Alarmes et VERA

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Visonic Powermax Alarm Panel. Visonic produces the Powermax alarm panel series (PowerMax, PowerMax+, PowerMaxExpress, PowerMaxPro and PowerMaxComplete).

Visonic Powermax Alarm Panel

This plugin allows you to control the alarm panel via Vera (arm/disarm) and allows you to use the PowerMax sensors (movement, door contact, ...) within Vera. For example, you can use PowerMax sensors in Vera scenes. The PowerMax provides support for a serial interface that can be connected to Vera. The serial interface is not installed by default but can be ordered from any PowerMax vendor for about £30 (called the Visonic RS-232 Adaptor Kit).

Visonic does not provide a specification of the RS232 protocol and, thus, the plugin uses the available protocol specification given at the ​domoticaforum. Supported features ¶ Special plugin features Support for Powerlink or Standard mode Notifications Siren & keypad devices supported Multi-language support (in progress) Version history ¶ The Powerlink mode has the following advantages over Standard mode. Zwave. PhysicalConnection – GE Caddx Networx NX-584 NX-8E Alarm Plugin. There are many ways of connecting the NX-584/NX-8E panel's serial interface with a serial port on the Vera.

PhysicalConnection – GE Caddx Networx NX-584 NX-8E Alarm Plugin

The NX-584 has a male DB9 serial interface. To connect the interface to another computer, either: Use a female-to-female null modem cable, which swaps RX/TX and CTS/RTS to allow connection to a computer with a serial port, or Use a female-to-female gender changer, and adjust the jumpers on the NX-584/NX-8E board to make it swap RX and TX pins and RTS and CTS pins. The important thing to remember is that you have to cross over the RX and TX wires exactly once, and the CTS and RTS wires exactly once; this can be done either with a null modem cable or by swapping the jumpers on the NX-584 board.

Alarm Panels Integration with Vera. I have an Ademco 10SE panel.

Alarm Panels Integration with Vera

I just got the NuTech AD2USB which interfaces with most Vista series panels and had started to work on integration. The AD2USB is a virtual keypad. Vera sees the AD2USB adapter as a serial port without issue. About once a second, it sends unsolicited messages that look like this: [100000010000--------],002,[f70000008002001c08000000000000],"****DISARMED**** READY TO ARM " When a sensor get tripped, you'll see additional messages like this: [000000010000--------],003,[f70000008003000008000000000000],"FAULT 03 KITCHENSLIDING DOOR "[000000010000--------],006,[f70000008006000008000000000000],"FAULT 06 GARAGE ENTRY DOOR "[000000010000--------],006,[f70000008006000008000000000000],"FAULT 06 GARAGE ENTRY DOOR "[100000010000--------],006,[f70000008006001c08000000000000],"****DISARMED**** READY TO ARM "[100000010000--------],006,[f70000008006001c08000000000000],"****DISARMED**** READY TO ARM " Presence of a FAULT message indicates that a sensor is tripped.

Paradox Alarm Plugin. Introduction ¶ The Paradox Alarm plugin is a ​Luup component that connects Vera to a Paradox Security Alarm panel (Digiplex DGP-848 or EVO series) via their Home Automation interface (Paradox PRT3) over USB.

Paradox Alarm Plugin

Through this interface, events occurring within the Alarm Panel are exposed to Vera including the status of any attached Doors, Windows, Motion Sensors. Each of these is exposed as a Motion Sensor to Vera, so that standard ​Scenes (Lights, Notifications, etc) can be established in Vera based upon events occurring within the Alarm Panel. Additionally, the interface exposes the current Armed State, Stay Armed State and whether the Alarm is in Breach.

These are also exposed in a Scene-aware manner so that Vera can respond to them. This plugin works on Vera "UI2" releases (versions 1.0.9xx) and in the "UI4" release WARNING: This plugin will not work with the "UI3" (versions 1.1.x) of Vera's firmware. How does it work ¶ Terminology ¶ Zone Area / Partition a collection of Zones. Combus Entry Door. Alarm Panel Plugins. Alarm Panel Plugins DSC PowerSeries Panels Authors: Javier Guerra, guessed Compatible models: PC1616, PC1832, PC1864 Hardware requirements: IT-100 Integration Module Interface: Serial (RS232) UPnP services, variables and actions used:

Alarm Panel Plugins

GE Caddx Networx NX-584 NX-8E Alarm Plugin. Discussion for this Luup plugin is on the Micasaverde forum at ​ Got one of these panels?

GE Caddx Networx NX-584 NX-8E Alarm Plugin

You can help by testing test scenarios that I don't have equipment for. Introduction ¶ The NX series of alarm panels from (in various parts of the world) GE, Interlogix, Caddx, Networx, Hills or DAS Systems has a serial interface which lets you monitor partitions and zones, arm and disarm the system, and program the panel.

Some alarm panels (e.g., the NX-8E) have this serial interface built in. This Luup plugin provides continuous monitoring of partitions and zones, reporting partitions' armed status and zones' tripped and bypass status, whether the system is armed or not.