consulting: How To Provide Real Help Faster”; Edgar Schein: My notes and thoughts from the book. 3 Tips for Presenting in English When You’re Not a Native Speaker. Executive Summary Many leaders quickly lose their confidence and competence when making business presentations. For a subset of them — those who need to present in English when it isn’t their native language — the stakes and the stress can feel even higher.

Meanwhile, the need for leaders to be able to present in English is required for global collaboration. 12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech – Humane Tech. 11.

12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech – Humane Tech

Tech is as much about fashion as function. To outsiders, creating apps or devices is presented as a hyper-rational process where engineers choose technologies based on which are the most advanced and appropriate to the task. In reality, the choice of things like programming languages or toolkits can be subject to the whims of particular coders or managers, or to whatever’s simply in fashion. Just as often, the process or methodology by which tech is created can follow fads or trends that are in fashion, affecting everything from how meetings are run to how products are developed.

Facilitation Resources. Here is a collection of resources I use in my facilitation practice.

Facilitation Resources

By and large these resources support facilitation of participatory and self-organizing process at scales ranging from very small groups to large conferences. I use some of these tools directly and others as inspirations to design and create my own processes. The first section provides links to participatory group process that are inclusive and self-organizing to varying degrees. The section on process architecture and maps contains links to sites whose worldviews can inform process design from single meetings to large scale change. The next three sections cover more specific tools useful for particular purposes, and finally the last section contains links to sources of ongoing inspiration.

Taken together, this page could be said to form my facilitation manual. Opkomst van communities van zelfstandige professionals. Social Presencing Theater: An Embodied Practice. Do The Work. 1. Fill In the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet For example, your first statement might be “Paul doesn't listen to me.” Find someone in your life about whom you have had that thought. Then take that statement to inquiry using the four questions and turnarounds of The Work. Watch the videos below to hear Katie explain in detail how to fill in a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. Theory U –

Theory U is a method for co-creating social change. Instead of trying to solve problems in a traditional manner via brainstorming, strategic planning, etc. – Theory U takes us on a deep dive into the unknown. Instead of trying to direct change, we host what is wanting to be born. Instead of trying to control, we let go and let come. Hoe kan Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) je helpen agility te verspreiden in je organisatie? De 5 fasen van gedragsverandering. Why Best Practices Often Fall Short. For many leaders, the allure of best practices is strong and their expectations for results are unrealistic. Executives tend to take the value of best practices as a given.

We have an abiding faith in the idea that the most direct route to improved performance is to study what successful companies do and copy them. Best practices certainly do have their benefits. Je kunt twitter gebruiken als bron van goede ideeën voor je werk - Ennuonline. de beste boekensite - en meer - voor managers. Seth's Blog. We still teach a lot of myths in the intro to economics course, myths that spill over to conventional wisdom. Human beings make rational decisions in our considered long-term best interest.

Actually, behavioral economics shows us that people almost never do this. Our decision-making systems are unpredictable, buggy and often wrong. Bob Proctor. The Ross School of Business - University of Michigan. Manager worden? 10 vragen die je jezelf moet stellen. Je Mac volledig wissen – Switch Help Center. Als je alle gegevens van je Mac wil verwijderen - terugzetten naar de fabrieksinstellingen, dus – dien je het volgende te doen: Procedure voor Mac OS X 10.7 Lion en recenter.

Google RankBrain: The Definitive Guide. Veelgestelde vragen.


Working Out Loud. VF-cookbook-web.pdf. HowtoLead.pdf. Transformatie vraagt om een "Holding Space" Songmeanings. Why Is Showing Up Is So Much More Important Than Showing Off. Why Is Showing Up Is So Much More Important Than Showing Off. The 5 Stages of Grief & Loss. The Gift Of Paradox - 9 Inner Forces That Leaders Need To Welcome.